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  1. My cruise in Dec. 2020 is still showing $85 (non-streaming) and $120 (streaming) for the wifi. 😞
  2. Ok. It doesn't go back/forth. First 2 ports (Tues and Wed) change time zones (one hour ahead), and third port (Thurs) 2 hours ahead from embarkation/debarkation port. So, go by local time?
  3. Wow, confused. lol I'd like to purchase independent excursions. So, for example, Puerto Vallarta is 2 hours ahead of LA, docks 8-5 pm (stated on itinerary). What does that mean? If I schedule an excursion for 9 am and it docks at 8 am ship time, it's 10 am local time, so I'd miss that excursion. Is that correct? I'd need to then book an excursion around 11 am local (9 am ship).
  4. I'd like to use a little personal fan by my bed. I saw a post about running an extension cord along the ceiling (vs. floor) with the magnetic hooks. How long would the extension have to be? What's the width of the cabin (Bliss)?
  5. Thanks. I did hear that on the Joy, ship matched local for Cabo and Mazatlan, one hour ahead (vs. two) for Puerto Vallarta.
  6. Going on Bliss in December to Mexican Riviera from LA (Pacific Time). It looks like Cabo and Mazatlan are an hour ahead (Mountain TIme) and Puerto Vallarta is 2 hours ahead (Central Time). Will the Bliss/ship time adjust to local time? I've seen both answers! lol
  7. I saw those also, but will they work in the door opener and to keep the lights on/light switch inside the cabin on the Bliss? I think they need to be vertical (but not sure).
  8. Has anyone used these on a lanyard instead of a plastic holder? Going on the Bliss and didn't want to have to take the key in and out of holder and I heard you can't punch a hole in the card. https://www.amazon.com/Pack-Vertical-Polycarbonate-Grippers-Specialist/dp/B076HTG44B/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
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