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  1. From what I have have read between the lines from a lot of different sources is that the CDC is dragging its feet on all of this and that they have been non-receptive to any of the proposals that the cruise lines have been proposing to become active again. The CDC won't even hear the proposals put forward by the cruise lines. Now granted, the CDC has its hands full right now and has a lot on their plate, but they have completely shuttered an entire industry without even giving them an opportunity to remedy the situation! Until the CDC gives an announcement that they will be lifting
  2. I think everyone here missing a vital issue of PR. From a PR Standpoint, I would want to distance my brands from some negative fallout that may have occurred due to the COVID-19 outbreaks. The high profile outbreaks that occurred aboard Carnival owned ships happened on 3 Princess cruise ships: the Grand Princess, the Diamond Princess, and the Ruby Princess. If I were looking at trying to salvage my brand image, I would want to either shed those ships or move them to another line within the company and rename them. Maybe even a re-branding of Princess altogether? From a
  3. $250 more... But $400 onboard credit, so not that bad of a deal. I'm traveling alone, so that will go a long way! And I hope so too, or I'm going to be really bummed. I called in, was only on hold for 15 minutes and the agent was super helpful! (And genuinely excited that I was so happy)
  4. I did it! Now booked for September 5th on Panorama!
  5. The only issue is that I can't get a hold of anyone at Carnival right now to do it
  6. Sept 28th booked on Inspiration. Thought about switching to a longer trip, a week sooner, on Panorama (it's only a few dollars more for me now that prices dropped). Still debating over this.
  7. I'm sailing my very first cruise on the Inspiration in September. I have no idea what I'll do first, but I'm still super excited! Any recommendations?
  8. I think we'll see some older ships retired . And maybe fewer new build. Streamline the fleet a little. It's what I would do.
  9. Ouch. I was afraid of that. I read that there's $100 fee to cancel this booking. Oh well, I'll keep this booking and enjoy the shorter trip.
  10. So, I booked a cruise for a 4 night trip from Long Beach to Ensenada aboard Carnival Inspiration and I want to switch to the 7 night cruise aboard Carnival Panorama. Does anybody know if this is possible? Are there any fees associated with this? Tried to call Carnival and sat on hold for a very long time and wasn't able to speak to anyone, so thought I'd ask here.
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