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  1. 11 hours ago, Rob_H said:

    Have a look at the cruises in my signature.  We've done 4-5 cruises in a row several times, some back to back, some changing ship.  It's great, we don't really like going to all the effort of getting to a ship just for a short cruise. Highly recommended.


    For example our November 2018 trip.  Started as out as three cruises back-to-back on the Star, Miami, Cuba, Panama, South America to Buenos Aires.  Then a couple of weeks before sailing we found a great deal on the Bliss from the west coast (where we were) to Miami, saved a flight. That left a ten day gap until the Star left.  With a week to go we found a cheap Princess cruise that filled the gap exactly. 


    Result was 65 days of cruising on three different ships, no hotels needed between cruises.  


    This type of "serial cruising" is what we love!  Worth the effort to plan it.


    That's what I'm talkin' about! Now that I am retired, I may be able to follow your lead Rob_H...

  2. 1 minute ago, coastcat said:

    Quiet adult area, eh? Maybe I'll get my wish for a Serenity/Solarium type of non-Haven space. I wonder if the food hall will be similar to the setup on Virgin's ships, more of a food court than a buffet. 


    I counted 73 Studio cabins, a bit fewer than on Breakaway+ (Encore has 82). Unless I missed it, I did NOT see a Studio Lounge or blank space where it would go. Hmm, not happy about that at all because that private space (and free espresso) is why I would book Studio over a regular interior. 




    And no studio balcony cabins (like on RCI's Quantum-class ships)?

  3. 15 hours ago, jonbgd said:

    Im totally get what your saying and not disagreeing. 

    I booked a cruise hoping things would be back to normal and everyone would be vaccinated.

    I just didnt realize people would be so against it.



    Yeah, I agree. Seems like there has been increasing resistance against getting the vaccine now than there was when the vaccine(s) were first rolled out. Strange. You would think it would be the opposite with people getting the vaccine(s) showing the non-vaccinated that there is nothing to fear and the vaccines are perfectly safe. I've had my 2 Moderna jabs; I'm ready to cruise!

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  4. 1 minute ago, jonbgd said:

    And that is another reason for us not to do a cruise. Alot of ports we have been to before and maybe we just want to walk around and grab a bite to eat and an adult beverage.

    Why would I want to pay money to  the cruise line for that


    I totally get what you're saying and I also totally respect your position. The key word in your statement is "before", as in before covid times. Hopefully, when we the majority of us are vaccinated (or have natural immunity), we can get back to as "before". But until then, imo, having to take cruise line only shore excursions is a small price to pay during these covid times. Again, I respect your position. That's what is great about this country; freedom of choice.

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  5. 1 minute ago, spanishguy1970 said:

    I would not be surprised that cruise lines will make it a requirement as opposed to independent ones at least for a while, but if they do so, they better make them more affordable. I would only do cruise line shore excursions too.


    Agree. I would have no problem taking cruise line excursions only during these times. I just hope the cruise lines don't try and take advantage of the situation and jack up their prices for these excursions.

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  6. 38 minutes ago, RocketMan275 said:

    How about while sitting on your balcony?

    I know it's pleasing to consider the balcony as part of the inside your stateroom but it's not clear that CDC shares that belief.

    After all, one can be on one's balcony and within six feet of another person sitting on their balcony.

    Remembering all the debates about how wind can move smoke along the side of the ship, wouldn't wind do the same with the virus?

    The CDC could easily rule that your balcony is just like any other open area on the ship, therefore wearing a mask there would be required.


    I wouldn't put anything past the CDC. Heck, they want us to keep the mask on in between bites of food and sips of drink. Oh yeah, because the virus knows not to infect you when you are actually eating or drinking.

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  7. 3 hours ago, KeithJenner said:

    From what we know it looks like it will have a very short stay at New York after the transatlantic in 2022 before heading for Florida and then another 6 weeks or so in April/May 2023 before heading back to Europe for the Summer season.


    Guess I'll have to try and book her during her short stay in NYC. But, if I have to fly to Florida, I will.

  8. 12 hours ago, tokidoki said:

    Hopefully this is the Leonardo ship that’s bound for NYC!  As told to me last year on board the Bliss😍


    I'd be o.k. with NYC. Shorter flight to NYC from Grand Rapids, Michigan (than to the Florida ports).

  9. 1 hour ago, Sinbadssailors said:

    "The mask order includes while guests are seated in outdoor pool areas."

    "removal of the mask for extended meal service or beverage consumption would constitute a violation of this Order."

    blah blah blah on and on


    I swear these are more restrictive than on land.  Who would wear a mask by the pool? No one--- and they know it-- so why even mention it?


    Tell me again--- why we are getting the vaccine, if it's not even safe to lay by the pool beside other vaccinated people?


    Glad my next 2 cruises aren't out of this country controlled by these ridiculous people


    It's o.k. Because we are vaccinated, the CDC is not requiring us to wear masks in our stateroom.


  10. 1 hour ago, Ocean Cat said:

    Did I understand the article to say that if the cruise originates in the US you can not go on self guided excursions, but that Norwegian is ignoring that suggestion? I’m waffling between a Norwegian and a Royal cruise and I’ll pick the one that will likely have the least amount of restrictions. CEO Frank Del Rio was just interviewed on Fox News. He said he’s willing to do 100% vaccinated cruises only but doesn’t want the masks etc. he tired of the inconsistencies from the CDC and the thought of taking a bite of food and then pulling your mask back up or sipping your drink and pulling the masks back up is ludicrous. He says CDC is doing everything to prevent them from sailing yet airlines don’t have the same restrictions. 


    Right on Ocean Cat! Did you notice that in the article that the CDC said you don't have to wear your mask inside your stateroom? Wow, how kind of them...

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  11. 2 hours ago, coastcat said:

    And you’ve seen, I hope, that Odyssey OTS (complete with Studio Balconies) moves to Fort Lauderdale in early November? 

    It’ll be interesting to compare the “feel” of the Studio Balcony to the Single Infinite Veranda. Will the design of the Celebrity version make it feel more airy and open, or will the integrated design make it feel more like an ocean view as compared to the Studio with its clear separation between indoor & outdoor space? 


    Yes I have. I'm booked on Odyssey OTS for Feb 26 - March 6, 2022 out of Port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale). I'll report back to you  with the comparison of RCI's studio balcony cabins vs Celebrity's Single Infinite Verandas because I will be on Anthem OTS about a month before Odyssey OTS.


    I believe with the Single Infinite Verandas, the veranda has 2 large window panes, one above the other. The upper window pane lowers down flush with the lower window pane, creating the open-air balcony. Between the balcony and the stateroom, there are folding doors which can be opened allowing the stateroom to "blend" right into the veranda hence the term "infinite;


    Edge Stateroom Picture   Edge Stateroom Picture





  12. 1 hour ago, coastcat said:

    When Mariner redeployed, RCI did me a “favor” by moving me from a partially obstructed view balcony to an unobstructed view one. Nope, I made them put me right back in my original cabin - because they had moved me to an ordinary midship balcony from my carefully selected corner aft balcony cabin. 

    Well, if you’re moving from a deck 6 2F to a deck 7 one, it actually is an improvement in terms of view.


    That is what I am thinking; that they are just moving me up to deck 7. All these 2F's are located in the same area of the ship (basically mid-ship, a little aft), port & starboard (6 on deck 6 and 6 more on deck 7). I shall see when they send me the next e-mail actually identifying the cabin #. It's like waiting for my Christmas present!


    Now if RCI would do the same thing on the other Quantum-class ship I am booked on (Anthem  OTS). I am also booked on Ovation OTS but somehow I ended up in a regular balcony cabin. Oh, now I remember; it's because of RCI's 60% off the 2nd guest promo (very "solo friendly"). So, a balcony stateroom with a bit more sq. , which will be appreciated because I will be doing a B2B2B (Sydney to Vancouver -> 37 days on board Ovation!).

  13. 12 hours ago, coastcat said:

    You'll have to report back!


    Oh, and please take good care of that cabin - I'm booked in 6218 for a March 2022 cruise. My TA verified that it's a 0% obstructed view but I think that only refers to having no lifeboat equipment sticking up. Your view straight d inown will still be blocked by the lifeboat, at least from what I've seen in photos. NBD.


    Wow, booked in the exact same stateroom, what a coincidence! I'm booked on the Apex in a SIV. Not sure about possible partially obstructed views (looking down at the lifeboars) on Apex, I do know about RCI's studio balcony cabins on their Quantum- class ships. You may have that partially obstructed view on deck 6 but you're o.k.one deck higher on deck 7. Speaking of, I was booked in a studio balcony cabin on deck 6 on Odyssey of the Seas. RCI just sent me an e-mail notifying me that they are moving me to another studio balcony that does not have a partially obstructed view. They are going to send me another e-mail with my new cabin # but I am assuming that they are moving me up to a studio balcony on deck 7. Sweet! Thanks RCI.





  14. 9 hours ago, bluesea777 said:

    There are 4 Jewel class ships: Jewel, Jade, Pearl and Gem. Jewel and Jade were built first and they are exact sisters. The other 2, Pearl and Gem were built after and they are exact sisters.


    All 4 are sisters in a lot of ways, anyway. We have been on all 4 but we do not have a particular favourite.








    I'm booked on the Gem on Sept 12-19, 2021 R/T out of La Romana, Dom Rep. This will be my 2nd cruise in 2021 (can you tell I wanted to get back out there? Lol). I'm looking forward to trying one of NCL's smaller ships (less pax = less crowds). NCL may even further limit capacity (for social distancing), which would really give us a lot of room onboard.

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  15. On 12/19/2020 at 6:34 AM, farmersfight said:


    Good to know, thanks. 3 of my 5 booked solo cruises are with RCL. As a future solo cruiser, I am already finding more reasons to go with RCL (i.e. their studio balcony cabins on their Quantum-class ships. Imo, RCL "hit the nail on the head" with these cabins because just because you are a solo, you can still love to be booked in a balcony cabin).


    Also, RCL frequently runs their 60% off the 2nd guest sale which essentially lowers your solo supplement to 40%. I have booked multiple balcony staterooms under this promo.

  16. 1 hour ago, HBCcruiser said:

    Royal Caribbean is subsidizing flights making them very affordable. I was able to book a much cheaper flight to Nassau through RCI’s Air2Sea program making the trip worth while. It is cheaper for me to fly from LAX to Nassau then from LAX to Miami. 




    Nice. I didn't even look into RCI's Air2Sea program but as I understand it, you can only change your flight to come in a day or two early?  I'm flying in to Nassau 4 days early so I'm not sure if the Air2Sea program would let me do that.

  17. 1 hour ago, dexddd said:

    I'd agree except the number of flights to some of those places are a lot less options than MIA or FLL.  I'd probably be booked for Jamaica except for the lack of flights and price involved.


    I didn't really have an issue with availabilities of flights. But price-wise, I found it interesting that it was less expensive to fly to Punta Cana, Dom Rep than to Nassau, Bahamas. I was even able to upgrade to Business class on my Dom Rep flights. I was also fortunate enough to be able to fly to Punta Cana instead of having to fly to Santo Domingo.

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