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  1. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I am hoping to meet with a travel agent this week. Based on your advice, i will be shying away from doing a cruise tour, and will likely just do a cruise and our own thing on land. Hopefully the travel agent will have much more to say about the logistics of getting 7 of us around, whether it be renting cars or what, and finding a place for 7 of us to sleep for a few nights without breaking the bank terribly. I am still leaning towards Princess as they are the king of Alaska (looked at HAL as well, but they seem to be too "sophisticated" for our group, plus I read they have an even older demographic). Also Princess has their "Best Sale Ever" right now which gives us free drinks, as well as discounts. That brings me to another question... Does Princess run this sale regularly, or is it a one time year thing? Or is it a one time ever thing?
  2. I find it odd that you just assume since I’m a male that all the responsibility falls on my wife or my mom/grandma.
  3. I have looked at Norwegian as well. The fact that they charge for many onboard activities, as well as many of their restaurants was a turnoff for me. I might look in to it more and break down the costs.
  4. I agree the Coral itinerary is great. Maybe I'm just burned out on researching so much and am starting to second guess my choices.
  5. The cruise choice is not based around the 2 year old. She's 2, so she's pretty easily entertained as you can imagine. I just want to have options (some variety) to keep her entertained throughout the week. As adults, we can appreciate the natural beauty of watching mountains go by and wildlife, but I worry about her getting bored. I also read that the entertainment on Princess ships can be quite repetitive and boring... any insight on that?
  6. I am sure this has been asked a million times and I apologize if it has. I have been doing tons of research on Alaska cruises as my family and I are planning one for late-August early September. It will be me (29 year old male), my wife also 29, my 31 year old brother, 35 year old brother, both my parents in their early 60's, and my 2 year old daughter). We have narrowed it down to a 10 day cruise tour departing Vancouver. We are nearly sold on Princess cruise lines as I understand they are one of the biggest players in Alaska. I have read that GBNP is a MUST, so that also played in to us choosing Princess. I have read that Coral Princess is the best Princess ship for Alaska. My main concern, is entertainment onboard, and activities for my 2 year old. I understand the scenery in Alaska is the entertainment, but we also want to have things to do onboard after dinner and such. From what I've read, it sounds like Alaska Princess cruises lack good nightly entertainment, what are your thoughts on that? Also, I understand their kids program is only for 3+, with a "playground" to use for children under 3, with parental supervision. Is there anything else onboard my 2 year old will be able to do? Will there be many kids on this cruise at all? I am almost debating looking at other cruise lines (such as Royal Caribbean) just for the entertainment factor...even though that means we'd miss out on Glacier Bay National Park. I am at a loss, I am planning to speak with a travel agent locally as well to get some insight, but thought I would start here for opinions from experienced travelers.
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