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  1. Always booked through the website. Like the feeling of being in control. Although I do not like the new website design at all. I believe they are purposely making it difficult to access some areas.
  2. As was previously stated...... We have MTD, but then have a standing reservation for two., same time each night, always first sitting time. We are some of the first people seated. (except when going to specialty restaurants or if shore hours run into the evening) We have always had a table for two at a window, same table, same servers.
  3. Our very first cruise with RCI was in a GS...our next cruise we chose a JS. Few days before the cruise we got a FREE upgrade back to a GS.. (we didn't ask, and were not informed. Discovered the change when I went to print my Cruise Docs) We have stayed in a GS ever since. I told this to a Hotel Director on one of our cruises...he smiled and said those "Marketing people sure know what they're doing" We like a GS, as previously stated, simply for the roominess, closet space, etc. More like a hotel room than a cabin. Don't care so much for the perks, hardly ever use the Concierge lounge. The reserved seating can be nice and we take advantage of that. Bridge tours, sometimes. The double points were also nice, probably how we became Diamond + so quickly. But again, it is because of the space
  4. We always book about a year out, pick the room cat and location we want. I have found that as the time goes on, and the cat starts to sell out, the price always goes up. Supply and demand. (we always book a GS)
  5. Wee are Diamond +, but have not sailed with RCI in a few years.....is this a new procedure across the board? Or just anthem. Used to Gert out cards at check in. Does not bother me one way or the other. Also, it was mentioned being checked in by some with a I-pad, tablet. This is happening everywhere in the travel world. At Disney you are met as soon as you step off the bus. Then get a Text when your room its ready, along with your room # But do you still go to a counter, show your passports, credit card? It was then that we used to get our sea pass cards. We're sailing out of Bayonne next summer.
  6. We have not sailed out of Bayonne in years, when the Explorer was there. At that time you parked on a open lot, walked to check-in, then took the buses to the ship. We have a cruise booked out of Bayonne next summer. Sounds as if everything has changed.....a parking garage? Multi-level (No more over spray) I knew they have a real terminal now, can see it from Liberty State Park I am going to do a search to learn about the new facilities. May do a drive to the 911 memorial to get a up close look. (take it you can still do that?) I take it they have handicapped parking.
  7. Are there any electrical outlets in the bathroom? We like to use a water pic / flosser. We are staying in a Penthouse Suite. The cruise line we normally sail on did have one outlet. Also had one outlet near each bedside end table.
  8. B-52

    Best Luau

    We Booked the "Old Lahina Luau" on our first day in Maui. Is very highly rated, some people say it is possibly the best Luau in the State of Hawaii. We are renting a car, will explore Maui on our own eventually ending in Lahina. From there we will go to the Luau, afterwards drive back to the airport to return the car before they close at 11pm.
  9. B-52

    POA $$$ ??

    Thank You WE would use a credit Card also, just needed to hear that it was not a problem, perhaps many local vendors oreferred cash or not.
  10. B-52

    POA $$$ ??

    General question, for those who have sailed POA, with few days in Honolulu pre-cruise perhaps, excursions, exploring the islands, etc, etc. How much cash did you bring? Was it enough? Not enough? Find yourself looking for a ATM? Thanks in advance
  11. We will have the same suite on our upcoming cruise.... Question. I would like to hold a reception in our suite for the Roll Call people. Do you think, Between the Steward, Butler and Concierge, , they would help setup, supply snacks and drinks?? Also, were you contacted by the Concierge before your trip??
  12. Thanks for the info We will be in suite for our upcoming cruise in the 24th searching the boards there is not much info on POA suites what time did you check in? Was it quick for suite guests? And after you checked in you were escorted to Carney’s? i had heard they escorted you to your suite How soon was your suite ready?
  13. What did you think of the comedian, Gary Dalena He is a friend of mine going back to high school in the 60's. We will be on the POA on the 24th, missed him by a few weeks. Thanks for the dailies!
  14. Tell Me more about your Beach Day in Maui... Which beach did you go to Were you able to rent chairs, etc? Thanks
  15. Specialty restaurants....want you to book online, but unlike other cruise lines they do not show menus so hard to make decisions.
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