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  1. "When Cruising Begins" based on what....I think you will see a cruise here and there, very limited, maybe as early as early spring 2021, and it will grow from there. To me, "When Cruising Begins" means what it used to be, where I can book what ship I want, what time of year, the port of may choosing, etc. For that to happen will b e a long, long time. Maybe Spring of 2022....there will be cruses before then, but it won't be what we are accustomed to.
  2. Of all our cruises, we have never picked up the Noro bug....I believe thats because we follow some common sense gjuidelines. Example; I have seen too. many things in the windjammer....if we are not one of the first people in there when they open other doors, then we do not go.
  3. I'm 68 years old, and have not stopped my routines, continued to work, etc ever since this started. It all comes down to common sense and responsibility. I do not believe half the things the media reports..,,.its been nothing but inconsistencies, and every source is different. and I am not brainwashed with this hysteria about mask wearing. , We are Diamond Plus, I am saying that only to show we have our history with cruising. When we go on a cruise, there are things we look forward to, expect, and perhaps take for granted they will be there from the moment we drop of
  4. Just pushing the can down the road, what else can they say? Indefinitely would be the correct answer......come Dec-Jan it will be another new announcement.
  5. Yesterday, my Wife and I went to U-Penn's Perelmen Medical Center in Philadelphia, which is, a Pulmonary - Lung Transplant facility. They take this pandemic very seriously due to the fragility of their patients, Elevators: They have personnel stationed at the elevators, and only allow 4 people on at a time. Circles marked on floor showing where to stand. We are both Diamond +, so have experiences on cruises. We both looked at each other and commented, can you imagine something like this on a cruise ship? No way. Also, we met with a Pulmonary Specialist, one of the top in the countr
  6. Cell Phones or TV's in your cabin.... Now if they broadcast all the shows in your cabin, expand room service to the MDR menu for everyone, along with a few other things, you can social distance by staying in your cabin for the majority of the cruise....
  7. Who is the public? You have the faithful few that are still coming around these boards. They have one opinion. Friends, Family and coworkers, mention planning a cruise and they will tell you I am out of my mind! They have other things to think about, like re-opening schools, indoor dining, theaters, etc.
  8. could all the new bookings be the people who have had their cruise cancelled, too the FCC and then BOOKED another cruise for sometime in 2021? Lot of people cancelled, a lot of people booking
  9. CDC is one thing....then you have the state governments deciding if they want the ports in their state open or not. Here in the NJ/NY area, you have the Port Authority which regulates, controls, all shipping in/out of the area. Even IF RCI followed all CDC guidelines, (which IMO they won't) the local authorities would take that under advisement. Our Governor wants everyone who has traveled out of state to quarantine upon returning. Imagine cruise ships coming in from visiting other islands? Just my opinion.....the cruise industry is Dead until further notice. There
  10. Aside from the faithful who are here on these boards, mention cruising to any co-worker, friends, and they will look at you like you have 2 heads. (with masks on) They will say Cruising is Dead. The last thin g on anyone's mind in light of what is happening in your own town. We are Diamond +, which means every cruise we have taken, and every cruise we may take in the future, we expect a certain atmosphere, experience, from the moment you check in and then step on the ship and feel it beneath my feet. . I can picture it now. Entering your stateroom for the first time, that first
  11. Places like the airlines, Disney and other parks, are all announcing their policies so they can re-open....Royal Carib has said nothing....all they are doing is announcing one month at a time, coming out with FCC and other schemes, and taking new bookings just so they have some $$ to hold onto...otherwise, they cease to exist. My opinion...its going to happen.
  12. So, do you think the new bookings are related to the bookings that were cancelled? Our cruise ws cancelled....turned around and booked (New booking) for a cruise in 2021. I wonder how many new bookings are first time cruisers, not someone who had. cruise cancelled. Marketing Hype...bookings are up..things are looking good!
  13. Everything is a rumor because RCI is tight lipped and not telling anybody what's going on....other than extending the cancellations every month.
  14. Enchantment is one of our favorite ships...looking at a cruise out of Baltimore in 2021. But we have been considering what RCI will do about social distancing, and/or limited passenger #'s on a small ship. if that becomes policy. More easily done on one of the Mega ships. The Vision clsss is the size ship that can pass under the bridges. Just have to wait and see how all this plays out.
  15. Nothing official, and we are not booking our next cruise till I see what will be. We took the full $$ refund. We're Diamond +, and have a certain expectation as to what we enjoy about being on a cruise ship. If they take too much away, restrictive or otherwise, then its lost. But no one knows, so we wait to see.
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