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  1. Yeah, I am sure those cruises would have been great. Last year I wanted to cruise to South Asia and enjoy magnificent hotels and beaches but now I am stuck under rain in a city of like a village population. Maybe I make it next year as this one has passed me already
  2. Try not to pay attention to those people. They don't worth your time and patience. When I come along and see such people I try to avoid them even if it costs me some discomfort. My time is more valuable
  3. Usually, if they say that its squeezed and it costs 4$, they squeeze right in front of you. If you didnt see the entire process of squezzeeing I highly doubt that its a fresh juice. I wouldnt pay that much
  4. Well, Autumn is here and rains are falling all day long. Its hard to predict when it will all end but all I know is that I am about to catch a flue. I hate this season with all my heart. In any case, I hope all of you guys have a great time wherever you are
  5. I doubt it will work as some countries have their ow strict restrictions even in regard of vaccinated tourists. I mean, in general, if you think about it - if you are vaccinated - it doesnt mean that you cant infect other people and carry the virus. Moreover, some vaccines are banned in Europe or not yet allowed.
  6. I am not really into sea foods but the grill, especially the sea grill has always got me hyped. I mean, its not a thing that you can eat everyday, and especially when you cruise in the sea, what can be better than some nice sea grill?
  7. If you ask me, I believe this is some nicely designed wardrobe and the cabin in general. I especiially like the doors, the carpet on the floow and the sofa. My only concern is the lightning but I believe if its got a balcony, the room should be full of light
  8. I also do it myself. I start the morning with a cup of coffee, then I do a little stretch up or Yoga if I have time and desire (especially if there is a specific place to do all this with a coach). In any case, its always a very enjoyable experience.
  9. These news are really great, I like it how British citizens are getting vaccinated and will be soon able to travel the world again just like before. I really want to get my vaccine as well as, but unfortunatly I was sick with COVID not that long ago and now I have to wait for 6 months before getting a vaccine
  10. Whats the point? If you have purchased the insurance, it can always be checked with the company in case of a need. You dont really need to carry it with you all over the place. Moreover, when you are insured for the trip, your name enters the global data base.
  11. CruiseCritic is one of the best places for it. I've been here for awhile as well and I have been enjoying the time here each and every day. You learn so much not only concerning the cruises but also other fields which are connected or not even connected with cruising at all
  12. Totally agree with you my friend. I rarely use the shampoo and gels in hotel rooms, cabins and other places. I would rather buy my own one or take one with me on board. Its way more convenient.. and it smells better =D
  13. Back in the days when they were designing the thing they didnt expect people to have that many gadgets on them at once =D. When I travel, I need at elast 3-4 outlets to charge my stuff (watch, phone, tablet, headphones, some other stuff). Its insane really =D
  14. This is the most frustrating thing - we dont know each country's requirements regarding Covid-19. Therefore, we never know what to expect when arriving to a country. I mean of course you try to read as much as possible about the place you are visiting, however, its never the case when you travel on a cruise
  15. I never really had a problem with Customer Service. I mean, I might not be as picky as some other passangers, as well as my cabin is being cleaned regularly, food is warm and bar is open. The rest can be managed by myself, and solely by myself
  16. When I go to Casino on board the ship, Iusually avoid live tables. I prefer to be on my own and not to communicate with other people. Playing with the machines is more than enough for me. Maybe next time I play Poker I will go on a live table.
  17. There is nothing terrible about PCR test in general. I mean the whole procedure may not be enjoyable but it lasts only for a few seconds really. Its very uncomfortable when you have to do a few tests in a row say in an hour
  18. I never take too much luggage with me. I mean if its a 10-12 day cruise I can do with a single backpack. If it takes longer than two weeks, usually its a small bag where I fit all my underwear, I wonder what others take with them when they carry 3-4 bags with them ..
  19. Yeah, this is exactly what I've thought when I saw this thread. Most of the topics receive themselves, while here I enjoyed time surfing the pages and reading the comments. Keep up this great chat guys
  20. The price for these excursions are fine. They really do worth the price. I've been to one of them and we really enjoyed it, even my kids. We plan to do another tripi to Liverpool this Autumn. I will share our experience
  21. I hate all those authorization fees. I mean, if you sum them all up, you will be surprised how much they charge you each time. If you sum them all up, they will amount to like 30% of the price of some regular cruise =D
  22. This is one of those things that I hate the most - when I finally get a chance to go on vacation and I have to deal with bad weather, rain, overbooking and full beaches..
  23. I am more into an intimate kind of experience when I am either alone or with my wofe or a friend of mine chillin silently, being far away from the rest of the tables. I hate all this noise and loud visitors..
  24. I just googled this "Willis" island.. and what's so special about it anyway? Looks kinda weird and empty to me if you ask. In any case, it could be a wonderfull place for a group BBQ or smth
  25. Its first time I ever hear about something like that. Are you trying to say that there a specialized clubs of LGBT community on board? And what does it do? I doubt such a thing would be possible to organize on board the ship.
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