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  1. I meant charge us the solo supplement (not solo discount).
  2. Unfortunately, IMHO, I think the cruise lines will continue to charge us solo cruisers the solo discount. Especially if they have to sail with reduced capacity, they won't want to give up the additional revenue. But, as the above post says, it may be a matter of supply and demand. If the demand for cruises is low, the cruise lines may lower or even eliminated the solo discount on select cruises (we can only hope). As a new solo cruiser, I still can't stomach having to pay double for a stateroom. And, I don't like NCL's solo cabins. Way too small and no window or balcony. Hopefully, we'll all be back to cruising sooner than later!
  3. Which of NCL's "megaships" have the go-cart tracks, laser tag and which do not?
  4. Thanks! I'll have to look for the solo cruiser forum here on cc.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a good method. How do you find out when the single supplement is waived?
  6. Thanks for your feedback. Thanks for the tip about cruiseplum.com - I have their website saved on my computer. Glad to hear about the service on NCL. Also, I like NCL's marketing to solo cruisers. I totally agree with you about an inside or studio cabin. Although the studio cabins are a great idea by NCL for solo cruisers (with the studio lounge as well), they are really small and I would prefer more room and a balcony. I read somewhere that RCI has solo balcony cabins on a few of their ships but that they are almost impossible to book due to the high demand. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  7. Hi NCL cruisers. I have previously sailed with Carnival when I was with someone else (girlfriend, fiance or wife). We usually got a balcony stateroom, but we have also sailed with an inside. Now I am divorced and have been looking at NCL because of the solo studio staterooms and solo cruiser discount program. I like the studio staterooms on the larger, newer ships (with the studio lounge for solo cruisers) but I would prefer to have a balcony using the solo cruiser discount (more room and has a balcony). I am curious as to whether there are any other solo cruisers out there and what their thoughts/opinions are regarding NCL's solo studio staterooms vs the solo cruiser discount program. I am "steered" toward NCL because of these and I refuse to pay double fare (solo supplement) on NCL or any other cruise line. Any thoughts/opinions from solo cruisers out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Marty
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