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  1. dmarie1623, My apologies for getting the date of the cruise wrong! My husband and I were flying out on the 19th and planning to spend the night in Vancouver before the cruise departed on the 20th--I got my dates confused. Hopefully Carnival will finalize things soon so we can all move forward!
  2. Hello all, Does anyone have a sense of what Carnival might do with their Alaska cruises in April? Since Canada is not allowing cruise ships over 500 people to dock in Canadian ports until July 1 the requirement for a foreign port becomes a real issue for Alaska cruises. We are booked to sail out of Vancouver to Alaska on 4/19. Since there are no other 'foreign' ports in the area I don't see them having any other options, but I haven't received any information that the cruise has been officially cancelled. My guess is they're taking cancellations in order and since w
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