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  1. Places like the airlines, Disney and other parks, are all announcing their policies so they can re-open....Royal Carib has said nothing....all they are doing is announcing one month at a time, coming out with FCC and other schemes, and taking new bookings just so they have some $$ to hold onto...otherwise, they cease to exist. My opinion...its going to happen.
  2. So, do you think the new bookings are related to the bookings that were cancelled? Our cruise ws cancelled....turned around and booked (New booking) for a cruise in 2021. I wonder how many new bookings are first time cruisers, not someone who had. cruise cancelled. Marketing Hype...bookings are up..things are looking good!
  3. Everything is a rumor because RCI is tight lipped and not telling anybody what's going on....other than extending the cancellations every month.
  4. Enchantment is one of our favorite ships...looking at a cruise out of Baltimore in 2021. But we have been considering what RCI will do about social distancing, and/or limited passenger #'s on a small ship. if that becomes policy. More easily done on one of the Mega ships. The Vision clsss is the size ship that can pass under the bridges. Just have to wait and see how all this plays out.
  5. Nothing official, and we are not booking our next cruise till I see what will be. We took the full $$ refund. We're Diamond +, and have a certain expectation as to what we enjoy about being on a cruise ship. If they take too much away, restrictive or otherwise, then its lost. But no one knows, so we wait to see.
  6. By now people should know the precautions, etc...If people want to get sick, let them get sick. We are not going to stop it. They will get sick, medical help (maybe) and recover with ant-bodies. Also, some of the higher numbers because there is more testing being done.
  7. "I don't know," he said. "It won't be all of a sudden, all the ships start going, but which ship is very much a question of which markets are the most reopened. "And I know that's frustrating. They would like to know which comes first. So would I, by the way. August 1st? They don't have a clue or a Plan.
  8. But their opening cruises August 1st.....Right.
  9. Yes but did they re-arrange the seat selections? They changed us to a wide body, 3 rows 3 seats each, or 9 across. We could only select every other seat. Which is fine, Wife and I have a row to ourselves with space in between.
  10. The way this state is headed, I may see you in Florida soon!
  11. The NY/NJ Port Authority was giving a press conference. The primary concerns are the tunnels, bridges and mass transit in and out of the city. A reporter asked about Cruise ship ports opening, and some one on the stage, NOT the person giving the press conference but one of those who stand in the background jumped in and said no cruises this year. I went to the Port Authority web site that lists ALL the news releases, some a few times a day, and there is no mention about Cruise ships. Only talk concerning the ports are commercial cargo and oil shipping, supply chain issues.
  12. And the fact they will have to be trained, not only in their jobs but in implementing new procedures for dealing with the Virus. Which by the way, RCI has not said a word as to what they are going to do. Airlines, Disney and others are announcing what measures are going to be taken.... RCI gives the impression they're in no hurry. People with reservations and those looking to book do not have a clue. I have flight reservations for Jan. and had to go and select new seat assignments, and choose a new departure time because they went with a larger plane, allowing more empty seats, spacing between passengers. Every other seat. We are also going to Disney in Orlando, and I have been getting e-mail news updates on the progress to open. I have reservation with RCI....and being told nothing. They act like there's plenty of time.
  13. Here in NJ...we still cannot go to restaurants, sporting events or church...New York is worse. Opening the ports is not even on their radar. Whatever the CDC or WHO say, the Port Authority will take it under advisement. Restaurants are going way out of their way to show what they are doing for distancing, etc, to get the Gov's to let them open, with no luck. Cruise ships have not shown or said anything.
  14. There has been speculation they will go with larger ships with less capacity.....at least in the beginning. I have been getting e-mails from United concerning our flights this Jan, 2021, to log in and cancel, re-book for another date, or modify existing reservations. I ignored these e-mails because I have no intent on canceling our flights.....utill yesterday. When i finally went to my reservation, I found United had changed everything. And I needed to re-configure my reservation. They changed the plane from an average size plane, to a Jumbo plane that holds considerably more people (has the center row) The seats I had previously selected were erased. I had to re-confirm the reservation, along with the date and departure time, AND I had to select new seat assignments. What they did was Grey out every other seat so that you cannot select. So now I have the same reservation, but on a much larger plane with less people onboard...with every other seat unoccupied to maintain distancing. Had to do this for both flights, a roundtrip reservation. I was also charged about $65 for 3 people, for some unknown reason. Is this a concept to be followed by the Cruise Lines also? Larger ships with less capacity? The airlines are certainly doing it to get back in business.
  15. HEALTH AND SCIENCE Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says PUBLISHED MON, JUN 8 20201:05 PM EDTUPDATED AN HOUR AGO https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html?__source=facebook%7Cmain&fbclid=IwAR3pw7q57VVCPB06ZVk-RheMqNLVdS8IGNrjVFQk8-mpd7M4GX2HrEpRPLY
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