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  1. 1 hour ago, live4sights said:

    Hi farmersfight... it's a good mid-sized NCL ship that quite a lot of veteran cruisers seem to like. Not so big that you get lost in and not so small that there's nothing much to do. Hopefully, NCL will restart the South Pacific cruises. FYI, if you can be flexible, wait until 1-2 months before sailing and see if there's a sale on. I was able to do the Papeete to Sydney cruise for less than USD $2K solo in a Balcony cabin.


    live4sights, thanks for your reply. Yeah, from your description, sounds like the Jewel would've been a good choice. I was looking at ships smaller than the mega-ships because I thought they would be less crowded (a lot less passengers). Also, I really liked the Jewel's Hawaii-Tahiti itinerary (also liked the longer cruise, instead of the usual 7 day cruises).


    I'm retired (but a young retired, 59, lol) so I am definitely flexible. I was planning on booking closer to the sail date anyway because I don't like having my $$ tied up with the cruise line for a long period of time. Plus, the point you made about possible sales closer to sail date is another plus.


    Wow, looks like you got a great deal on the Papeete to Sydney cruise. Less than $2K for that long a cruise and in a balcony no less; that's a great price.


    Funny you should mention sailing solo. That's what I was (and will do once this virus situation settles down/vaccine and the cruising resumes) going to do on the Jewel. I'm glad you said balcony cabin because, as a minimum, that's the way I want to go (love me a balcony, lol). Q; with the great price you got, did you have to pay a solo supplement, and if yes, what was the %?


    Anyway, once cruising resumes, I'll probably look at the Jewel's Hawaii to Tahiti itinerary again.


    Take care, and again, thanks for your reply.

  2. live4sights, awesome photo! I was looking at booking a cruise on the Jewel, 14 day Honolulu- Tahiti (Papeete), but then this COVID 19 mess hit the fan. I changed my mind right before booking and I'm glad I did. But, I was very interested in sailing on the Jewel; looks like a very nice ship.

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