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  1. I can't wait for another season! I need my daily "fix"!
  2. I over researched our Allure cruise a few years ago. I decided on a balcony on deck 8 for the walk through Central Park at night back to our room and the Park Cafe. I really enjoyed it. That said, my dad had a balcony on deck 6 (guarantee balcony) and paid less. I was impressed with that deck equally as much as deck 8. It was easy to get to the promenade and boardwalk. Not that it's hard from deck 8, but I realized I would have been happy with either. If I'm really honest, I'm not sure any deck is better or worse. They all have different pro's, in my opinion. I think I'd go with a Jr. Suite hump than think I'm in a worse deck than 8.
  3. Venue is an important aspect. Places like On-Air or the theatre do not provide an ability to really mingle. It's been awhile since I've sailed on RCI, but the last few meet and mingles, it seemed like they just came in, gave out prizes, and then everyone left. it was disappointing. That said, I've never seen a M&M on other lines like Princess so I guess it's all relative. I'd like to see the roll call host who organizes everyone be able to work closely with the onboard M&M host and provide more opportunities to mingle, especially for those of us that might be shy in person and don't really know others sailing. It seemed cliquish, although I know if I were more assertive, that others would be inclusive. Not related to the onboard M&M, but my more satisfying roll call events have been when we all met somewhere the night prior in the port. That helped the M&M onboard and other events. It's nice to see people you recognize while onboard.
  4. I'm so happy to come across this Live report. I can't wait to read as you start porting in Asia. Thanks for taking the time!
  5. Count me as another who has been checking periodically the past few weeks to see if the blog was fired up yet. I will wait 2 weeks (can I do it??). I'm so happy to hear you will be blogging again this winter.
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