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  1. We are really wanting to take advantage of this BOGO plan....but not sure the 1st night would work for us since the kids club isn’t open. We typically always eat dinner with the kids while cruising, except for the specialty restaurants. 🙁
  2. Sorry to double post. I didn’t see the Ops post. Happy I’m not the only one. I was a little worried. Even though when I checked nothing had changed. I was starting to think someone was messing with our reservation. Lol
  3. I have received 3 emails this week containing my cruise invoice. Has this happened to anyone else? I just think it’s odd that I keep getting them.
  4. Following. We looked into Blue Waters but it looks small and you can’t go out past mid thigh depth (based on several reviews and confirmed through videos). I’m curious if there are any other beach options in the area.
  5. Just keep an eye on the price. I booked our KSF cruise on Monday. The total for the week for 4 came to $1823 (with a $50 OBC). I just checked a few min ago and the same sailing/same room class is now up to $2309 (with a $125 OBC).
  6. In my district they can hold kids back for too many absences. I know a few people it has happened too. I believe it’s handled on a case by case basis though.
  7. We take education seriously in my house.....but also pull our kids out of school for vacation. We also do not feel guilty about this. Maybe it would be different if they struggled in school. We also pack some work and typically teachers will have them do special projects about where they have travel. Our teachers and principal have always given their blessing as well. I say do it!!!! They are only kids once and the opportunity to make memories is priceless.
  8. We have used both the royal babies nursery (hourly fee for 6-36m old babies) and adventure ocean club (aquanauts-free). Both are amazing programs. I believe the cost of the nursery is around $7. You have to provide all food, cloths and diapers. It’s run very much like a daycare. Everything has to be labeled and such. Here’s the kids info for each program. https://issuu.com/hochmania/docs/merged.compressed_7208cf1f53160b/4
  9. I would forget about the pnp. I would co-sleep them on the sofa bed with the youngest on the inside against wall. This is what we are doing for our girls on our upcoming trip. Originally we planned to get a 3&4 Pullman but I was nervous having my youngest (who will have just turned 3 on our cruise) on one. Then we thought myself or husband could take one of the Pullman’s....and I wasn’t happy with that idea either since I wasn’t sure of the weight limits. So both on the sofa it is. Lol.
  10. I’ve heard that seapass cards are now given to you in your room. This will be a new experience for us. Are you able to use your deluxe drink package before getting them? Common sense tells me no.....but I figured I’d check with the group. We also have plans on purchasing WOWbands. Perhands we could use them before we get our cards 🤔??
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