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  1. I was thinking that very thing - Viking will need hand sanitizer at each table. I'm not happy that Viking has gone back to self-serve.
  2. I understood exactly what you were asking, so ignore the negative posters. You asked if they offer fancy coffees in the Living Room and gave an example of the type of coffee that your wife might order at Starbucks. I found this thread on CC about the coffee on Viking. It talks about the great espresso and lattes served in The Living Room and has a photo of the "do it yourself" Espresso machine in the World Café.
  3. Even though Viking quotes that 60 day mark, most on our cruise were able to book flights way before that. I paid for Air Plus and was able to book my flights 8 months before our cruise.
  4. Viking Guest services has told others on our Viking Sea cruise that only those who arrive MORE than 3 days before their cruise need the 2nd test.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I searched for COVID test sites and found this state of California site that says tests are available in San Luis Obispo, but I didn't go any further to see what tests they offer. Testing - Coronavirus COVID-19 Response (ca.gov)
  6. Aren't quick antigen tests available? Walgreens has quick antigen tests with results the same day.
  7. Don't worry - that happened for our cruise too. Viking did not have the excursions confirmed when the first booking windows opened.
  8. After reading this, I need to take some ginger pills.
  9. Some tips for using the CC search - Go to the Tips for New Viking Cruisers thread - Click in the search area in the blue bar, select "This forum" and click on "all of my search words." The cabin category also influences when you can book excursions and alternative restaurants - suites first, then PV, then DV, and then V. However, the V category can not book alternative restaurants before boarding. Check out Viking's page on what they are and what they are not to make sure the Viking style of cruising is for you. The Viking Difference (vikingcruises.com) Also check out YouTube for video tours of the ships.
  10. That's one of the main reasons I wanted to use Viking - no worries about cancellations.
  11. I must have one of the few Air Plus success stories. I have not traveled much recently so I don't have airlines points or miles. Plus, I've never been to Europe, so I wanted Viking to arrange my flights. My cruise had free airfare so I added Air plus. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA, so I don't have many flight options. First go around, I got my first pick. When American canceled the flight to Barcelona, the computer generated route had connections that were too tight for me, so I emailed my TA with the routing I wanted and Viking changed to that one. I have seats in the location I asked for and was able to upgrade to economy plus (no premium economy on that flight). I'm happy.
  12. Our cruise on the Sea at the end of November is sold out, with the exception of the cabins reserved for quarantines, so I'm not surprised to hear that there are no PVs on your cruise. Cancellations do happen, so keep checking.
  13. As we get closer to the end of this year or start the new year, check out the Viking forums for "Live" threads - cruisers will be posting about the actual conditions and how or if Viking is changing any of their travel rules.
  14. The resource area for our November 29th Barcelona to San Juan cruise now says that independent travelers (those not using the Viking pre-extension hotel) need a negative PCR test 72 hours before boarding the ship, which means we need to find a test in Barcelona. I emailed our hotel and found out we can get a test there!
  15. I've been reading rumors of Viking using a different port for Barcelona, so I'll be interested to see if you actually end in Barcelona.
  16. I remember reading a post about this that stated that Viking's ships have a larger door for loading supplies on the starboard side.
  17. Mine showed as ticketed on MVJ first and then on the airlines site.
  18. I'm in a PV for the Sea's 11/29/2021 cruise from Barcelona. Viking didn't have our excursions up in time for the Suite guests to book, but they were available for PV and up about 3 days later then the PV published date. There was no preview time though, so we had to decide and book quickly. The good news is that all cabins have been able to book excursions, but only one is sold out.
  19. Thanks so much for the dailies - I'm on the Sea at the end of November (TA), so they offered me a bit of a preview for what we might expect on our many sea days. A couple of questions for you - Did passengers need reservations to use the gym? Was it difficult to get reservations for the spa (hot/cold pools)? Were you able to explore ports on your own?
  20. Our PV was originally more forward, but I decided I wanted to be more aft. The PV that was available has a door, so I chose that one. I've read that some prefer the door because the view from the couch is better, but I'm sure I would have been happy no matter which one I had. 🙂
  21. Thanks so much for posting these. We're on the Sea for its Barcelona to San Juan TA at the end of November, so I checked out the dailies with sea days to see what kind of programming was offered.
  22. Definitely better to book in dollars! 🙂 Only $13,995! Find A Cruise | Viking Expeditions® (vikingcruises.com) Airfare shows as $999, so maybe that was copied instead of the cruise fare.
  23. Thanks - I was looking for something like a safer camera bag too and looked at the cross body bags. One of these might work for a camera: Crossbody Bags – Pacsafe
  24. The excursions for the November 2021 Viking Sea TA opened at 75 days.
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