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  1. I was looking at Neptune suite amenities today and found "Exclusive full breakfast service in suite daily". I saw no mention of the breakfasts in the Pinnacle Grill for Neptune/Pinnacle Suite guests. Has this amenity changed? I hope not ....
  2. cp556

    January 8, 2017 - Cuba here we come!

    I posted this on the other thread for this sailing, but thought it might be of assistance if I posted it again here: So if you are driving to the port or taking a cab, please note the following: Adonia is scheduled to sail from PortMiami's Terminal J on Jan 8 (a small terminal at the south side of the island). It will return to Terminal E on Jan 15 (a mega-terminal on the north side of the island). The PortMiami info staff tells me that on Jan 15 there will be free shuttles at Terminal E to take people and their luggage back to Terminal J, across the island. They suggest we park at Terminal J on January 8.
  3. cp556

    January 8, 2017 - Cuba here we come!

    The first thread I saw on this board is by eroller and is a WONDERFUL review of his Cuba cruise. The comments and Q&As following the initial post are equally interesting. I got answers to many questions, including money exchange, getting a tour in one of the old US cars, etc. We'll also be on the Jan 8 cruise :)
  4. I agree with those who are recommending just sitting back for now to see what HAL says after all the schedules are changed. There are so many moving parts to this whole scenario that it's going to take them a few days to notify all booked passengers of any changes on their reservation. Our agency received HAL notices this afternoon (Tuesday) and each one said that the 14-nt Alaska booked clients would be moved to another, different Amsterdam sailing date (e,g,: July 23 is now July 17). I'd recommend taking a deep breath, seeing what the new confirmation looks like (promised by Sept 2) and if it doesn't suit, moving to another 2017 Alaska cruise date. The onboard credit will be applicable to any of the Alaska dates. Note that if the reservation is changed, you will have a new HAL confirmation number, but your price will be protected.
  5. Royal Caribbean is planning Cuba cruises in the next few months. Probably using the 2000-passenger Empress ...
  6. cp556

    Need help pulling off this surprise.

    If you think the kids will be OK with the surprise at the last minute, I'd go that route. Someone mentioned luggage tags, so here's a thought: As you pull up to the guard to present ID and boarding info, pass the baggage tags (with the kids' names on them) to them, saying "Please put these on your bags the instant we get out of the car". That way they'll see ship's name, sailing date, cabin #, and THEIR name. (You can pre-print the bag tags when you do online checkin, and select the # of tags for each passenger name.) Hope you like this idea. It's a wonderful present for them!!
  7. cp556

    Half Moon Cay

    Thanks, all. The floaty pads/mats are a highlight of my time at HMC.
  8. cp556

    Half Moon Cay

    My memory is flawed .... can't recall if you pre-rent the blue or yellow float pads, or if you rent them on the island. I'm sure someone knows .... Thanks!
  9. cp556

    Hotel Service Charge Change

    Thank you, KK. Appreciate the info.
  10. I see that the Hotel Service Charge is going up on Dec 1, 2015. For cruises that depart before that date, but end after that date, will the old charges be in effect? Or, starting on Dec 1 will the new daily rate take effect? Wondered if anyone knew.... and thanks!
  11. cp556

    long time

    Hope you're able to get back to cruising very soon. HAL misses you! Sending prayers that your medical issues resolve fully and fast...
  12. cp556

    Happy dance happy dance

    Maybe look inside all the suitcases and bags? Including the outside pockets? Might be worth a peek. Bon Voyage, my friend .... have a wonderful wonderful 47 days :)
  13. cp556

    Happy dance happy dance

    I am SO excited for you! What a wonderful upgrade. Makes me smile ear-to-ear.... xxooo Carol
  14. cp556

    Bon Voyage, Kakalina

    [quote name='kazu']Best wishes of course but...........Trish's Bon Voyage is scheduled for 3 days from now :confused:[/quote] Trish sails Sept 30 ... :)
  15. cp556

    Tamarind Recommendations

    We're doing Eurodam in November so I just read the Tamarind menus. Now I'm salivating and cannot WAIT for our two dinners there. I'll try the soy & wasabi crusted tenderloin simply because of the rave reviews on this thread. Thanks for this timely post :)