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  1. We just booked for June 2021. I'm hopeful, but I will also fully understand if it is cancelled. This will be our 5th trip/cruise to Alaska so I would just move it, if need be. It is our first on Royal Caribbean though. All 4 previous cruises (with 3 tours to Denali) were on Princess. I'm excited to go out of Seward and spend some time pre-cruise in that area. My fingers are crossed.
  2. I think I read the same a few pages back, but it looks like Princess has officially cancelled the remaining Sapphire cruises in Asia for 2020 and will be placing Australian cruises on sale in a few weeks. Sapphire Princess Cancellation & New Itineraries Update: Due to ongoing uncertainty with coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and port travel restrictions in China and Southeast Asia, we have made the decision to cancel and modify additional voyages on Sapphire Princess in 2020. We will provide complete details to all guests booked on impacted voyages via email, Cruise Personalizer, or the
  3. Count me as another who is just hoping they have been busy upon returning home. It does seem odd for her not to post a quick note now that she presumably has decent internet. I'm hoping maybe I was wrong and they were on the next cruise as well which would account for the lack of posting with the onboard internet.
  4. YES! We arrived at 5:45am in order to get a boarding group for ROTR. It was incredible. Truly the best "ride' I've ever been on. It is so much more with different experiences throughout. While we were utterly exhausted that day, it was well worth it! We are huge Star Wars fans so this trip was all about Batuu! I did learn more about light sabers than I ever thought possible. I found myself recognizing the differences in the hilts while watching Rise of Skywalker. haha. I would have never guessed that previously!
  5. Thank you. I was hoping that was the case with check-in/boarding. I have another question that I've never really encountered before either. His mom is part of a larger group of women going on the cruise and they all have traditional dining. Her son really does not have a desire to eat with them at night (and I suspect they don't care for him to eat with them either. lol.). Is it possible for him to have anytime dining while she retains traditional dining? I'm not sure what that is called on Carnival. Would he just see the maitre-d' when he boards?
  6. I thought I'd come back and provide my experience on a 3-day Mariner cruise in the middle of our Disney vacation. In short, it was PERFECT and well needed. And, as expected, a little too short for my liking. We had originally planned to take Disney Magic Express to the airport to pick up a rental car from Avis. It was cheaper to rent a car than any of the shuttle options. We decided we were over busses at that point and didn't want to waste time waiting so we made a decision the morning of ship embarkation to instead just get an uber to the airport. It worked out well and wa
  7. I tried to search but couldn't find the answer. I have a friend heading out next week on a cruise with his mom. He is flying in the night before and she is flying in the day of the cruise. Is he able to board the ship earlier on embarkation day or do they need to check in and board together? I know it's possible on other cruise lines, but I don't have any recent experience with Carnival so thought I'd ask here. The other question is whether they both needed to purchase the drink package. She does not drink, but he does. I believe I found that answer and that they b
  8. I'll know in less than a week! I think it will be TOOOOO short! We will be in Hollywood Studios a week after Rise of the Resistance opens and if the last few days are any indication, it is going to be swamped. We have a busy schedule for the 3 days prior to the cruise in the parks. I'll need a week to recover from that. If we get off in Nassau, it will just be to walk around a bit. While I do love Nassau and it's been awhile since I've been there, I really think I'll prefer the relative quiet on the ship for the afternoon. I'm most looking forward to the change
  9. Thanks for the detailed review. We leave in a week for Disney and using a 3 day Mariner cruise in the middle as a way to relax. I can't wait!
  10. I redeemed OBC from my RCI card on 11/11. I woke up this morning and there was an email that showed they applied them today, 11/24. My cruise is 3 weeks away. I didn't call or ask for any expedited posting. I was planning on it the next few days if not posted in case there were some Black friday deals. Fortunately, I didn't have to call!
  11. Our next cruise is a short 3 day on Mariner as a respite from Disney. It's been years since I've been on a short cruise and well before Drink packages were introduced. Does anyone have experience with those short cruises getting sales on the drink packages? It would make more sense for Royal to discount on a longer cruise, but maybe they don't price it that way?
  12. I wonder if they are were aware you still have to be seated when you have MTD? Maybe they thought you could just walk in and take a seat anywhere? At least I hope that is the case. I wonder if anyone told them the line wasn't just for reservations.
  13. I can't wait for another season! I need my daily "fix"!
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