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  1. Ok so I may have got a full refund?but have not lost any money it's in P&Os bank a/c ready for Iona next May.Might have spent it if it was in my bank.
  2. If your chosen cruise costs more than your FCC you will have to pay the difference .
  3. I can now cancel Iona June 20th 2020 and get a FCC for deposit £100.
  4. Hi all just had call from TA P&O have now said they are going to use 100% of money paid towards my new cruise. (Just pay any balance £350 on due date.Did not have to pay any deposit.
  5. Hi all have just moved April 19th 2020 to Iona 2021 May 1st in balcony at aft .Got FCC 70% plus rest onto card used to pay balance.(had to pay £99 deposit)
  6. Just a thought but have PandO said 48 hours to give them time to adjust the prices (up)?
  7. This is all moving very fast just hope we do not go the way of northern Italy?.
  8. Do not fly so trip back would be a nightmare.
  9. Hi am with you all the way on this our cruise is April 19th 2020 will hang on for a bit.But am going to cancel Iona June 20th 2020 will cost me £100 deposit do not want to move it.
  10. Not mentioned any death on news at 7am (SO SOME OR ALL OF THE ABOVE MAY NOT BE FACT)sorry.
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