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  1. On January 6, 2021 Princess Cruise Lines has cancelled all cruises thru May 14, 2021 per their website.
  2. We were scheduled for Oct 8 2020 (New England-Canada) on the Adventure. We did L&S to Oct 14 2021 (New England-Canada) on the Freedom without any issues. There have been several in our roll call that did the same thing as we did.
  3. We were on NCL Getaway in November and we had to turn off our VPN to use the internet.
  4. We are on the Getaway next week and there are 11 of us so NCL groups department reserved our 3 specialty dinners for the group of us. They told us that the 2 that are kids can ordered off the kids menu and not be charged for them.
  5. WE are going in two weeks so I just ordered some Deep Woods Off wipes to take. If anybody is getting bit it will be me!
  6. Me too! I am used to RCI having this. We are sailing on the Getaway in 11 days and I ordered the bottle water for our stateroom and I have the Starbucks app so I will just use that for my specialty coffees. The UDP is not worth it for me even with just paying the gratuities. This is my first time going on NCL.
  7. We are sailing on the Getaway on November 17th. There are 11 of us and we called our NCL travel agent and he contacted the groups department and we got all three specialty dinners booked at the time we requested. We got a confirming email from the groups department.
  8. This makes me happy as I need sugar free and really do not like Diet Pepsi but I do like the other one.
  9. Having the bigger shower is a big deal for me!
  10. WE are doing this one on our November 2019 cruise!
  11. We have 3 nights of specialty dining that we have reservations for; however, the rest is my time dining. We are going to try and get a set time and table (son-n-law is working on that).
  12. We are Emerald with RCI; however, we are also taking out first NCL (Getaway) in November out of New Orleans. We have a Spa-Mini suite booked so that is a first for us (only done Balcony on RCI) and we get to use the indoor spa pool and etc with our room. When we booked, we got the $1 deposit. We will have a good time I'm sure and I look forward to trying something a little different. I think the only thing that I will miss is not having a set table at dinner to have the same wait staff. We always enjoyed having the same team but we are open for new adventures for sure. Any day you are on
  13. We have done the whole Formal Night on Royal mainly for some good family photos. However, on our last cruise (Alaska) we chose not to. It was less stuff to pack and we just went smart casual. That being said, it don't bother me as to what other people wear to dinner (the food will taste the same regardless). Sometimes you just have to pick and choose your battles and personally, that is one that isn't worth me burning brain cells over.
  14. On your NCL summary page. Look in the top right hand corner and if they are ready it will say "Download eDocs"
  15. We are on the Getaway sailing November 17th and got the Docs ready email yesterday (70 days out). I was so surprised to get them this early.
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