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  1. But what if you were not chosen as one of the "lucky" ones to get a lounge chair near the pool that day? Would that make a difference?
  2. Each of the four Cruise Next Certificates we had on 2 cancelled cruises in March and April was put back in our NCL account online and six months additional usage time was added. Go check your NCL.com account. Hope this helps calm you a wee bit.
  3. TA's are telling folks (posted on roll call boards) that if you take the 125% FCC it will not include any prepayments for drinks' package tips, pre-paid excursions, specialty dining, etc. Only way to get those funds back is to take the cash refund.
  4. I am at Disney World now and it was announced that the park workers will cintinue to get paid during their 2 week 'vacation'.
  5. I am at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World today, 3/13. Last day of our extended family vacation. Lots of hand washing going on and no rail touching for our gang. Will we regret this week? As the saying goes: ‘we regretThe things we don’t do more than the things we do.’
  6. I have been at Disney World all this week with extended family and you would never know there was a Corona Virus Pandemic. Been to all four parks and have only seen 3 or 4 folks wearing masks. DW has hand sanitizer available everywhere and I know we have been washing our hands with soap and water and not touching our faces. Our NCL sailing is still on, so far, and we intend to take similar precautions and spend LOTS of time on our balcony breathing in FRESH air.
  7. Does someone have the phone number for reserving a shore excursion in advance? Thank you.
  8. Thank you! That helps us make some decisions, for sure!
  9. Can the Platinum/Platinum+ excursion discount be applied in tandem with the $50. off excursion price per cabin promo?
  10. HAL does a great job with their buffet service. Salads are made FOR you at several different stations. Desserts are all individually plated and most beverages already poured.They also have plenty of staff in the buffet going from table to table to get beverages for the passengers. The only place I saw serve yourself was at the pizza station.
  11. Thanks MKing and Janny. Our son iust told us he will monitor our email daily and take care of the document when it arrives as he is part of this transaction, anyway. I do appreciate both your answers!
  12. Hubby has an important transaction closing in a couple weeks and we will be half way around the world on a 21 day cruise. Is docu-sign possible in an NCL ship's internet cafe (specifically = theJade)? (I am miffed that this is affecting our cruise relaxation time, but trying to find out for him.) All we will have with us is an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, but were hoping the internet cafe might have this capability. Anyone know for sure?
  13. Freddy was VERY active on our early May HAL Westersterdam sailing!!
  14. Icy Straight has a RESIDENT humpback, Freddie, who we saw in May as we were walking on the path from where the ship was berthed to the town of Hoonah!
  15. When this perk first started, yearsago, you could just sign up at the front desk, no specific latitude level. We seemed to get chosen every single time we applied. The first time we were ALMOST platinum level and on a B2B on the Sun. Got chosen BOTH legs! One of the dinners was in La Cucina, the other in the MDR. They used to have printed special menus and we really enjoyed ourselves with a drink before dinner and endless wine with our meals! The next couple ships we were picked, as well, but both dinners were in the MDR with a mix of officers, never the captain for us. We have been trying other lines the last few years because they had the itineraries we wanted, so still just Platinums. Really enjoyed those dinners but still need 25 more days to get BACK to that benefit.
  16. Frequently the stewards take them to be washed from the last occupants and forget to put new ones in the balcony cabins. I just request one from the steward when they come to introduce themselves or leave a note and a bathrobe shows up later. Have always requested them in OV and even inside cabins and received them. DH could care less!
  17. I would try and contact my TA, You just might be surprised, and if not, you are happy, anyway, Right?!
  18. Mine are back too, but loaded very slowly, and no changes yet in our current stateroom. Sure would have loved a Haven upgrade!!!
  19. No reject email for us either and cabin reservation has not changed. Perhaps it is some glitch on the NCL site today.
  20. Yesterday our upgrade bids were on our My NCL page, but his morning they have completely disappeared, We are 47 days out from sailing with plenty of open cabins. Anyone else have this happen before? Although we are Platinums we have never had a chance to bid before, so we were hopeful. Perhaps down for maintainance ? Baffled...
  21. I learned the hard way in Miami. DH dropped me off at the port with our two bags while he went to park at a distant lot he needed to shuttle back from.It was a hectic time at the port and I forgot about needing to tip the port porter and had no money with me at all. Apologized profusely but got a nasty look. Anyway, the bags arrived on the ship eventyally as we had to hunt them down, but the tags were gone and a handle was missing from a new suitcase. Learned a very hard lesson. We now try to take all our own luggage on board as that was not the first ruined suitcase for us, even when we tip well!
  22. That was NOT the case about 12 years ago! We stood in front of our inflatable "keg" during that RCCL lifeboat drill and the crew member assigned to our group pointed it out specificlly to us!! 😱
  23. On a Royal Caribbean Cruise many years ago DH and I WERE assigned to one of those container lifeboats during the drill. We had a good laugh at the time, but so glad we didn't have to see how it worked!
  24. Always worth a try. You will be happy in your mini suite, but unless you bid, you have 0 chance of scoring The Haven!
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