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  1. Offers are still the new shortened ones on older smaller ships; cant say I blame them as its anyones guess on when a 7+, TA, TP will ever sail again. Yet they have some liberty and independence 7 day Itineraries.
  2. The thing about stats is it can always be pointed in a favorable direction of one's choosing. Florida does have double the cases of Italy, but Italy has had more than double the deaths of Florida. Technically Florida has been more successful(if you value less deaths over positive tests) against the disease than Italy but Italy is already sailing. Disney opened up in July with mass hysteria and pending doom from everyone yet that has failed to occur from what we understand; once again depending on how you value what is successful these days.
  3. Tried that. Unfortunately, the deluxe beverage package automatically includes both when purchasing online. Every other package I am allowed to select individually. I'm sure the cancellations I can do on my own.
  4. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, you just may have made my day! Thank you!! I may still wait for the black friday deal all things considered right now and Royal may be making an announcement this week or next regarding the future of cruises yet again. Refreshment is $19.99 Clasic Soda is $7.49
  5. All very good points! Its $49 pp for 12/12 Symphony Eastern for me... Comes out to $809.48 with gratuity. Wife barely drinks so that's a big yikes for me. I tried my last time to get my money's worth to cover the cost of us two and yea..... that was an ugly scene every morning so really not worth it to us. I think I'll have better piece of mind just knowing I can spend that much for alcohol which is a lot of booze. $15 per drink with gratuity, that's about 50+ drinks for 7 days for me lol. I'm hoping it dips to that $39 price point because we do drink a lot of bottled water and cof
  6. Wish I was as optimistic as you as when the offers first came out I jumped all over them because how good they were as I've never seen them THAT good before. Some long timers in the casino thread said they've never ever seen an Alaska comp before this year. After that last promo, the offers have clearly gone downhill and I'm seeing different writing on their wall from 6 months ago till now and I believe justifiably so. I'm sure they expected to be back in business at a certain point in time and each month of missed sailings equals 250M in cash+++ gone in smoke along with our comps. From their
  7. Do you all think these sweet offers will continue? I doubt it. The last 6 months the offers were amazing as they were begging to get us back on cruise ships but I feel like with the latest cancellation the options were meh at best. My option to switch my 11/1 Harmony comp was between older ships and smaller itineraries; none in the oasis class 7 nite+ like the one that I used for the Harmony comp. I think corporate and the casino finally realized the new state of cruising with 50% capacity and increased overhead left and right.
  8. I'm thinking those offers aren't coming back again. 6 months ago when those offers were all over the place the main objective was to get people back on ships, now they'll only be able to operate at 50% capacity among a ton of other overhead in uncharted waters I have a feeling the objective is slightly different now.
  9. On the phone with them now, had a comp for 11/1 Harmony and they gave me 125% FCC for the upgrade portion and refunded the tax/fees. Only allowed me to book current offers(which are a bunch of older ships/shorter trips and only two Allure sailings/1 oasis class) because they wouldn't let me move the sailing on the Harmony to another date. Bummer because they had a ton of 2021 7-10 day oasis options from the same club royale offer earlier this year but after 6 months of learning from covid I have a feeling they may not go back to those old offers as they are bleeding cash a lot longer than the
  10. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We hope that this email finds you healthy and safe and that with each passing day, we’re closer to gettin
  11. I'll make it happen but that's exactly my point with the whole situation right now lol Will do, thank you!
  12. Yeeeeee and we are driving from Palm Springs for that Nov 1 sailing >.>
  13. You actually have four Royal ships down there by you. Lot of activity for Royal between St Martin and Barbados. The rest of the fleet it seems is parked just outside of the bahamas. My Harmony for Nov 1 is in Barbados so I'll be tracking it's movement. Royal has 10 ships scheduled for Nov sailings out of Florida so should be interesting how they all move in the next few days/weeks. https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9682875
  14. Im scheduled on the Harmony 11/1/20. Half excitement/anxiety right now LOL. I wouldn't mind moving my sail date if it was a normal purchase but its a Casino Royale offer so if I want to cancel/move I lose my comp which I don't want to do. I live in Florida so I can deal with the last minute aspect of it but it's cutting it really close to being rude/disrespectful for people who have to plan ahead. Carnival CFO said a ship can be ready within 30 days so I imagine their absolute moment to cancel from their end would be this week. At the end of the day, they are at the mercy of the CDC so that i
  15. Those lamb chops and pastas looked delicious. Im a sucker for both! Yea that pasta with truffle @Sea Dog posted in his review looked amazing.
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