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  1. Same. Although we rolled over the funds from our cancelled Legend June 2020 Norway cruise. I owed about $450 on my Legend June 2021 Norway cruise but I’m glad I didn’t have to pay it. Rolled the funds over to a Pride July 2022 Norway cruise. (Third times the charm?) That one ended up being the same price as the original one so now it’s paid off.
  2. Um, it’s not true. You can’t stay 6 feet away from other people on a plane. And airlines are not testing everyone immediately before boarding. If you are not hearing about outbreaks on planes it’s only because by the time people get diagnosed, they have been in public in so many places that it’s impossible to ascertain exactly when or where they got infected. But I guarantee it is definitely happening. If cruise ships can’t sail than all planes should have been grounded for this whole time as well.
  3. FCC is non-refundable. It literally says so right in the fine print of the email you received.
  4. Because someone is more likely to catch the virus on a cruise ship, where they can socially distance from other people, than on a plane where they can’t? Riiiiiiight.
  5. There’s no such thing as a “T pool.” If you have seen a thalassotherapy pool referred to as a “T pool” somewhere it’s probably because the person calling it that didn’t know how to spell “thalassotherapy.” But by all means, try googling “T pool” if you don’t believe me. Then google “thalassotherapy pool.” You will see what I mean.
  6. It’s called a thalassotherapy pool, and per Carnival’s website, the Horizon does not have one. https://www.carnival.com/domain/explore/onboard/spa-fitness/cloud-9-spa-thalassotherapy-pool.aspx
  7. Why? They have already said that anyone booked on cruises in Nov or Dec can cancel without penalty.
  8. Sure, why not? I mean, MSC was the first cruise line to start sailing in Europe this summer. They didn’t all start at once.
  9. I called Friday afternoon. Got through within 10 minutes.
  10. A few? “Few” generally means three. They have many more ships that still have November cruises scheduled currently than just three.
  11. They’re in various places in the Caribbean, with the majority of Carnival’s ship being just off Grand Bahama islands.
  12. I’m not sure what you mean by “they have to get ships back first.” The ships are still in their possession and can be sailed back to the home ports at a moments noticed. Further, if you track the movements of the ships, you’ll see that some seem to be preparing for picking up crew at a moments notice. And do you honestly think that the cruise lines have not already started making the necessary changes for when they begin sailing again? I’m sure they already have. Lastly, regardless of whether Carnival has submitted an official plan to the CDC (I’m not sure the public would be privy to this information), they do already have a plan in place. Here’s just a brief overview, but I guarantee the behind-the-scenes, detailed plan is extensive.
  13. Exactly. And even if it does get extended, it will get extended to Oct 31st, which will still not impact the November sailings.
  14. December?! We don’t even know what is going to happen to November cruises yet.
  15. It’s because the “Balcony” rate is for a Guarantee Rate, meaning, Carnival picks the room for you. As soon as you pick a rate that allows you to choose your room, the rate increases. You’ll find that if you select that Balcony rate and the select the option to choose your own room, it will increase from the $1,679 you are seeing.
  16. With proper social distancing measures in place, this won’t be an issue.
  17. With respect, anyone who is hoping that their November cruise is going to sail needs to understand that masks and social distancing measures will be necessary. There’s really no question about whether it will be a possibility. It’s a guarantee. The virus will not be gone by then, so the only way the CDC will let us sail is if the cruise lines do what needs to be done to mitigate the spread. And that’s wearing masks and social distancing.
  18. Laugh all you want but when Carnival makes the announcement, I will be coming back here to give you a big fat “I told you so.” Remember, the only reason I even commented was because you were emphatically stating that “The Europe sailings for 2021 are still on, without a doubt.” Maybe in the future don’t make false statements and people won’t have to call you out on them.
  19. They only remove cruises like this from the website if they are going to be cancelled. I've already been through this twice now. And I just read someone else's comment that they have been through this six times. So yes, they are going to be cancelled. As far as John's response is concerned: I love John Heald and all, but he says what they want him to say. And they always give him some baloney reply to give before they are ready to make the official announcement.
  20. The Europe sailings for 2021 are cancelled. Period. They just haven't made the official announcement yet. When cruises like this are removed from the website, it means that they are cancelled. They always remove them prior to announcing the cancellations. So either they are going to make the announcement between the October and November cancellation announcements, or they are going to make it in conjunction with the November cancellations. My guess is the latter, because it will mean that I'll get to find out that both my Thanksgiving 2020 and Norway June 2021 cruises are cancelled at the same time. But mark my words, they are indeed cancelled.
  21. They have already been taken out of service. They were included in last week’s cancellations.
  22. Simple, fill out the form online. https://www.carnival.com/core/requestforms/priceprotection.aspx
  23. I guess I'm not understanding. The $600 OBC is given to people who don't cancel their cruises and instead, rebook. You cancelled. There's no OBC to be received with a cancellation.
  24. Have they let you apply more than one $600 OBC offer to a single cruise? Just curious because at some point, I’m going to run out of cruises to apply the OBC to.
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