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  1. Hope that's not retroactive! I'm booked in a Rock Star on a Med voyage next year, and those extra perks were definitely part of our justification for paying the higher prices!
  2. Seems like it's the message that went to all "First Mates" (travel agents). I was booked on the Birthday Bash, and I'm half bummed it's cancelled/half relieved that we finally have an answer. Will likely just take the refund at this point.
  3. I'm on this one too and am a little miffed. I booked this one, a. because it was special, and b. because they theoretically should have had most of the kinks worked out by then. I feel like this is now going be a really freaking expensive "sneak a peek" voyage that costs $1k more than the same room on the new maiden voyage and is one night shorter to boot.
  4. There are only a handful of insider rooms vs. a bunch of terrace rooms, so there is certainly scarcity of those too.
  5. Are you on the maiden voyage or one of the sneak a peeks? I'm booked on a mid-July cruise and haven't received a notification yet. I can't wait to try Virgin, but this choice makes a ton of sense to me.
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