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  1. I agree. There is something refreshing about their reviews. It's a little comical because they don't seem to drink much normally and they are having a blast trying out all the drinks with the package.
  2. While I follow cruise boards and vlogs, my husband follows a couple that primarily vlog everything Disney and Star Wars. One of his favorite vloggers are currently on Symphony of the Seas. I thought I'd share the link to their first log - where they were upgraded to a suite! They are on day 3 now and they are all fantastic and very thorough. This is only their 2nd cruise - the first being on a Disney ship. I love seeing it through their eyes as almost new to cruising and definitely new to Royal Caribbean. They are trying everything and eating everything! You can find their other 2 installments (so far) on their channel as well. The 3rd one is my favorite so far.
  3. I'd love an 80's hairband night. Some Skid Row, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Poison, GnR, and Motley Crue. I'd definitely pack a can of Aqua Net to participate in the night! I do like to alternate cruise lines frequently for this reason...some of the entertainment gets stale. But after a year or two away, I enjoy it all anew. I'll be there with bells and whistles for my first 70's Disco night after this cruise drought! (I do wish they would add in some other GREAT 70's music that is not Disco though!).
  4. Me too! I wish I had bought more on our last cruise before it changed. I just used my last one for a cruise in Sept 2022. I've been holding on to it for awhile.
  5. Yes, I guess I didn't word that well. We've spent considerable time in Rome previously as well as other cities. I was just trying to intimate they did not need to go back to Venice as it is a little more difficult to get to the airport there than other cities in Italy. And it takes more time due to the changing of trains. I think we're saying the same thing, just differently 🙂
  6. The largest challenge with Ravenna is that there is not a direct train to get to Venice (or vice versa). For us, it seems to make more sense on departure to find a city to fly out of that is a direct train ride away (and extend the vacation 1-2 days). Logistically, that just seems easier.
  7. I have been to both several times. They are just "different" to me. Oddly, I always thought GSC was greater than Coco Cay (Little Stirrup Cay). But then Royal Caribbean has really stepped up it's game. Just adding a dock is a HUGE improvement, let alone everything else. That said, I still miss/yearn for the older days of the rugged beach paradise. I enjoyed Coco Cay back in the day. I also like it now, just different. So it's nice to have Great Stirrup Cay as an alternative once in awhile.
  8. I finally got caught up. Thank you to all the contributors! I just booked Adventure out of Galveston for January and I CAN'T WAIT! 6 months will be a long wait, but it seems short compared to how long it's been for a cruise! Question for those of you who sailed Adventure recently...it sounds like for internet, it's best to just purchase the regular zoom and not the streaming? We will be in the Panoramic Room on the top and very front. I'm assuming the streaming will be just a waste of money? And Morgan-regarding Global Entry, with all of your cruises upcoming, I'd definitely apply for it once you get home. We applied Pre-Covid in June 2019, hoping to use for a trip in December 2019. We did not even get our conditional approval in order to schedule an appointment until July 2020. And then couldn't get an appointment until February 2021. That said, once we had the formal interview, we had our GE number and cards in hand within a week. Granted, we didn't have anywhere to use it in 2020 or so far in 2021, so maybe it's good the 5 year clock didn't start until earlier this year. Now, I'm crossing my fingers I can get my passport renewed by our cruise late January. It just expired last week. Yikes!
  9. We are also cruising r/t out of Venice (Ravenna) in September 2022. I haven't finalized plans yet, depending on air options. We are thinking of flying home out of Bologna, Milan or possibly Florence rather than Venice. The train is direct to both and air options seem like they may be similar. It will also provide an opportunity to visit another city for 1-2 days post cruise. We have been to Florence prior, but on a port visit, so we wouldn't mind the opportunity to be there in the afternoon and evening once cruise ship passengers vacate the city. At this point, I'm still planning to spend 2-3 days in Venice pre-cruise and fly directly into Venice.
  10. I'll be sad they are not there on our next cruise. We met them several years ago on our first visit. It's been quite awhile since we've been back. I am happy for them though. Once of the positives out of Covid was giving some business owners a pause to really reflect and decide what they want out of life going forward. I've had a few friends who were auto pilot for so many years, grinding day in and day out, and the original shut down + the slower pace after reopening allowed them time to decide they were ready to retire and allow a new generation to take the reins. Best wishes to Steve and his family on the next chapter for them, and for Carolina and others as they take over.
  11. If I recall correctly, for our NB cruises, we cleared US customs in Vancouver, before boarding the ship. We had the passport book and card, and it seemed like our card would not work. I would call and confirm. According to the card itself, if arriving by sea or land, it should work, but I'm not sure the cruise policy will allow.
  12. We plan to send our renewal in next week. I filled out the paper work and printed it, but we've been lazy on getting the pictures done. Ours expired last week. Since I just booked a cruise for mid January, hopefully that will give enough time. Fortunately, it's closed loop out of Galveston so we can fish out our birth certificates from the safe deposit box, worst case scenario. That won't work for Europe in September 2022, certainly it won't take that long! (knocked on wood after that jinx!)
  13. I'm excited. I have booked! Now if it would only show up in my cruise planner. lol. I didn't splurge for the suite, but it was tempting. The offer was a comp inside cabin, but I upgraded to the new(er) panoramic oceanview rooms. I think that is the only room type I haven't sailed, so it will be interesting. I'm just mostly excited to get back on a ship! We have a cruise booked in Sept. 2022, but that seems SO FAR AWAY. So this will allow me to do some cruise planning in the short term and hopefully step foot on board! Our Alaska cruise was canceled this year - along with a few cruises last year, of course.
  14. Ah..That's great, even better than I expected. I'm going to upgrade anyway, but that makes me happy! Thanks for the replies!
  15. I have searched and searched, I'm sure it is user error with the key words I am searching, but it's not returning what I need. I am looking at booking a comped casino cruise. I think I recall in the past, you do not earn cruise points for these cruises unless you upgrade. Is that still accurate? In other words, if I book the "free" cruise with an inside cabin and upgrade to a balcony cabin, will I earn points? I need a measly 5 nights to finally move to Diamond (after 22 years of sailing, lol). Anyway, it would be nice to have the upgraded status when we sail to Greece next year. Thanks!
  16. We stayed in a hump balcony on Serenade (sister ship) and never heard any noise from the Centrum (with or without the doors shut). On our med cruise next September on Brilliance, we have an aft cabin, which I'm excited about!
  17. I remember the day I sold my 100 shares. I had bought at @30 and it was at $60. I doubled my money! That was several years ago. If only....and I almost got back in last year when I saw it drop so low (although, that was the first time I was able to "congratulate" myself for selling at $60. haha).
  18. As someone who is vaccinated, I have zero concern with a break through case. The chance of a serious case (for myself, in my 40's and relatively healthy) is almost nil. What I'm most concerned about - for the Florida cruises where unvaccinated can cruise (adults, not just kids) - is that there will most likely be more than 2 in a cruise. And then the press will pick it up and it will become a big deal, and then my cruise in January will be cancelled. Or worse, the cruise lines can't recover from the bad press because they were forced to allow a much larger portion of unvaccinated that have a much larger chance of contracting covid (or had it undetected prior to boarding) too early to their return to the US. I understand vaccinated can test positive, but again, that occurrence is significantly less than those that are vaccinated. The numbers will be greater with a greater number of unvaccinated passengers. I just hope the protocols continue to be followed and CDC does not use the increased numbers to enforce a new no sail order. I am not referring to the AOS cruises from Bahamas as they are requiring all adults over 18 to be vaccinated. The number of unvaccinated are very small.
  19. Yikes, indeed. I really hope they go back down soon. Our overseas cruise is in September 2022 so I can't really start pricing fares yet. My fingers are crossed.
  20. This is a great cautionary tale. I'm always a little apprehensive on what is or isn't covered between my insurance and any that I purchase (or using through the cruise line or other travel company). I'm not sure, or rather pretty positive, I wouldn't think to call the insurance company proactively in the scenario that you described. Particularly when the resort doctor referred me/spouse to the hospital. I guess I would expect if they did that, it would be covered. Thanks for sharing and I hope for more resolution, although I agree, thankful it's not a much larger amount of money,
  21. I've never needed to cash out OBC as my onboard account has always supported any credits I received. Oddly, when I booked an upcoming cruise a few weeks ago, I used a Next Cruise Certificate. It comes with OBC. I'll also be receiving some other OBC from the RCI Credit Card as well. The RCI guy on the phone booking my reservation asked if I wanted to add pre-paid gratuities. I told him no, I'd probably use OBC for that. He said that my OBC could not be used for gratuities?? i thought that odd, but declined to add just yet anyway - the cruise isn't for 465 days, a lot can change. But was he incorrect? I assume if I have $300-$400 OBC when the daily gratuities are billed, it will just balance out, correct? Like it always did in the past? Or did something change?
  22. Those pictures are a little gut wrenching. I don't consider myself that old, but the fact remains that I have sailed on 5 ships that have now been scrapped (SS Norway, NCL Sea...and 3 in the original 4 above - Fantasy, Sovereign and Monarch). i suspect a few others aren't far behind either. Fantasy was my very first cruise in 1991 as an 18 year old. Sovereign was my first cruise on Royal Caribbean and also first with my late husband and I. Monarch was the first cruise I took my current husband on and got him addicted just the same. Great memories on all of them!
  23. I used to really enjoy the "official" meet and mingles. I haven't sailed with Royal too much recently, but the last 4 or 5, dating back to 2014/2015, the roll calls were really weak and the meet and mingle even worse. I much prefer the night before cruise gatherings and/or random informal on the ship. Although I liked idea that one day I would actually win a prize.
  24. Our June 25 Alaska cruise was cancelled April 8. I requested refund the same day and it came through about 2 weeks ago (end of May, or the first couple days of June).
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