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  1. Unfortunately, it's just the opposite. Not wearing a mask and not social distancing are what's not working. Look at those house parties, pool parties, lake/boat gatherings even hallways in schools packed - no masks and no social distancing resulting in spikes of positive Covid cases.
  2. Yeah, and Fauci has always been right during this pandemic (not). "Don't wear a mask"..."Wear a mask". I agree with a caveat. Treat it like the flu when there is also a vaccine. I'm being more optimistic on development and distribution of an effective vaccine (effectiveness the same as or even better than the flu vaccine). If and when this will happen is up for debate but I have faith in Operation Warp Speed. I won't cruise again post-Covid without a vaccine. All the proposed on board measures being discussed (mask wearing, social distancing, etc) would definitely ruin the cruise experience for me. Not worth it.
  3. Hallux - can you answer a question for me about the studio lounge? If you are sailing as a solo but do not have a studio cabin, can you access the studio lounge anytime? Or, can you only access the studio lounge to attend the nightly solo meet? (I've seen it posted both ways here on CC). Thanks in advance.
  4. Now that's what I'm talking about, a cabin/pub crawl combo! Hilarious about the leis in the owners suite. Reminded me of when I worked on a U.S. flag pipe laying ship in the Gulf of Mexico. We were working a project for Exxon laying 12" pipe between offshore production platforms. The name of the project was The Lena Project. We had a saying on that ship that we "laid Lena with a 12"". We should've had t-shirts made with that saying on the front, lol.
  5. Yeah, I guess with that many bar or lounge stops you may indeed be crawling.
  6. And, plan the cabin crawl to start near a bar or lounge for a toast and celebration with a mid-way stop at another bar for another toast and celebration. 😉
  7. Count me in group 3). I'm guessing next summer with a vaccine. JMHO.
  8. And....another domino falls. The way this thing is going, the title of this thread should be changed to "It Might Be A Lot Longer". I'm believing more and more that a truly safe & effective vaccine is cruising's only hope.
  9. Cool that you attended the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. Besides Texas Maritime, I was also seriously considering Great Lakes, however, at the time Great Lakes was a 2 year school and only offered an associate's degree (they didn't have the partnership with Northwestern at the time to offer a 4 year bachelor's degree, like they do now). So, I opted for Texas. I have multiple maritime ties up here on the Lakes - my dad sailed as a mate for American Steamship and became a pilot up here, my uncle sailed as captain on the Roger Blough for U.S. Steel and my dad's best friend is a pilot up here out of Port Huron. Hence, my interest in Great Lakes Maritime. I see from your avatar that you're in Michigan. What part? As you can see from mine, I'm in Muskegon.
  10. Yeah, if the CDC was looking at this as a "trial balloon", it looks like the balloon has popped.
  11. Your welcome. I was actually looking at a southern caribbean cruise in Dec 2020 on the Anthem out of NJ. I was looking to book one of those studio balcony cabins on her. However, as this covid situation keeps dragging on (and getting worse in some cases), I decided not to pull the trigger. Glad I didn't.
  12. Yeah thanks, I did see that sometimes the interior cabins, even paying full supplement, is a lower price than a studio cabin. Maybe after some upgrades of passengers from interiors to OVs or even balconies, the interiors become available so NCL offers them at a reduced price to fill up the ship (I'm just guessing). Wrt the studio lounge, I've seen it posted both ways here on CC on a previous thread. One poster said she had her card coded to have any time access to the studio lounge then I saw an another poster that said that you had to be in a studio cabin to have any time access to the studio lounge. Either way, with that said, it's still good that as a solo you can at least attend the social hour in the studio lounge.
  13. Marlins (and now more teams, i.e. Cardinals) attitude: Rules for thee but not for me.
  14. What the NHL is doing seems to be working also: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/nhl-says-zero-positive-covid-175838261.html I didn't know strip clubs were essential businesses, lol. Thanks for the great info MrMike45!
  15. I was sensing a theme until I got to the bottom (last) photo. Where's your legs and feet in that one?
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