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  1. I think you are going to need to call Carnival and ask. Personally, and I say this because I am also book on that cruise, I wouldn't cancel. We don't know what things will be like 3 months from now. Either the cruise will go on as planned, or Carnival will cancel and you will make out better with the OBC or whatever perk they will end up giving us.
  2. Nope, there are plenty of people that will be sailing as soon as cruises resume.
  3. Ok, first...breathe. Now, think of it this way: either your cruise is going to go on as planned, if it’s going to get cancelled and you will get your money back. Right now it’s too early for anyone to know what is going on, so you will just have to wait.
  4. You need to call Carnival and ask. We have no idea what the OBC is from, so we can’t tell you.
  5. You are always Early Saver UNLESS the price you matched to was a Guaranteed rate (when they pick the room for you). You can’t match to that rate since there’s no room to match to, but they will allow you to switch to that type of rate. But you forfeit the ability to request price matches because you are no longer Early Saver.
  6. I’m curious, if you were docked in Long Beach why were you using the Internet instead of your unlimited data from your cell phone plan? I never put my phone into airplane mode until after we sail away. And I immediately take it out of airplane mode as soon as we get back to port. Anyway, hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Sorry that one day was ruined by unnecessary panicking. I hope that the rest of the country will learn from this situation.
  7. The Carnival Dream does not have Cucina del Capitano. You can see a list of the ships that do here: https://www.carnival.com/cruise-food/cucina-del-capitano. Also, to clear up a common misconception: Cucina is NEVER free for lunch on the ships that have this restaurant. They use the restaurant space at lunchtime to serve Pasta Bella, which is free. This is what the Dream has. As coevan has already pointed out, it’s a completely different menu. Not even remotely the same other than the fact that they both have pasta dishes. It’s the same case with the ships that have Jiji’s Asian Kitchen. They use this restaurant space to serve Mongolian Wok during the day. Also free, but not at all the same food as what Jiji’s serves.
  8. Actually, the law allows for exceptions to the rule when a situation is out of the cruise line’s hands. Such as in the case of weather preventing the ship from being able to dock at a distant, foreign port (the law specifically states “distant” since just being foreign is not enough). I would imagine the case would be the same if a ship couldn’t dock due to the foreign country refusing to allow them to dock. Also, they can technically dock without anyone getting off. Happened to the Magic in Grand Turk today.
  9. Honestly, the last time we ate there they didn’t encourage sharing of our entrees. They just served them to us as if they were individual entrees. Put it this way, if we wanted to share, we would have had to ask for more plates.
  10. In this case, there’s no reason to do a price match because effectively, the outcome is the same. Your current price of $1,279 less the $50 OBC you are receiving equals a $1,229 net price of your cruise. Same as what you are trying to match to. So there’s no savings here.
  11. Just be aware that you can ask to switch, but that doesn’t mean that they can accommodate you. There’s only so many Your Time Dining spots and if there were any available for you, they would have assigned it to you (if they don’t by the time you board). You may get lucky and have someone else with YTD that might ask to switch on embarkation day, but just don’t be disappointed if they tell you that they can’t honor the request.
  12. They are likely wearing special types of masks that actually do filter out the virus. The type that is sold in your local drug store will not.
  13. As an FYI, wearing a mask will not prevent you from getting COVID-19, because the virus is small enough to pass through a mask. A mask will only help people who have it from passing it on to other people through their saliva. And if you contract it, you certainly don’t need to bring your own masks as they will be provided to you.
  14. Doesn’t work. You have to have a policy with them to create an account.
  15. I book my cruises as soon as the itineraries are released, so I almost never get any price matches. And on the rare occasion that I can, it’s just to get some OBC that a rate might be offering. I find that prices go up after itineraries are released, and while they do come back down at some point, they never come down to the price I booked them under.
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