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  1. Is this the appropriate place to make a suggestion? I thought that it might be nice to have a forum for "the lighter side of cruising" or something along those lines, where people could post jokes, anecdotes , amusing experiences, tall tales, etc. The various forums seem to be inundated with doom and gloom, bemoaning the states of their refunds and the future of the cruise industry. It might be good to have a place that we could go for pure escapism and fun.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, no one is obligated to read what is on any given thread. So if you are totally over this one, just don't read it. Those that want to continue with it will. However, I think that your idea of a new thread, positive thoughts only, is a good one. Why not make that happen?
  3. Cruise canceled These two found a way to cruise anyway!.mp4
  4. Well, the letter posted above only requires those over 70 to bring a form, so I guess that you young whipper snappers will have to be trusted to make your own decisions. What a concept!
  5. Does anyone know the answer to this question: If Mr. and Mrs. Geezer arrive at the pier sans their signed permission slip and are denied boarding, do they get a refund? An FCC? or are they SOL?
  6. Is there a doctor in the house? Would you sign this form today for anyone over 70?
  7. Let's say Dr. Boombah signed a form giving his or her blessing for Herman and Hermione, ages 76 and 75, to go on a cruise at this time, despite the he fact that every government agency, world body, friend, family, neighbors, and pet monkey are stating in no uncertain terms that they should not go on a cruise under any circumstances. And let's say that Herman, sadly, contracted Covid 19, and succumbed to complications of such. Methinks that Dr. Boombah would have some serious 'splainin t o do in court.
  8. I wouldn't worry about taking a dr's time away from patient care for form signing. Does anyone actually think that there is a dr in the US that would sign a form giving his or her ok for a patient over 70 to get on a cruise ship? I mean, an actual licensed dr.
  9. I think that everyone who posts here is an adult. I think that it is safe to say that we are all very well aware of the situation. Is it not somewhat patronizing to be telling people what they should or should not be doing? Is it not impolite to be mentioning a person's age here?
  10. I did a google search for "gastrointestinal virus on cruise ship" and was unable to find any statistics. I am not arguing about the accuracy of what you say, I am just curious to know where such info comes from. To me, it is just common sense that the less touching of utensils, the lower the chance is of spreading disease. Also, the main concern at this point is respiratory virus, more so then GI.
  11. Whether or not the validity of the danger of this virus has any basis in fact, the bottom line is that those who are terrified of traveling now, especially getting on a cruise ship, will most likely not have a great time due to constant tension. They would be better off not going. Those who are able to put things in perspective and not dwell on the perceived danger are not going to change their plans, nor should they.
  12. Thank you Dave. Question - is the cropped pic cropped from the already reduced file, or did you crop the original and then reduce?
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