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  1. Thanks. It sounds like Carnival needs to be more proactive on the next set of cruises past April 9th. It's causing lots of panic for our friends/family.
  2. I'm with a group that is sailing on the Panarama on April 18. Me and 5 other cruisers. We are pretty stressed and not sure what to do. We've heard the phones are completely tied up. And we have a "hunch" that Carnival will likely cancel the next batch, but we don't want to wait until the last second and lose our chance to get a refund, since we have a March 31st deadline to decide. Not sure what we should do.
  3. Direct is a non-stop flight.... I think you will find that people who are complaining about flying the same day have non-direct flights. I would never fly the same day if I had a connecting (non-direct) flight. Connecting flights are 2x the risk.
  4. Direct or connecting flights. Please specify because it makes a diference.
  5. Word for word, this is exactly my case! Direct flight, 1.5 hours. Except, my plane lands at 9:00, with 3-4 other flights in-between 7:00 am to noon to take if it gets delayed! Yep, totally an acceptable risk and really questions the "ALWAYS FLY IN X DAYS BEFORE" statements--although in general they are good statements. Sometimes, people are looking to book an "easy and cheap" cruise. Once you start making an "easy and cheap cruise" more expensive, then you could have gone on an different cruise all together.
  6. Especially watering down crown, which is close to bottom shelf. This is just false. if any drunkard could easy get slammed on a cruise, it would be me. They are not watering down booze. I’ve ordered Macallon and the other scotch that starts with the “G” (help me here) by the glass on rocks. Definitely the real deal. 216, your opinion is simply wrong and libel.
  7. Walking outside can go wrong, you can trip and break your wrists. I mean, you're getting into that level of territory. For many of us, the "port city" is familiar. My SO is from LA, so she knows all about Long Beach, the traffic, and realistically how long exactly it gets to port in the worst possible case. She also takes that flight all the time (Boise to LA) and it's never, ever been delayed. Not to say that it won't "ever, ever" be delayed, but it's very low risk. Let's say it's delayed? You still have a half day to get there....there's flights from BIO to LA that are 30 minutes
  8. Carnival does not water drinks down. Sweet drinks have a lot of sugars and such to them to where you're drinking lots of the "other stuff". When you're mixing drinks at home, you're probably not measuring 1.5 ounces, you're probably dumping in 3-4 ounces. What I wanted to say though, and this is probably a true thing for others, but when you're outside, partying, super pumped, music blasting, under direct heat, hot, sweating, moving, that it seems that drinks affect you less. I know this because it seemed true on my last cruise (drinking more than usual when I'm partyin
  9. Do you mean layover to mean connecting flight? I would never fly the same day in a cruise in which I had a connecting flight (implies a long flight).
  10. You are correct somehwat. But...the Alchemy Bar does NOT water down drinks, even the $8.95 drinks, and certainly not the $10.95 drinks. Plan to hit that area up A LOT. It's a good known secret. 🙂 With a cheers card, you are in complete control. The Lido deck place, just tell them you want it strong. Many bar tenders will make sure to make it right. They aint' going to double the ABV, but they will usually do a healthier pour. Without cheers, a $2 tip goes far and they'll do the same thing when you see them again... Sadly, most places, even off the cruise ship, cannot ma
  11. Beer: $4.9-6.5 ($5.70 average) Common mixed/frozen/wine/most of alchemy's menu/lido deck/nightclub/comedy club/yadda yadda: $8.80ish ($8.80 average) Higher-end mixed drinks (available in some places): 10.95 ($10.95 average) Hard alcohol: $5.75-11.95 ($8.85 average) Average of all drinks: $8.5, because people that buy cheers are probably going to drink/try many different things. Carnival Cheers: $51.95 $51.95 / $8.5 = 6.1 drinks. This is another way to look at it that I simplified. See attached for drink menus at the most common loc
  12. Your expectations are biased. First off, you're conflating math with a variable that is constant (tips), so drop the constant. It's fluffy. You're also underestimating "foo-foo" drinks. See below. You then conflate it with buying water individually, which would be absolutely incorrect to do on a cruise. Everyone knows you buy a case of water if you don't have cheers pre-board for cheap. There is no such thing as a 11.50 drink on carnival. At least It's one that I don't know about. Can you please explain which "pricier" drinks make the $11.50 mark and how relevant and common they a
  13. I made the decision to fly the day of. Actually, a bunch of us made that decision last night. Boise in April has very good weather, much like everywhere on the west coast. I can't see weather making any impact. Usually when stuff is delayed, it's only delayed for a short period of time. Being that we've booked a flight that arrives at 9:02AM, we have lots of buffer room if we allow 2 hours to get to Long Beach port. So that serves as a semi-decent backup plan. Funny we talk about this, as my girlfriend's flight that she's on RIGHT NOW just got delayed.....for 30 minutes
  14. Super generic question. I've cruised before. The first cruise was a 7-8 hour flight, plus a 1 hour drive to port. The answer is easy - you should absolutely get a hotel. Curious about my second cruise. My second cruise in April as a 1.5 hour flight time including time zone differences. I can get into LAX at 9:02am. Cruise won't leave until 4-5PM. Am I correct that in this case that flying in the night before is unnecessary?
  15. Keep in mind though klfhngr is that port days really throw a wrench on calculations. For me, port days mean explore + fun + drink. It's easy to exceed cheers value on sea days, but those 6-8 beers you had in port, you now need 6 more when you get back on the ship for the 3 days you are in port. If you can't do that, it heavily weighs down the average of Cheers..... personally, when I "drink", I don't want dairy products, nor do I crave "sweets', nor do I want "soda." If I want a "soda" then I will grab a lite beer... One quick way of valuing cheers. Can you
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