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  1. I know that cruising is very much a family activity. It is sad that families with kids under 16 probably will not be able to cruise. But in the current environment with NCL trying everything to get cruises restarted (and try to work with the CDC), we may have to endure a period where the start-up will only be with passengers 16 +.. But, this is only temporary and families with kids under 16 will be able to cruise again. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  2. You've been to Punta Cana a couple dozen times? Wow! Hey, we need a "Dom Rep" expert on our group; Rat Pack. Check us out in the Floataway Lounge forum (Rat Pack thread,). If you like what you see in our Rat Pack thread, just make a quick post there; we'll welcome you with open arms! We need another Michigander in the Rat Pack! I forgot, you're also an expert on Hawaii. Bonus! Check us out; we'd love to have you join us. i
  3. Thanks. I'm going to look at the Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana. Also, I saw a place called Api Beach resort that was recommended on the Ports of Call (Dominican Republic) forum. I want to check that one out as well.
  4. Yeah, I e-mailed you the Expedia post for the Ducassi. There were a lot of + reviews but also some that rated the hotel as "poor", but I take those with a grain of salt because I think these posts may be from competitors or other hotel "cheerleaders" trying to make the Ducassi look bad. I'm going to take @OZ.'s advice and check out the ports of call boards and see if there are any CC members that have stayed there and posted a review of it. I thing I did pick up on in the reviews of the hotel on Expedia, were complaints about the water. Maybe this is a common problem in other hotels as well? I don't think the water quality in the hotel room will be a "show stopper" for me; I'll just buy/bring lots of bottled water.
  5. No I haven't (yet). Great idea, thanks. I have read many reviews of the place on Expedia and it got a lot of "Excellent" and the comments were good (i.e. close to the beach, close to restaurants & bars, etc).
  6. Wow, that's the cruise after I get off. When I send you the e-mail with the link to my hotel in Punta Cana on Expedia, would you return the e-mail with a link to your AI? I'd like to check it out. Thanjs!
  7. Way to pull the trigger! I assume you're on the Norwegian Gem? You wouldn't happen to be on the Sept 12th sailing? If yes, that's the one I'm on. We could make that CC Rat Pack cruise a reality! I'll shoot you an e-mail with a link to the hotel on Expedia.
  8. Thanks. Great info & advice. Much appreciated! I'm going to take your advice and read more reviews of the hotel on Expedia.
  9. Cool 😎, good to know. Yeah, the airport in Punta Cana doesn't look too big. Basically a grass hut terminal with a runway, lol. I could be wrong though...
  10. Thanks. From reading your posts about Hawaii, I'm not as confident as I was once about the PoA sailing by Oct. When I first booked, my thought process was that the PoA had a good chance of restarting by Oct because she never leaves U.S./Hawaiian waters (no foreign port closures to deal with like Canada). But it sounds like Hawaii is being very careful on reopening and then there's the local political pressure (as you mentioned). Oh well, if it gets cancelled it gets cancelled. I'll get a full refund back to my CC. Not interested in FCC with NCL. However, it it does get cancelled, I may have to book a replacement cruise, lol. RCI out of Nassau, Bahamas might be an option...
  11. I'm flying into (and staying) in Punta Cana, Dom Rep but I believe the cruise terminal is in La Romana, Dom Rep. I guess a majority of the International flights arrive in Santo Domingo (the major DR city) but I was able to find a flight to Punta Cana instead (price wasn't bad and the layover times were very reasonable - about an our in Newark (outbound) and an hour in Washington Dulles (return flight). https://www.google.com/maps/place/La+Romana,+Dominican+Republic/@18.4829396,-68.8104726,11z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x8eaf5468f250cc2b:0x174be55fc8eb99d9!8m2!3d18.4338645!4d-68.9658817?hl=en
  12. Man, now you're scaring the cr#p out of me! I've got plenty of time; I'll do some research. But thank you for your concern (and I've grown fond of you, as well) and sharing your expertise about the potable water in DR. Btw, drinks are on me.
  13. No wonder you're sticking to the Pacific side of Mexico (MR) these days...
  14. Guess I'll find out. From the reviews and the pictures on Expedia, it looks nice. If it turns out to be a rat hole, I'll pack up and move to another hotel.
  15. O.k., thanks but I'm a little confusion. You are talking about Punta Cana, Dom Rep? I know you are out in Hawaii currently...
  16. O.k., thank you. I'm fully vaccinated and would most likely opt for getting a 72 hour negative test before departing the mainland. Sounds like right now, testing is the key, vaccinated or not. But I think I also read that these requirements are subject to change wrt vaccinated people traveling to Hawaii.
  17. I think I read somewhere that there is a 10-day quarantine requirement when arriving from the U.S. mainland, even if your vaccinated? Is this true?
  18. That's what I'll be doing. I was able to find a flight to Punta Cana out of Newark, NJ (EWR). Here's where I'll be staying; https://www.expedia.com/Punta-Cana-Hotels-Ducassi-Suites-Rooftop-Pool-Beach-Club-Spa.h24362140.Hotel-Information?eapid=0&langid=1033&tpid=1 I was really surprised at how affordable this hotel was. I think it was $46 per night!
  19. As long as she's sailing by Oct, I'm good.
  20. I agree. How about NCL installs studio balcony cabins like RCI (& Celebrity with those Single Infinite Verandas) and "one ups" RCI by keeping the studio lounge (and adding a fully operating bar in there).
  21. I agree, I also think it will be cool to be THAT CLOSE to the ocean. I don't have a cove balcony booked yet but I have one "on my radar" <- (pardon the electronic navigation pun) for, believe it or not, all the way out to Feb 2024. I'm looking at an 8-day Southern Caribbean out of Miami on the Carnival Horizon.
  22. You have nothing to worry about on Deck 6, plenty high enough so the ocean won't ever reach the balcony door. Now the cove balcony cabins on Carnival that @coastcatmentioned is a different story. As I understand, the balconies are fitted with exterior closures that the crew will come around and close if the seas get too rough (where there is a chance the ocean could reach your balcony door).
  23. I saw where @coastcatexplained the Quantum-class ships. Here's a link with more detailed info, if you want to delve a little deeper; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum-class_cruise_ship To add a note to what @coastcatsaid. the studio balcony cabins on RCI's Quantum-class ships are approx 130 sq ft. Compare that to NCL's studio cabins at a meager 99 sq ft. The studio balconies on the Quantum-class ships are on decks 6 & 7. I'm booked on a couple of them on deck 6 and I'm a little worried about a partially obstructed view from the top of the lifeboats when you are looking in a downward direction from your balcony. Additionally, due to a flare of the superstructure, the balconies on the more forward studio cabins are larger, with the furthermost cabin forward (on decks 6 & 7) having the largest balcony, the 2nd furthest cabin forward having the 2nd largest balcony & the most aft cabin having the smallest balcony. Another interesting note; RCI's company Celebrity has those Single Infinite Veranda staterooms, as @coastcatpointed out. The Celebrity Edge has 16 of those while the new Celebrity Apex will have 24 of them, indicating to me that Celebrity (and RCI) is increasing it's marketing to solo cruisers. Oh, by the way, if you're interested in booking one of those studio balcony cabins on a Quantum-class ship, act fast because they sell out fast!
  24. Careful Resumption Under Improved Safety Enhancements or CRUISE Act. Those Republican senators are wordsmith geniuses. I'd hate to face off against one of them in a Scrabble game.
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