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  1. On certain sailings, the price is the same for inside and oceanview, and the same for veranda, concierge, and aqua class. So you just pick the higher class stateroom, but pay the lower price. I'll try to find the "terms and conditions" where I read the exact listing of eligible sailings.
  2. Can't answer the mini-fridge question, but if you download the Celebrity app, you should be able to view the room service menu (as well as other restaurant menus).
  3. The FAQs state that on this cruise, you’ll get benefits of your new level on the day you earn it (you don’t have to wait until your next cruise). 😉
  4. Celebrity is currently running a 5% discount for new Captain’s Club members, at least on some sailings. Details listed in the T&C at the bottom: https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/join-the-club
  5. Have you stayed in an aft facing AQ on deck 11 before? We’re in 1140 on the Summit for an upcoming cruise. I’ve seen some complaints about noise from the Sunset bar and the Rooftop Terrace. Just wondering if you had any experience with that!
  6. Ah, there it is.....he was offered accommodations, but turned them down. IMHO, can't blame NCL for that. However, I'm sorry he's ill and isn't able to go on his cruise. That just sucks.
  7. I'm not in the UK, but from what I understand gratuities for Free at Sea are usually included when booking in the UK. They are not included when booking in the US. I'm not sure about other locations.
  8. Current bar menus from the Encore have been posted:
  9. Can't help much for the other questions, but for #4, I like to wear leggings with a skirt or dress - this covers me for modesty, dressiness, and warmth (and if it's warm out, you can always take the leggings off later). 🙂 And as other posters have said, you may need to cover your head - I've found a rectangular pashmina-type shawl/scarf works well - it can provide warmth if it's cold or fold up relatively small to fit in your bag if it's warm, and will easily cover your head (and shoulders) if needed. I've traveled a lot (including cruises) with just a carry-on size suitcase, so I'm all about versatility and options!
  10. NCL doesn't appear to be giving out any new FCC for cancelled cruises - just refunds to original form of payment. They also have been shortening the final payment date to 60 days (currently for sailings through October, I think), and have been cancelling more than 60 days out (so before final payment is due). I wouldn't do much of anything until closer to your current final payment day (August sometime) because lots could change between now and then.
  11. On NCL, the "kids cruise free" isn't really kids. It's guests #3 and #4. There is no age limit to who can be guest #3 or 4 on NCL - I'm 36, and am guest #3 (for free) on a cruise in Feb 2022. That's not to say NCL won't discontinue or change the "kids cruise free" perk at some point in the future....
  12. You're welcome. Good Luck! Hope you and your TA can get it figured out.
  13. There are a number of threads here about this, but generally the answer is no, you won't get a cash refund. The terms of the FCC are pretty explicit that once you accept FCC (which you did) it no longer has any cash value, and cannot be refunded to cash. There have been a couple of people who have claimed to get their cash back by disputing the charge on their credit card, but I think those instances are the exception rather than the rule. One thing to note - the FCC is transferrable, so you may be able to give/sell it to someone else (I don't think it's allowed to sell FCC on CC, but there are other places you can). That way if you're really unable to use it, it might not be a total loss.
  14. I feel for those in TX and other places that aren't used to this kind of weather. I live in Indiana - we were out in the hot tub last night, in 10 degree weather. As long as it's not windy, it's not that bad. I actually feel a lot colder when I'm getting in than getting out - when getting out, my skin/body is nice and toasty warm, so the cold doesn't penetrate as much, as long as you don't stand there for a long time (I hop into my flip flops, pull on my robe, and run inside, so I'm only out in the cold for 30 seconds or so anyway). I would absolutely recommend hot tubbing in the cold - it's great. 🙂
  15. I've had multiple cruises cancelled, including ones paid with FCC (including the 25% bonus). I've always gotten my 25% bonus back, so something doesn't seem right. Just as an FYI, when you rebook using FCC, the 25% bonus amount gets taken off the "base fare" amount on your confirmation. It isn't listed as a payment anywhere, and when they do that, it disappears from your Latitudes account. So if you are rebooking, that 25% might actually be there, it just might not be where you expect. But if it's definitely not there, I'd contact NCL, because you should get that back.
  16. Unless you use GF flour, it would appear not. Here's the recipe, straight from the Carnival website: https://www.carnival.com/recipes/melting-chocolate-cake-recipe.aspx
  17. FYI - you might be misunderstanding the 25% bonus. To the best of my knowledge, you can use that against the "base fare" of any cabin - even an inside. However, if your "base fare" is less that your 25% bonus FCC (or if your base fare is $0), you may not be able to use it on that cruise, but you could use it on a different cruise.
  18. CCL has cancelled *some* ships until Nov (3 ships)....their fleetwide cancellations are still only through April at this time, just like NCL. Just to be clear.
  19. Well, so much for that idea. Sorry!
  20. My FCC originally had a March expiration, then I had a cruise paid with that FCC cancelled, and when it was returned, it had an expiration of 6/30/21. So at least for me, it appears they extended the expiration, at least a little. I wonder if it might be the cancellation of a cruise paid with FCC from a previous cancellation that triggers the extension?
  21. My first ever cruise was on Carnival (10+ years ago). I had the chocolate lava cake for dessert almost every night. The last night, our waiter brought me the recipe - I hadn't even thought to ask for it. Unfortunately, I have since lost the recipe, but my guess is it's out on the internet somewhere!
  22. FYI - the dates on the app are often different that on the website. Mine are different - my FCC says expiration of 6/30/21 on the website, but 12/31/22 on the app. However, my FCC originally had a March expiration, then I had a cruise paid with that FCC cancelled, and when it was returned, it had an expiration of 6/30/21. So at least for me, it appears they extended the expiration, at least a little.
  23. Yes, this is correct - but I would add no *additional* extra - if you used the 25% bonus from your first cancelled cruise, you *should* get that back (if you don't, I'd be calling!).
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