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  1. For us the real problem, at the moment, are the protocols which may be in place once cruising recommences. Masking (masked up in all common areas?) Social distancing (how on earth would that work in lifts for example or when queuing for any function?) Dance (how could these events happen if the above two protocols are in place?) Dining (sharing of tables verboten?) Library (touching books OK?) Social events (Bridge, art classes, dance training?) Theatre (every two seats cordoned off and resultant inability to accommodate all those wishing to view?) Excur
  2. I know we all want to be optimistic about 2021 but with the new "partial" lockdown just announced within the UK and with the threat that it will last 6 months, i.e. until end of March 2021, I won't be confident in booking any cruises before the coast is totally clear and I know exactly what protocols will be in force on board. And that may well be 2022 at the earliest.
  3. Hello folks, we had booked San Francisco to Brisbane on QV in Feb 2021 back in March this year. Although the brochure and website didn’t advertise Brisbane as a disembarkation port we were surprised to be assured on the phone that we could book it. We did and have the paperwork to prove it was all logged. OK. Cruise has since been cancelled. Now we are hoping to replicate the same segment on QV for Feb 2022 but on calling Cunard today we are told Brisbane is not logged as a disembarkation port - yet. As our daughter lives in Brisbane we would much prefer to disembark in B
  4. Having read the front page review of the cruise on the MSC Grandiosa - which looks desperately like a paid for puff piece - I regret to say that I would never want to cruise under those conditions. Despite the author’s apparent gleeful enthusiasm on what was just a 2 day cruise on a ship that was only 1/3rd full I read only a sense of highly regulated control with the continuous use of the mask on board precluding any sense of community and shared enjoyment. I hate to say it but the new controls just imposed by the U K government which are set to run right through until Spring 2021 will h
  5. As our San Francisco to Brisbane cruise was a leg of the QV world tour it has- inevitably and not unexpectedly - been cancelled. Refund applied for. I rather despair that we will ever get down to Australia to see our daughter. The alternative is flying both ways which I understand is not possible at the moment - or in a style that would deem it at all attractive. 2022? 2023? the years are running out and the insurance requirements may well be so prohibitive that we may well have seen an end to our cruising days. That it should have come to this is sad and most frustrating
  6. Having read the various new on board protocols issued by a number of cruise companies that are planning limited cruises around Europe we have come to the conclusion that cruising has now become an experience that is to be avoided. Mask wearing in supermarkets is bad enough but having to wear one throughout the ship would be unbearable. Add in the distancing at meals and all social events as well as the probability that many of the ports will refuse docking and where they do shore excursions will be severely limited and one has to say that lobbing ££££££s into a “holiday” that would be nothing
  7. Quite. It's a Catch-22 thing. FCO tells us that no-one should cruise - therefore you can't get insurance. P & O still expect balance of payments despite not confirming that the cruise will actually go ahead or what conditions will be like once on board (i.e. unlikely to be able to offer anything like what appears in the brochure or on-line). You don't pay the balance - lost deposit You pay the balance - P & O eventually cancel the cruise. You wait months for refund. And even if the FCO restriction is lifted what price insurance now for over 70's?
  8. In all honesty I don't see how it can possibly go ahead. As Ann suggested above, contact P & O and ask for a balance extension. In the light of the FCO statement of yesterday you will also need to check your travel insurance. Cruising against FCO edicts negates your insurance.
  9. Another headache for the cruise lines to try and battle is the question of the lifts (elevators). Limiting numbers? Staff on hand on every deck to count numbers on and off? Nightmare choices.
  10. There is a very long list of things I would want to know before paying any balances. Here's a few A) Will masks be compulsory on board in public areas? B) Will social distancing be enforced? C) What arrangements are to be made about dining? Would we be able to share with others on tables of 4+? D) What would the arrangements for shows look like? E) Casinos and one-armed bandits open or closed? F) Bars? G) Tendering at ports? H) Ports refusing liners? I) Itinerary changes? .... there are plenty more but if any of the above pertained I would
  11. Spoke to a doctor friend yesterday and she said she would NEVER advise anyone over 65 to go cruising at the present time and certainly not until an effective vaccine is widely available. Nor would she sign any document giving the OK to travel. And I suspect the travel insurance companies will take a similar line by jacking up premiums sky-high. My cruising is a HOLIDAY not an endurance course to get to the end without catching a bug that might kill me. Masks? Social Distancing? Queues? If I wanted to experience those I'd just go to my local supermarket. I
  12. Unfortunately I cannot see any “enjoyment” in subjecting oneself to these conditions. I’m 72 and my 10 years younger wife is diabetic and we had looked forward to at least 10 more years of travelling around the world on board ship, visiting those places we could never afford to see when younger (and working hard to save for our pensions). All those plans are now in the bin and I can’t see the regular cruisers who are in the older age brackets ever coming back to the liners. I took a look at Norwegian’s “Health and Safety” strictures just announced and it talks about “reduced numbers” on each b
  13. We are due to take a leg of the QV world tour in February - San Francisco to Brisbane - which leaves Southampton in January. In all honesty I don’t see this happening for various reasons. A) the ongoing and increasing prevalence of the pandemic in the States B) The unwillingness of the US authorities in allowing cruise ships to dock in any US port C) ditto the various ports en route across the Pacific might well be unwilling to let in cruise ships D) the likelihood that onboard facilities will be highly regulated and curtailed E) the likelihood that passenger num
  14. Reading the top Cruise Critic article on “social distancing” it is quite apparent to me at least that the cruise lines are in deep doodoo with regards to accommodating to the “new normal”. Running a cruise on half capacity? Financially unviable. How do you turf off 50% of the already fully booked cruises next year? And then there’s the lift/elevator problem. I always use stairs even if going up to the Commodore from level 4 but I can’t see that many being willing to do the same. Effectively marooned in your cabin. Ports of call? Will they want 2000 people unloading into their street
  15. This was a problem always likely to build up with the continuing cancellation of cruises. FCC is all very well but when those cruises become subject to cancellation as well then I could foresee the kind of mayhem of credits/refunds that will now ensue. Customers who took FCC in the early days are, one suspects, plumping for full refunds now and will wait until the situation becomes much, much, clearer. We are due to take a leg of the world tour San Francisco to Brisbane in February but I am not yet convinced that QV will leave Southampton on January 10th which would mean that the whole ne
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