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  1. Me too except I decided to give the CDC both middle fingers (double rods).
  2. I was under the impression that if you were actively drinking, you could keep the mask off. So my plan is, is to remain actively drinking at all times during my cruise (except when I'm passed out in my stateroom).
  3. With this new info from the CDC and with some cruise lines requiring crew & passengers be fully vaccinated, I would hope that the cruise lines would do away with a mask requirement on board. But, if I have to, I will wear my obedience mask in order to cruise.
  4. Cool 😎. Just saw your post on our CC Rat Pack thread. Welcome aboard.
  5. @CptBoatface, With a CC screen name like yours (which cracks me up, btw), you are definitely CC Rat Pack material. You're invited to take a look at our CC Rat Pack thread (in the Floataway Lounge forum) and if you like what you see, you're invited to come join us. If interested, just do a quick post on our thread (tell 'm farmersfight sent ya, lol). Absolutely no pressure or $$ involved. Hope to see you there. P.S. - I just saw the picture in your CC profile (with just your shoe, chillin' on your balcony on a cruise ship); that confirms it, you're definitely CC Rat Pack material!
  6. @Summerstravel You're invited to check out our CC Rat Pack thread in the Floataway Lounge forum. We are a diverse (age, gender & even political opinion) group of "rats". If you like the thread and would like to join us, just leave a quick post on the thread. No pressure or $ involved.
  7. Hi Sean. Man, I just took a look at your excellent, detailed review of the Carnival Sunshine and a look at your extensive cruising history (sailing CCL, NCL & RCI). We, the CC Rat Pack, could use someone of your talent, history & knowledge of the cruise lines & their ships. I may have invited you previously, but let me invite you again to join us on the CC Rat Pack; Take a look at my first original post that started the CC Rat Pack. If you think you possess the attributes listed there, come join us! If interested, just make a quick post on the thread. No pressure & no $$ involved. Btw, awesome job on your Carnival Sunshine review!
  8. Yeah, I hear ya. Even a bigger waste of deck space than the go-karts is the laser tag that NCL put up there. I might do the go-karts, but laser tag? No thank you. NCL should've done what RCI did and make laser tag a temproary set-up (staging) in an indoor multi-use space, i.e. SeaPlex;
  9. @seaman11still trying to meet the CDC's requirement for test cruises;
  10. That's true, with Bolt, you can still have stuff on deck below it. I think NCL charges extra for the go-karts? I don't think RCI charges extra for the Flowrider and I don't think CCL will charge extra for Bolt.
  11. As long as they stay out of the Bahamas (Adventure of the Seas) and the Dominican Republic (Norwegian Gem), I'm good.
  12. NCL can call it anything they want, they're still not going to get a ship to make a port call in Orlando. @HBCcruiser
  13. NCL = Go kart tracks RCL = Flowridrers (surf simulators) CCL = Roller coasters (Bolt) Take your pick...
  14. My sentiments, as well. From up here in Michigan, I would have to fly to one of the Florida ports you mentioned above, so no big deal to fly to Nassau, Bahamas or Punta Cana, Dominican Republic instead.
  15. I wouldn't think you'd have to be worried about it being cancelled because the CDC is not involved.
  16. I didn't know ships could sail out of Orlando 😂. Just kidding, I know you're talking about Port Canaveral. Gosh, I hope by next February ships are once again sailing out of U.S. ports. Even sooner because I have a Christmas cruise (Dec 18-26, 2021) booked out of Port Canaveral on the brand new Mardi Gras.
  17. Congrats Sid. It's good to see booked cruises, excursions, drink packages, specialty dining packages that are all going to happen (eat your heart out CDC). Things got real for me also, as I have made final payment on my Adventure of the Seas 7-day cruise out of Nassau, Bahamas on July 17th. Also purchased the Deluxe Beverage Package! This cruise is a somewhat unique imo because it departs from Nassau and heads west (after 2 days at Coco Cay) over to Cozumel. Actually, I take that back, there were Western Caribbean cruises (that call at Cozumel) that depart from Miami (I should've known, I've done 2 of them; Ecstasy & Sensation).
  18. Seems like it would be a lot easier (and less expensive) to hook up on land.
  19. Where are you flying in to. Santo Domingo or Punta Cana? I'll be flying in to Punta Cana and staying at an AI there for 4 days pre-cruise, then 3 days post-cruise. I wasn't sure if you had cancelled or was still going on the Gem in Sept. I'm still booked for Sept 12th. If you will be cruising on the Gem, move it up to the Sept 12th sailing and we can make it the CC Rat Pack cruise, The sequel.
  20. Congrats on everything, most importantly, getting vaccinated! Imo, the CDC has a hidden political agenda and are using the cruise industry to keep us locked down. Cruising = freedom and they can't have that now, can they?
  21. Same here. I'm booked on the Adventure of the Seas out of Nassau, Bahamas July 17th and also booked on the Norwegian Gem out of La Romana, Dominican Republic Sept 12th. I'd have to fly to get to a cruise port in the U.S. (i.e. Miami, Port Everglades & Port Canaveral) anyway. CDC is playing political games; time to give them the "double rods".
  22. Clicked on the link but it said the article was available only to USA Today subscribers. I'm not a USA Today subscriber 😥.
  23. By going ahead and visiting these countries, you are "poking the bear" (CDC) and "stirring the hornets nest" (State Dept) thereby fully meeting attribute #3 in the CC Rat Pack original charter.
  24. Thanks! That makes perfect sense and a smart way to do it by RCI. Once I book the final leg on Ovation (waiting for RCI to open the books for May 2023). It looks likeOvation will call at Seattle before her final disembarkation port of Vancouver. I'm sure RCI would frown on me jumping ship in Seattle (a total violation of the PVSA). That's o.k., I liked Vancouver when I was up there pre-cruise on my Diamond Princess one way Alaska cruise. I look forward to exploring Vancouver again before I fly home. Plus, I'll be able to check out Seattle before my Norweguan Encore cruise to Miami (via the Panama Canal).
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