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  1. British T/As always ask for the balance well before its due to the Cruise Co, it helps with their cash flow, but 100 days come on, that is ludicrous! Why not try and contact Martin Lewis or Simon Calder if ABTA can’t help. In the U.K. we can’t cancel , without a penalty , get a lower price when prices drop and swap around willy nilly, but we do have some of the best consumer protection laws in the world here in the UK , I’m sure someone will be able to assist .
  2. Hi, my husband and I have been in 2 Oceania cruises and have enjoyed the both albeit one was cut short due to C19. We have cruised approx 35 times , mainly with Celebrity, but other lines as well. We are foodies and like many cruisers food is important to us. Oceania’s food is in general superb, sometimes a bit old fashioned compared to London restaurants , and we do wish that the beef was not mass produced , grain fed and more concerned about animal welfare as it does make a difference to the quality and taste of the meat , but that’s our view The “buffet” is excellent , there is something f
  3. Admittedly some of our prices are often lower making them highly favourable, but our personal US and Canadian friends often get many add ons etc.. gifts of wine in their cabins and on ships that charge extra for speciality dining get treated to dinner. The most annoying thing is the fact that if the cruise price goes down anytime before they sail they pay the lower prices and even get their deposit refunded if they cancel, don’t think that would happen for U K customers, many of our friends book cruises they have no intention of going on but move their perks as and when they fancy. Nice work
  4. Morning, here in the U.K. if you due a refund it must be paid to you within 14 days, don’t think that’s going to happen at the moment. My husband and I had to get off early from the 11 March Riveria sailing, was going to take the 150% FCC, but decided against it , as had very little faith in cruising restarting anytime soon , so opted for the cash refund , still waiting!
  5. Hi all, I wish the prices were going down in the UK, in fact they appear to be going up rather than down! Plus we get very little by way of perks , the T/A’s here rarely give anything away, no extras for us.
  6. My husband and I are still going on this cruise, although we are in our sixties we are fit and well, i have been leading my life the same as I always do , went out fir dinner last night and went to the gym as usual this morning. As long as I keep up my usual hygiene standards I can do no more. I travelled to central London for 39 years to work, survived the IRA and other Terrorist attacks , so I’m in!!!
  7. We are travelling from London tomorrow, but our Virgin flight is still going , so are we ,
  8. Hi High seas quest , you are younger than my husband and I , so if you are in good health then go for it, you have to live your life,
  9. Hi we are flying in from London on Tuesday to board Riveria on Weds , for those peeps that have serious health issues , I can understand why you cancel. My husband and I do not so , we are still going , and very much looking forward to it
  10. Hi, my husband and I are flying out on Tuesday to join the Rivera on Wednesday, we did briefly think about cancelling , but decided against it, we cannot hide away from life, yes it is scary but sometimes you just need to get on with things. I could get knocked down tomorrow but it doesn’t stop me leaving the house .
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