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    Live from the SKY

    We brought several cases of soda and it was not a problem, but a couple of cans did bust coming aboard and made a mess of one bag!LOL
  2. 5davisfamily

    Crossings or Palace on Sky?

    We liked Palace better, and neither one allows shorts. We saw people turned away in both places for shorts. Jeans are allowed in Palace but not Crossings. We felt the service was much slower in Crossings.
  3. 5davisfamily

    Sky 4day (Live from the Sky) Long...

    The Great Outdoor Cafe is open until 12mn, and then you can get food in the Longboard Lounge until 5am as well as room service. Hope that helps!
  4. 5davisfamily

    Sky 4day (Live from the Sky) Long...

    I am aware that it is only a 3.5 star rating. I felt in some earlier reviews that people were comparing it to a 5 star, which it is not.
  5. The bottom line is.... we had a great time and would do it again! We have been on nicer ships with better food, and we have been on worse. I really think you get what you pay for and this was worth the money we paid, but I wouldn't compare it to other 5+ star ships, it just wouldn't be fair. The staff was great, the food was good, and the ship was clean. Our Balcony room was small, A/C was great. There was some evidecence of plumbing problems. Our toilet did not flush one of the 4 days, but they came and fixed it as well as the shower that backed up (as mentioned in an earlier post), but they fixed that also. We brought our own soda and asked them to empy the fridge, which they promptly did. We did not have a coffee maker in our room. (To anwser someones question.) We were in cabins 0017 and 0018 that were adjoining. We did have towel animals two nights, and our cabin steward was very nice and helpful. Resturants: We found that going to eat as close to 5:30-6:00 made things go faster. It only took 45mins to an hour to eat, but if you go later it takes longer!!! Also, don't wear shorts to the main dining rooms! They will not let you in! Formal night is the second night on the 4day, and it is in Crossing, not Palace.(We went to the wrong one!!!) Party: if you want a t-shirt for the "White Hot Party" don't wait too late or they will all be gone! Don't wait until the last night to buy your pictures, it will get really crowed. On Great stirup Cay: If you go to the right it is much closer to the food, and less crowed, but the water is shallower and there are sea urchins that hurt when you step on them! My husband and son snorkled both areas and are living proof that it really hurts to step on them!!! We loved this Island and really enjoyed our day there. We rented a Giant round float for $25 and the whole family (almost) could fit on it! It does get crowed between 11:00 and 3:00. My advise it to go early and leave early! Nassau: Took a taxi to Atlantis, but couldn't see much without being on a tour. Was a waste of time, and really hot. We just went back to the ship and took a much needed nap! Freeport: Took a taxi to the beach and did our own snorkel tour. We haggeld with them and all 6 of us went for under $100 and taxi was $60 round trip for our party. Kids: My 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter did not like the Kids club. It was crowed. (Due to the kids go free!) My 13 year old daughter and her friend LOVED the teen club!! They never wanted to leave. Getting on and off the ship was a breeze! The beds are VERY VERY firm!!! We had a great time and are already planing our next cruise!!!
  6. 5davisfamily

    Live from the SKY

    We are here and it is night #2, so far so good. Food is great, staff is great. I was terrified after all that I have read. We did have some black sandy stuff come up in one of our showers today, but they came immediately and cleaned it plus fixed it. I did see some blowers in the hall up from us drying carpet, but haven't heard anything. We did over hear a man that did not have A/C, but no one else that we have talked to has had any probs. Our BB room is COLD!! All common area are cool also. Freeport today, we went to the beach in front of the Westin, and did a snorkel tour on our own that is right next to the Westin. We saved over $100 doing it on our own. Tonight was formal night and several people were not allowed in the main dining room with shorts on. One lady really made a big scence and they finally let her in to shut her up! Almost ruined our nice Lobster/Grouper dinner! The cabin is small and yes the drawer space is a joke, but everything is clean. The bed is the hardest thing I have ever slept on, but I am a memory foam sleeper! Room service is great, and has been very fast. Today for afternoon snack it was only 10 mins!!! The shows are great to me and my family. We enjoyed the Broadway medley they did tonight, and the Comedian is awesome. We are having a great time even with a couple of small bumps. Will update again later!
  7. 5davisfamily

    NCL Sky 7/28/08

    Thank you for the information about formal night! Sorry to hear you did not have a pleasant cruise!!!
  8. Is there a formal night on the Sky 4 day cruise?? I read a couple of post that said that the 3 day did not have a formal night, but nothing about the 4. Thanks
  9. 5davisfamily

    NCL Sky 7/28/08

    Is there a formal night on the sky 4 day cruise??? Thanks for the tip on Freeport!! That is what we were planing to do was get a day pass, now we won't waste our time!!
  10. 5davisfamily

    I have given up on the Sky.

    We leave monday for our cruise on the Sky, and I just don't know what to think. I have called twice and they have "Assured" me that our cabins are not affected with the A/C or plumbing problems. But, can I really believe them. We are staying on deck 10 in two cabins 0017 and 0018. They will not let us cancel without losing all of our money! So I guess we are stuck. Any advise???