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  1. Well they have stated that they won't be giving me back money only FCC. So a month 2 months 6 months that is what they are saying
  2. Well they have stated that they won't be giving me back money only FCC. So a month 2 months 6 months that is what they are saying
  3. Yes that is absolutely correct. I got in touch with the Princess agent many times prior to cancelling however, I was told that they are keeping a close monitor and cruise would be going ahead. I even suggested cancellation for FCC however this was denied. I waited till the very last moment and opted for 50 percent refund vs 25 percent. Later it was announced that Princess cancelled that very cruise and we would be receiving cancellation fees (so full refund) and 50% FCC. It has been over a month now and I havent received anything back. Now, I understand that there might be delay in
  4. Well I cancelled on around Feb 11th, the cutoff before 30 day mark. I mean by cancelling within the 30 day time frame I was able to get 50 percent back. My reason was it was too risky to travel due to Coronavirus. I am pasting the email below from Princess. Basically as per the email my understanding was that I will be getting the remaining 50 percent (cancellation penalty) plus future cruise credit. I was told by the agent that I would only be getting 50 percent in future credit only because I cancelled at my own will. The agent kept stating this. I am confused now
  5. So I have an update. The Princess agent called me yesterday and stated that I will not be getting a refund in cash. I will only be getting 50 percent future cruise credit. Did you guys get your refunds? The agent said that despite the fact Princess cancelling their voyage, I had cancelled first and thus wont be getting the refund in cash.
  6. That is awesome to hear. It seems like you cruise 3 to 4 times a year atleast. Do you deal with an external travel agent or directly with a Princess agent ? It seems as if your agent responds to you faster and is very accommodating. I mean I am having a hard time even getting hold off someone from Princess. I have a specific agent assigned to me and it seems like each time I have to go through him. It seems like you got a very good agent serving you.
  7. Hi staygulf that is awesome news. I am just wondering how the 25% FCC works? Is it based off you getting 25 percent of any future cruise ? Or you are getting 25 percent of what you would have spent on the cancelled cruise and using that amount towards the Future Cruise? Also I know that you have already used it but was there an expiry to it as to when it can be used by? I have yet to hear anything back on mine or even get an email.
  8. I still havent received an email from Princess regarding anything about the compensation package. I know it is on their announcements on their website but I am wondering if any of you got an email from Princess Cruises directly. I did email the Princess Cruise Agent but not even a courtesy reply. Funny thing is before I booked this trip, I would get a call every 4th day to convince me to book or try and sell me future cruise. Anyways let's see what happens.
  9. Leck57 that is cold and heartless post. They are totally related (Diamond Princess and Caribbean Princess). You should understand that these are tough times and a cruise ship isnt a place where one wants to be right now. All it takes is 1 person to infect the entire ship.
  10. Ok that is really symapathic from you KiKi. Despite knowing my situation, you are going to dwell on me not buying travel insurance and make it sound as if this is all my fault? Where is your heart?
  11. I am here, I didnt run away. I just returned from finishing 2 shifts. I work double shifts as I am a single income earner of a family of 6. I sincerely hope that Princess does refund me. I mean I worked double shifts to be able to book this trip for my family and I dont know about others of you on this forum but living pay cheque to pay cheque isnt easy. It took me 4 years to save up for this trip. I hope you guys can understand the distress this has been for me. I have lost money in hotel cancellation as well. Saving every penny has been difficult. If I had the luxury to afford for travel can
  12. Will never sail with them again. Our cruise is scheduled in March. In light of the coronavirus, I requested a refund/ future credit to cancel my trip. This is a huge cruise company yet when it comes to a global crisis like the spread of the virus, the company is money minded. Instead of taking precautions to cancel future sailings while the outbreak is in effect, they rip customers off by not refunding and customers are forced to cancel at their own cost. Customers are cancelling without a refund as a precaution to help stop the virus from spreading further. Yet this company is focussed on gen
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