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  1. Then there is the classic; "I believe in truth over facts". 🤣
  2. True. I should've said DeSantis "went to bat" for the Florida-based cruise-related businesses and the many Floridians employed by these businesses. By doing so, DeSantis was also helping out the cruise lines get restarted to bring these businesses back. Still goes back to my original question as to why DeSantis would then throw up a "road block" to the cruise lines' restart by prohibiting them from requiring all passengers be vaccinated. 🤔
  3. I agree. I think that DeSantis is over-reaching on this one. I don't understand why he "went to bat" for the cruise lines (by meeting with and hearing the CEOs) and then tries to throw up a big roadblock to their restart by prohibiting the cruise lines from requiring proof of covid vaccinations (i.e. covid vaccine passports).
  4. Thanks @coastcat. This is very helpful information. Much appreciated! I know I wasn't the target audience but...
  5. Now that you mention this, I now recall doing the same thing "back in the day" on the Carnival Ecstasy. We looked in the Carnival Capers (I think that's what it was called) and found all the activities, gatherings & talks that had free drinks (alcoholic, of course). I do remember attending something to do with art (you can see how much I was paying attention. "Next free drink please!"). Oh yeah, and we definitely did the wine tasting event for the free wine. I was a lot younger then and had a lot less $, lol.
  6. As I have not sailed on RCI (yet), I will defer to @Traveling Mike. But from a booking point of view, I am finding RCI to be very "solo friendly". Their 60% off the 2nd guest sale has really helped (essentially lowers the solo supplement to 40%). As I posted previously, I've been able to book regular balcony cabins on 3 of RCI's Oasis-class ships (see my expanded signature block). On top of this sale, RCI has the Quantum-class ships that have the studio balcony cabins. I'm booked on 3 Quantum-class ships in those studio balcony cabins. I'm also booked on NCL's BA, BA+ class ships so it will be interesting to compare the solo experience on both cruise lines.
  7. I think the drinking game that @coastcatwas referring to has a lot to do with the art auctions and port talks being "fun".
  8. But wait, it might be because the CDC Director herself is predicting "impending doom" and she is "scared". Also now, racism is a national health emergency.
  9. I think I answered by own question. Did a mock booking on NCL with the 30% pp. For the stateroom, the discount is still 30%, it doesn't go up to 60% (I need to sharpen up my math skills, lol). So, RCI's 60% off the 2nd person is still the better deal for us solos. Effectively reduces the solo supplement down to 40%, which was enough for me to "pull the trigger" and book a few cruises with RCI, in regular balcony staterooms!
  10. It's good to know that with the C&A points promo (on top of getting double points normally), there's something + for us solo cruisers and not just the - of having to pay double (200%) for regular staterooms. RCCL is turning out to be more "solo-friendly" than I first thought.
  11. Thanks for the valuable information about RCCL (and sailing solo on them). I wasn't even paying attention to the points but I am booked on multiple RCCL cruises in 2021 & 2022. I am a C&A member. Good to know that I will receive quadruple the points for my cruises during this promotion. Looks like I may be able to get to 340 pts relatively quickly and become eligible for the DP340 booking promotion (and as you said, become DP when I reach 175 pts). I'd go for balcony cabins as a solo for 150%. I've taken advantage of RCCL's 60% off the 2nd guest sale to, as a solo, book balcony staterooms at 140%, so what's 10% more? Again, thanks for the valuable info.
  12. I didn't know art auctions and port talks could be that fun. Memo to self filed to memory. But don't go after attending one of those art auctions and/or port talks (and playing the drinking game). The resulting picture(s) could turn out to be very incriminating...(JK).
  13. Thanks. Maybe I should be "crunching the numbers" a little harder but the RCL 60% off the 2nd guest sale was attractive enough for me to book 3 Oasis-class ships (Symphony, Harmony & Allure OTS). Both the Symphony & Harmony OTS cruises are in an ocean view balcony and the Allure OTS is in a Central Park view balcony. With NCL, I did get the 30% off my Norwegian Gem cruise out of Dom Rep in Sept but as you said, I'm sure NCL just raised the cruise fare prior to the 30% off sale. Oh well, still must've been attractive enough to me as I booked a regular balcony cabin on the Gem. As you know, the Gem and her other Jewel-class sisters do not have Studio cabins/lounges like the BA, BA + class ships do.
  14. O.k., am I correct abut this? I've recently taken advantage of RCI's 60% off the 2nd guest sale. As a solo in the stateroom, this essentially lowers my solo supplement to 40%. If you look at double occupancy, it would be 60% off for the stateroom. Now in comparison, how about NCL's 30% off sale? I know NCL just raises the cruise fare prior to the sale but that would be for everybody, so solos are equal. With double occupancy, that would be 60% off for the stateroom as well. Am I off here?
  15. It's like a breath of fresh air seeing "jazzed" folks post about booking (aka "snagging") cruises again...cruises that will actually sail. Sure beats the heck out of posts about cruises being cancelled, again and again and again...
  16. Thanks. I don't remember if I previously posted the POC's on this cruise but here they are (again?); Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten & Antigua. The only one that I have been to previously is Barbados.
  17. I love Tony and his La Lido YouTube channel. "Hey, hey, hey...let's talk about it. Thanks in advance".
  18. Looks like from here (U.S.) there are direct flights to Punta Cana from Newark, NJ (EWR) and Washington Dulles (IAD). I'm connecting in both airports coming from and returning to Grand Rapids, MI.
  19. Yes! I'm giving the CDC the "double rods" myself. I've had it with Ms CDC Director and her "impending doom" and her "being afraid". She deserves an Emmy.
  20. I'm booked on the Gem (which will actually be operating out of La Romana, DR because that's where the cruise terminal is). I was able to book a r/t flight to Punta Cana (from Grand Rapids, MI). One stop each way; in Newark, NJ on the way down & in Washington Dulles on the return flight. Layover times are 1 hr & 1 1/2 hr, respectively. Airfare: $500 (for economy) but I need the extra legroom so, I booked Economy + for $200 more so, $700 total. There weren't that many flights to Punta Cana (who would've thought that there was an International airport there, lol) but there were more to Santo Domingo, DR, which is a big city so the airport there will be able to handle any increased volume of flights. The cruise port in La Romana is midway between Santo Domingo to the west and Punta Cana up the coast to the east. I'm also booked on a hotel in Punta Cana (and the rate was very reasonable).
  21. Likewise, I booked a "more than decent" hotel in Punta Cana, Dom Rep that is very close to the beach (hotel has it's own private beach club) and has a roof-top swimming pool for $46/night! Total for a 4 night stay there pre-cruise; $236 (includes $52 in taxes). I'm stoked!
  22. Cool 😎. Did you book a balcony or an inside? I chose the Gem because I have done the Western Caribbean/Mexico multiple times and the itinerary on the Gem hits some Caribbean islands I have never been to (St. Lucia, St. Maarten, & Antigua). Also, I want to try an NCL Jewel-class ship.I'm hoping for the "Cinderella effect"; a ship that is not too big, not too small but is just right.
  23. As I posted on another thread, we're on the same wave length. I also booked a balcony for my solo cruise on the Gem (out of Dom Rep), Sep 12-19th. I also booked a cruise that was a little later because it was cheaper (kids back in school, hopefully). And, I too will be staying 4 nights before the cruise in the Dominican Republic. I hope they have solo meetings of some kind on the Gem, as well.
  24. I'm not on the Joy this summer but I am booked on the Gem out of La Romana, Dom Rep, Sept 12-19th. I am flying round trip out of Grand Rapids, MI to Punta Cana, Dom Rep (yes, believe it or not they have an Int'l airport there, lol). Cost of flights was $500 but I need the extra legroom so I booked Economy + which cost $200 more, so $700 total.
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