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  1. I agree with the OP. I like the footstools. I like to stretch out and relax on my balcony. As for the small tables, unacceptable. How are you supposed to dine on your balcony with a table the size of a small pizza? It is a personal choice and no one is stupid!!!! It is not a make or break for me. Just MHO.
  2. We had a forward hump cabin on Reflection. Very nice, quiet and not too far from forward elevators. Large balcony.
  3. Thanks for all if your help. I'll create the roll call in the right area.
  4. I have never started a roll call. Did not know where to start it.
  5. Did not see a Roll Call so I created one. Anyone else booked on this cruise? Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Wow! Very scary. I hope everyone is ok.
  7. Who cares? Everyone is on vacation and will do what they want. They will wear what they want as well. This reminds me of the time my husband and I were on a cruise and the people in the elevator were looking us up and down. Snobs!!!! We were not underdressed by any means.
  8. My husband or I will take both cards to two different bars. Then we both have 2 drinks for the cabin.
  9. The last cruise I went on, I had a premium package. You definitely had to ask for the brand of liquor. Otherwise they would give you well brands. I was very disappointed as they ran out of or didn't have premium Brands available at every bar. :cool:
  10. I always specify my brand when ordering on the Premium package. Last cruise they didn't have all the brands available. It was still all good.
  11. We received 50% off first night. We dined dined at Murano. Delicious!!
  12. We were on Reflection, March/April, and found chair hogs were in full force. In December I didn't see that it was as bad. Still, if you want a prime spot get there early and stay. The pool Porter's will tag your chair if it vacant for a specific amount of time.
  13. Check the sticky. Try Google images, plug in the cabin number to see if you get any hits. Try YouTube as well. This is a big help.
  14. I just get the Premium package and then there are no worries.
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