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  1. We are looking for end of June cruise 2020. Do you really think they will be up and running by then?
  2. No trip booked, just wondering if anyone has booked when they are starting up to sail? Cruise ships start in August.
  3. Our August travel plans might be canceled. I would like to hear from anyone that has done St. Louis to Minneapolis trip. We would book an inside room so which floor, cabin would be best?
  4. We have Verizon and used it on the boat. We could get text message and phone calls in our room on deck 3. No data in the room. Once outside the room we had data. The boats wifi was spotty. There was a time on the river we did not have data. Overall we had good service on our phones.
  5. Getting off and on the American Duchess was great. Some folks were in wheel chairs and staff helped. There was always some staff member to help you on and off.
  6. Back from our trip. Great time. I think the boat holds 166 and i heard there were 100 folks. Staff was great. We loved the nightly shows. Food was better then on a regular cruise ship boat. The hop off hop on tours were excellent. We could not dock in New Orleans as there was a boat/barge that crashed into a bridge. We spent the day and night in Baton Rouge and was bused back to the town or airport. Was sad half way thru we go the note that this would be the last cruise till further notice. The staff knew but kept on working. I could write pages and pages on this company and this trip. We are already looking to book in 2021. Will post pictures soon.
  7. Glad you are rebooking we had a great time. We are already booking for 2021.
  8. The American Duchess Paddlewheel broke while on our cruise last week. Midway they had to stop it and take parts off and get new ones.( sorry that is all i know) But they will have time to fix it now.
  9. Just back from American Duchess. The grill was open for Breakfast and lunch. Coffee and Tea is in Perks room . There are cookies , coffee, tea, lemonaide, juice and soft ice cream. Open 24 hours.
  10. Just left st francisville we had to dock across the town on the other side because of high water. Bus trip took about 20 minutes to get into town. Stopped at the myrtles plantation and also the small town . Took off at 1pm now paddling up the river.
  11. We are in baton rouge nice warm day. Taking the hop off hop on tours. Enjoying our time. Food is excellent on the boat.
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