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  1. Question! Do you even consider taking another cruise with them at 25% off!? Mine and my wife's initial response is No!
  2. I emailed Ron and had a conversation with him. I would encourage everyone else to do the same.
  3. You are absolutely right. I love cruising, it's one of my favorite things to do. I hope cruise lines recover and prosper from all this. All I'm doing is pointing people away from cruising with NCL. If I save one person from the headache it's a win. The problem for NCL is I'm not the type of person who is happy with only one person. 😁
  4. Continuing my relentless mission to tell everyone about Norwegian Cruise Lines! We have gained some great media attention. Since I know NCL monitors these post. Let me make it clear I wont stop until Norwegian does right by their customers. You can take my money. I will lose the battle but I wont lose the war. I hope your are prepared to fight. All I can loose is my small cruise fare. Your lose will the thousands of customers whos eyes are opened to how you do business. Fight on!
  5. https://www.10news.com/news/local-news/san-diego-couple-misses-cruise-over-coronavirus-concerns
  6. Just got out of my meeting where I took the time to share about my experiences with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Now it's time to call them again. Everyone continue to apply the pressure. My simple tweet above has had nearly 1000 views. It's our duty to save fellow cruisers from the nightmare that is NCL!
  7. https://twitter.com/JC66593983/status/1227334562482737153?s=20
  8. Good morning everyone , I've woken up and ready to fight. Glad to see others are too. Dont just read the boards. Do something! I will be calling NCL again today on top of having my travel agent call and apply pressure. I will be using social media and email to contact as many people as possible and share the truth about what NCl is doing to its customers. I have meetings over the next 2 days where we are supposed to be going over the plan of what everyone is doing while I was meant to be on a cruise in Asia but Instesd I will be sharing with nearly 50 supervisors my experience with Norwegian
  9. Lol! Isnt it just unbelievable!? If we had chosen any other cruise line.......... As angry and frustrated as I am you have to laugh!
  10. You are right but I have saved at least 2 people from Norwegian Cruise Lines!
  11. Probably not the biggest Twitter group here but everyone has family and friends who can share it! Retweet!!
  12. I wont stop fighting until they do what's right! There does need to be more then three of us. Please if you are reading these boards and not doing something atleast make a call. Share a facebook post. My goal is to make every person I can reconsider ever using Norwegian Cruise Lines. There are other and better options. I would never want anyone to go through this hassle!!
  13. I have shared my concerns, multiple times but unfortunately they dont see it from their customers point of view. Still blowing my mind that Celebrity, Royal and others feel the same as us. Just a terrible company thats reactive instead of proactive!!
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