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  1. Since our very first cruise, we have always held our money until the final payment due date. It did not make one bit of difference in this situation. It took 89 days for our money to be refunded (cancelled March 11 for a March 21 Ruby sailing). I don’t even know who refunded us the money first, Princess or our cc company since we filed a dispute while tired of waiting.
  2. Today marks day 89 for me. Full refund showed up on cc this morning! Info for ya'll: scheduled on the Ruby March 21. I cancelled Mar. 11. Chose option 2. Got tired of waiting and filed dispute with Princess Visa on May 6. Don't know who refunded first but it shows it posted to my cc on June 4. Received my FCC about a week ago. As I read through these posts multiple times a day and saw the refunds happening for others, I still felt like there was no hope for me and I had fallen through the cracks. I just wanted you all to know that it's probably coming for you too. Happy to be off the roller coaster finally and best of luck to you all still waiting.
  3. Working on early May my a**! I'm waiting for a refund from a March 21 sailing. I finally received my FCC a couple of days ago. I filed with my cc May 6 so I'm waiting to see who refunds first! It appears that we all get a different answer every time we call based on who we talk to and I guess how the stars are aligning that day!
  4. There is continued hope people! I check this thread multiple times daily and although others continue to report FCC's/refunds, I continued to see nothing in my account. That all changed this morning! I'm still waiting on my refund (filed cc dispute May 6) but my FCC's are now there. I cancelled on March 11 before Princess. We were scheduled on the Ruby March 21. Keep checking because I now believe it will happen for us all! Good luck!
  5. I'm wondering if anyone out there is in my situation. We cancelled our Ruby Princess March 21 cruise on March 11, just hours before the March 12 global suspension by Princess. It is obvious that we are part of Pause 1 cruises but to date have not received our refund or FCC. Filed dispute with cc about 2 weeks ago. Received our shore excursion refund a few days later through cc but still waiting to see who refunds cruise first. My question to all is, are they still processing pause 1 folks? Anyone out there still waiting that's in pause 1 AND cancelled before Princess did?
  6. I was booked on the same cruise. Did you cancel your cruise before Princess did?
  7. I cancelled an Azamara cruise on May 4 that was scheduled for mid August. My travel agent was told 30-45 days for my deposit to be refunded, however, it was credited to my account this morning less than 14 days later. I cancelled Princess on March 11 for a March 21 sailing and still waiting for refund and FCC so filed dispute with my credit card company before the 60 days were up. After doing the math, hmmm...stick with Princess in the future? Not so sure...
  8. That’s exactly what she told me to do so it sounds like you did everything you needed to. I had to do it over the phone because one of my disputes was an older transaction for the deposit from 2018 that I needed their help with. It’s a shame we are having to go this route but I fear those who don’t might not receive their refunds for quite sometime.
  9. I strongly suggest that everyone file disputes with their credit card company. I know I'm not the only cruiser to suggest this but I feel like I made great progress in doing so. Recap - Cruise was March 21. I cancelled on March 11. I cancelled 1 day before Princess did but the important thing to me is that my sail date was only 9 days after the global pause and IF Princess was going in sail date order, I should have seen something by now, even if only FCC. My TA made 3 calls to Princess on my behalf and I made 4, all with different answers each time. Losing patience while approaching the 60 day mark, I used my Barclaycard Princess Visa for this trip, called the number on the back of my card and waited (about 25 minutes) to speak to someone in the dispute department. This is important to note - even though the recording tells you they won't handle disputes over the phone due to the high call volume, if you wait it out, a live person will come on the line). I had a terrific and very helpful gal named Kate who gave me step by step instructions and said I should see my refunds on next month's statement! As far as FCC, who knows? I don't have that either but at this point, I just want the money owed to me. I hope this encourages some of you out there to dispute what's rightfully yours!
  10. I filed cc dispute and I’m gathering some paperwork (YAY for me!) I remember someone posting a while back who had saved some communication from the Princess website for pause 1 cancellations about the 60 day time frame for refunds and FCC’s. Could someone repost that for me? It would be much appreciated.
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