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  1. I would try and contact my TA, You just might be surprised, and if not, you are happy, anyway, Right?!
  2. Mine are back too, but loaded very slowly, and no changes yet in our current stateroom. Sure would have loved a Haven upgrade!!!
  3. No reject email for us either and cabin reservation has not changed. Perhaps it is some glitch on the NCL site today.
  4. Yesterday our upgrade bids were on our My NCL page, but his morning they have completely disappeared, We are 47 days out from sailing with plenty of open cabins. Anyone else have this happen before? Although we are Platinums we have never had a chance to bid before, so we were hopeful. Perhaps down for maintainance ? Baffled...
  5. I learned the hard way in Miami. DH dropped me off at the port with our two bags while he went to park at a distant lot he needed to shuttle back from.It was a hectic time at the port and I forgot about needing to tip the port porter and had no money with me at all. Apologized profusely but got a nasty look. Anyway, the bags arrived on the ship eventyally as we had to hunt them down, but the tags were gone and a handle was missing from a new suitcase. Learned a very hard lesson. We now try to take all our own luggage on board as that was not the first ruined suitcase for us, even when we tip well!
  6. That was NOT the case about 12 years ago! We stood in front of our inflatable "keg" during that RCCL lifeboat drill and the crew member assigned to our group pointed it out specificlly to us!! 😱
  7. On a Royal Caribbean Cruise many years ago DH and I WERE assigned to one of those container lifeboats during the drill. We had a good laugh at the time, but so glad we didn't have to see how it worked!
  8. Always worth a try. You will be happy in your mini suite, but unless you bid, you have 0 chance of scoring The Haven!
  9. No drinks besides beer? Beer tastes icky to me.
  10. It was already far into the good category, but I raised it even more per your suggestion and still same message. Guess I could call my travel agent and see what they (or NCL) could do, but I know my TA is off this entire weekend.
  11. I have a bid in for the lower balcony category, but for two weeks now every time I try to place a bid for the mini suite category I get the message 'try back in 24 hours' so thought perhaps I could not place two bids. Very frustrating at this point for our November sailing as really want to bid on the higher category
  12. HOW does someone "throw a few bids out there"? I would love to do two but only able to place ONE bid!
  13. I sure hope you are right! Will be on the Jade for a 21 nighter in November and it would be lovely to have lectures again! Have been on the Sun 4 times in recent years and nary a lecture.
  14. Years ago (pre 2010) we DID have guest lecturers for NCL sailings on our way over to Europe for several sailing years. However, we personally, never had any guest lecturers on TA's from Europe back to the US. In recent years I do not recall any TA guest lecturers on NCL cruises at all and have missed them.
  15. 30 days - South America - up the Amazon and around the Horn in one cruise, but B2B have totaled up to 50 days.
  16. We also got our Fantastica vouchers (after patiently presenting all our paperwork a couple times) for our March 30 - April 28 Splendida sailing. 😊
  17. Have been away for more than two months, but promised to report back about our use of Fantastica drink vouchers on our 28 day MSC Splendida sailing, March30 - April 27. We had received an emphatic NO about receiving them after contacting MSC customer service prior to our cruise and had even been given some small onboard credit for the "inconvednience".. However, we had the Fantastica benefits clearly stated on our booking paperwork in several different places. I printed them all up and took them along with us to our embarkation port in Dubai. Once onboard my very patient and super diplomatic husband went to plead our case at Splendida guest services. It took three very patient, insistent tries, but he came back to our cabin with our two books of drink vouchers!!! No problem whatsoever using them at any of the onboard bars, either, although $8. was definitely the spending limit. Since we were not expecting to receive this benefit, it only helped enhance a truly wondeful sailing!
  18. Good to know about the extra tipping! We booked this cruise far in advance, and at the suggestion of our MSC booking agent paid more to move to a Fantastica Balcony cabin from a perfecty acceptable (and higher floor))! Bella cabin PRIMARILY tp get the vouchers since no other drink package made sense to us as we are light drinkers and there was no other drink promo at that time. We will know this coming Friday if that was a good decision or not...
  19. Fingers crossed for our March 30 embarkation in Dubai on Splendida! (Just over a week now!!!!) We have all the paperwork ready and will be as sweet and nice as apple pie! ☺️🀞
  20. The new Oprah book selection for 2019 is Becoming by Michelle Obama.
  21. Good for you! Since calls to MSC have told us that we do not have the vouchers, even though promised by an MSC agent at time of booking, I am expecting we will get that same "not in the computer system" song and dance in a week or so. Glad we at least have it printed on our boarding documents, but are prepared to have to be "nicely" persistent once on the ship.
  22. I will try when in port as we will not have internet on this 29 day sailing. Then a couple days in Tokyo followed by a 15 day sailing back home on the HAL Westerdam, again without an internet package.
  23. I am on the March 30 Splendida sailing out of Dubai and was promised the vouchers by the MSC booking agent when I booked also, then told on the phone in a call in January to MSC that the vouchers would NOT be included, and now have the printed PROOF showing the 12 Fantastica drink vouchers on my boarding pass! Will only believe it when I am actually holding the vouchers in my hand once onboard! 😡
  24. This is exactly what is printed on the vouchers: "Wines by the glass, bottled and draught beers, spirits and cocktails (premium brands excluded), soft drinks, mineral water and hot drinks."
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