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  1. Beach/snorkeling, off the beaten path stuff. But I know incorporating a toddler into it can be challenging!
  2. We will be in Curacao in 2022 (I know its a long way away). We are a family of 8 and our kids will be 18, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 14 months old. What do you suggest that would hopefully entertain everyone but not super expensive? Thanks
  3. We tend to gravitate towards the "off the beaten path" locations. In the past, rentable chairs weren't where I wanted them to be and I have often wished that I brought my own chair. Fortunately, my backpack chair is lightweight and I've carried it for miles in the past. I wasn't asking whether it would be difficult to "haul" all over the Caribbean. I was asking whether a chair is permitted to bring onboard. I am not planning to use it on the cruise ship, just on the beach somewhere. Thank you for your help.....
  4. Will there be plenty of options available to choose from or will all the good ones be full? We have $1400 OBC at this time, and a family of 7, so I would really like to use that for a nice excursion that we would not normally get to purchase. I am looking at a dolphin experience in amber cove/dominican republic that is roughtly $135 ish a piece....for our family that is a lot and we wouldn't ordinarily do that. It would be great to use OBC to purchase it, but I didn't know if there would be much available if I wait until we board the ship.
  5. I'm in the minority here, but I think there is a very real possibility that cruising will begin on June 27th. Granted, I don't know what types of changes will be involved, or if people will want to be on that first ship, but I do think there is a good chance it will sail.
  6. The reason I don't feel this is true, is because I booked this cruise before the May cruises were cancelled and I was told at that time that the ship was almost full. We were looking for connecting rooms (5 and 2) and we couldn't find that and ended up settling on something else, and he specifically said "This ship is really almost full." Since then, I've talked to a couple other people at Carnival (when calling about price drops etc..) and it was mentioned that it was almost at capacity. Of course that was WAY before there was any talk about reduction in capacity.
  7. Completely agree. I'm in the medical field so my "normal" hasn't changed very much, but honestly I can't tell much of a difference anywhere. Stores have been packed the whole time. The other night I was driving to the hospital at 2:40 AM and there was a line wrapped all around the building for the Drive-thru at Cook Out.....
  8. Not only is it not realistic to "wait" on a vaccine, it is also unrealistic to require people to take a vaccine in order to cruise.
  9. I don't believe that is the case here, because when I booked the cruise, it was already pretty full. We had to settle on cabins. The person I spoke with from carnival commented that the ship was pretty full.
  10. How would that work? I was looking to see if my cruise (june 28th, magic, miami) had many cabins open, and it didn't look like there are many out there. It looks like the ship is pretty full. So, how would they go about sailing at 50% or 75% capacity if they are already booked beyond that?
  11. We are scheduled for June 28th out of Miami. I feel sure it will be cancelled, but if not....we will be there.
  12. You are correct. I finally got through and got some answers about it. Thinking about cashing out in the casino. I love how i'm talking about it, like this cruise is actually going to happen lol
  13. I have already paid for gratuities. If I ask for them to refund me the gratuities, who knows when I will ever see that refund. Someone said you can use OBC to purchase excursions if you do it through the "fun shop" I haven't looked into this. That was my next step, but I wanted to see if there was any reason I should wait until closer to the cruise to book excursions, if I fully anticipate the cruise will be cancelled.
  14. My cruise is scheduled for 6/28. I expect it to be cancelled, but of course it hasn't been just yet. I'm sitting on about $700 OBC. We have a family of 7. We don't drink and aren't interested in any restaurants. The best use of the OBC is for an excursion that we typically would not purchase. So, do I go ahead and pick and excursion and use the OBC just in case it happens to sale, or is it better to just wait. I"m not entirely sure what happens to excursion funds if we have to rebook with a FCC. Obviously, i'm not in any hurry to book an excursion because I feel like this will be cancelled. On the flipside, if its not, I don't want the excursions we would be interested in to already be booked.
  15. This is kind of the boat I'm in, but here are my thoughts. 1: Its not like you will get a refund any time soon anyway. So cancelling isn't going to really help in any way. 2. If they cancel (and they very likely will), you will get a full refund or FCC. I hate the waiting. I wish mine was just cancelled.
  16. Finally got through to find out that the cancelled cruise email was sent to me by mistake and that my cruise is in fact, not cancelled....(June 28th) Biggest mistakes I've made so far: 1. Cancelling my original cruise on 5/30 before it was cancelled by carnival and rebooking for 6/28. So, now I have to wait....and any cruise next summer that would likely meet my families needs will already be booked by the time Carnival cancels OR Carnival won't cancel at all, and I'll be forced to cancel because really, who is going to get on a cruise ship on 6/28.....? As a healthcare provider, that seems ridiculous at this point.
  17. And now I've gotten disconnected and tried to call back and got a message that says to try to call again later. Most frustrating thing ever.
  18. Been on the phone holding for almost 2 hours at this point
  19. So, I'm confused. I received this e-mail as well. It says my cruise has been cancelled. However, we are scheduled to sail June 28th, out of Miami, on the Magic. According to the email, it says that they will resume sailing on 6/27.
  20. I was on the Victory in 2015. It definitely had Dive in movies at that time.
  21. If we wanted to bring our own backpack type beach chairs, is that something that is allowed by the cruiseline? I never really considered it in the past, but it I know when you rent chairs you are limited to availability and where they are set up. I wouldn't mind bringing my own. Does anyone do this?
  22. Ours is Magic. I thought about bringing a sleeping bag. Also thought about bringing an air mattress. But if we could somehow take the sofa cushions or something and work something out that would be easier of course. All of our kids are going to want to be together in the room that holds 4. Most of them are small boys, so they wouldn't mind sleeping however.
  23. The 3rd bed is a sleeper sofa. Would that still work?
  24. We have 7 in our family. We are changing our original booking to one later in the summer, hoping that everything will be back to normal by then. Our original cruise had a cabin for 5 and a cabin for 2. However, we didn't have that option with the booking we have now. So we have a cabin for 3 and a cabin for 4. We would like for the 5 kids to be in a room together and my husband and I to be alone. Can we request a rollaway bed to put a 5th kid in the room for 4? Is there another way of making that work? Bring a sleeping bag? Suggestions?
  25. lunch is provided without buying any sort of excursion to half moon cay? Do you know the cost of the pirate museum? What about just taking a bus/cab to a local beach? worth it?
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