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  1. Well...shi*. *shrugs* I was expecting this. At this point, I'm going to get a refund for what I deposited. My FCC from my March cruise, I guess is going to remain a FCC. I'm not going to reschedule again until the pandemic is over. Hopefully HAL survives in some form.
  2. I have a Thanksgiving week cruise from FLL on Nieuw Amsterdam. As I watch people not wearing their masks, and see the worsening of the pandemic here in the US, I am increasingly unlikely to go. The full payment is due in only a few weeks. It's going to be a game time decision as to whether I pay it, or just reschedule for 2022. The latter is looking likelier. Keeping fingers crossed for some kind of improvement in the next few weeks.
  3. Well, then. Terrible, but understandable news.
  4. I understand the OP's complaints. So many folks are sad, and this is a sad time. I can pass on a little good news, though: My 3/21/20 cruise was cancelled, I had refunds of my cancellation plan, port fees, and excursions within two weeks, and as of this past week, my FCC has been applied to my rescheduled cruise for Thanksgiving week. It looks like it took just over 50 days for my FCC to be applied. I think most people will have resolution, it's simply going to take time becuase of layoffs and the vast number of people cancelled. Trying to keep it positive here. Stay healthy all!
  5. Unless it's changed, it's a western Caribbean cruise, not tropical Caribbean. I'd be happy either way, though! 🙂
  6. My 3/21/20 cruise was cancelled 3/15. I requested the FCC and promptly rebooked for 11/21/20. I received refunds for the excursions, wifi, etc within two weeks, so pretty quickly. I'm still waiting for the FCC to be applied to the new cruise. I called about it about ten days ago and the rep I spoke with was able to see my FCC and she told me that when it is available to be applied (it wasn't at that time), it would be automatically applied to the new cruise. I did put down a deposit for the new cruise to take advantage of the promotion at the time. The deposit was for cancellation insurance and port fees.
  7. I would have been in my second week back from our 3/21/28 Nieuw Amsterdam Caribbean cruise, thinking about the next one coming up in 2021. Instead, I find myself on countdown again...227 days and counting...and considering putting a deposit on a spring 2011 Panama Canal cruise...
  8. Just looked at the FtL webcam. The two dam ships look so peaceful docked next to each other...
  9. I followed as much as I could but had to work. My heart is smiling right now knowing that these folks are on shore/headed ashore, and those needing help are finally getting it. Wow...
  10. Thanks in advance for keeping it warm for us! 😄 The cams make that so easy to "be there". I've not been on many cruises, but I am now hooked on that Cruise Life, including watching the ships come in.
  11. I was supposed to be stepping off Nieuw Amsterdam today. 238 days and counting until rescheduled cruise on her!
  12. I am relatively new to the forum, but have found this thread one of the best I've ever seen in 25 years of Internet forum reading. I'm a physician and kept up until Sunday, but had to work all week. I finally read through the rest of the thread, and even went to Deb's Facebook page to witness the reunion. I just want to say, what a great group of people here. That is all
  13. Cancelled Nieuw Amsterdam 3/21, rescheduled for Nieuw Amsterdam 11/21/20, same itinerary. 🙂 Countdown clock reset to 250 days!
  14. I responded to the email via the website specified just now. Because I was supposed to be boarding in six days, it makes sense to send it out to me before someone who has an April boarding. It is super-simple to use, you just click on choice #1 or #2, then you enter your reservation number, name, phone number, and email. Takes about 30 seconds to do. I chose number one because.... At the same time, I took advantage of the current deal (prepaid gratuities, reduced deposit, and gift card) to book the same ship, same itinerary, for November. When my 125% credit comes available, that will pay a significant amount of the new cruise. I also upgraded to a VA balcony from the VC I had before. All this done online. Will let all know how the application of credit goes when done. I'm sure it's going to take a bit because of the current situation. Happy sailing! I just have to wait eight more months to get my next taste of it....
  15. I received the email several hours ago, regarding my 3/21 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise. I understand I'll be getting a refund on everything except the base room charge if I select option 1. My plan is to rebook this weekend via the HAL website (I've already decided which cruise, the date, and the room, just need to pull the trigger), then will call Monday to have the FCC applied to said reservation. I then wait 8 long months for the same balcony suite I was planning to enjoy next week.
  16. Received this tonight. When the phone lines open Monday, I’ll be rescheduling the same itinerary I had, for November.
  17. I look forward to rescheduling my 3/21 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise to warm weather. Not looking for extras from HAL (though accepted if offered!), just looking to reschedule my fully paid cruise for which I was just about to start packing. Already looking at itineraries for the fall and winter. 🙂 Still bummed, I was SO looking forward to being on the water again. Thinking of the crews and the passengers still out there. Safe cruising to all...when we can do it again.
  18. Yes. Is this TampaRL? If so, virtual bro hug! Small world! Back on topic, I am so bummed. Only eight days from embarkation....but I understand.
  19. Well. This sucks. I’ll have to call in to reschedule. It’s for the greater good, but still disappointing now that it’s here.
  20. ...and MSC announced, too. Carnival's group is the only one left.
  21. As all of us did, I received the email. What a great response by HAL. We embark next week in FLL. So far still planning to go, and I’m not complaining about $200 in onboard credit. So far, none of our stops is on the CDC no-go list. Thankfully, wife, teenager, and I are in good health. I’m genuinely worried that ONE person with the flu could keep us from docking at any port including the home port....however, despite the news the last two days about delayed disembarkment, there are dozens of cruise ships and only a few issues. Tough decision to make now...good thing I always buy the premium cancellation policy... Maybe I need to call to see if I can upgrade to a suite if folks are cancelling...
  22. We are still planning to show for our 3/21 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise from Ft. Lauderdale. Thankfully, we have the Premium cancellation plan so if things go sideways, we can cancel up to departure time if we need to. HAL hasn't sent any information about a change to the cancellation policy. Their website DOES show some information about a security breach of customer records....
  23. It is the tropical Caribbean cruise. It was a Cuba cruise when I booked it, but politics intervened (sorry for politics mention). And thank you! Hoping to be eventually 5*...
  24. Please add me to the 3/21 Nieuw Amsterdam sailing. My dear wife, son, mother-in-law, and I are celebrating spring break and will become 2* Mariners at the start of this cruise. This is our third HAL cruise, and our third cruise in total. Thanks!
  25. Leaving on Nieuw Amsterdam on 3/21, come hell or high water. As long as COVID-19 stays on the other side of the planet, for the most part, I remain more worried about influenza and Norovirus. Wash your hands, keep your hands off everybody’s food, we should be OK.
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