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  1. Alamo IMO. Their prices are competitive, and they have a location in both the airport and in Port Miami. A shuttle service is provided from drop off to cruise ship. If you complete all the online checkin steps, pick up and drop off is a breeze.
  2. Also, be sure to stop in at this small locally owned cafe we found right around the corner from Alamo on your way to drop off your rental. We actually stumbled upon it and now can not wait to go back to visit again! Prices, serving sizes, quality, and service is all outstanding! If you order a club sandwich keep in mind it is HUGE and big enough for 2 to share! Here is a link to their facebook page in case you are interested. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Coffee-Shop/Loca-Mocha-Cafe-1753688774934854/
  3. We used this service and it was extremely quick and easy. Once you get off the plane, you will go to the rental car portion of the parking garage, walk around and pick out the car you want, hop in (keys are in it) and drive out. When dropping the car off at the port, there are people directing where to park it in the parking lot, get out, and walk 50-70ish feet to the shuttle pick up area with your luggage in hand. The shuttle driver will load and unload your luggage for you. Be sure to have some cash to tip the driver. Hope your experience is as great as ours!
  4. Darn. Are the variables mostly due to length of cruise? I am assuming the packages would fluctuate due to length but singular pricing is that varied?!
  5. I am hoping to start a discussion regarding Oasis class specialty dining pricing. What are your past experiences with the amount you have paid with 3-5 night dining package, single restaurant visits (non package pricing), etc? I am particularly interested in Wonderland, and 150 Central Park however want this to be an open discussion for all specialty restaurants regarding expenditures aboard an Oasis class ship. I have seen talk about restaurants offering discounts while aboard however, without knowing the typical pricing ahead of time, it is hard to know if the spontaneous offers are going to
  6. Pics directly from my cruise planner for our cruise booked for 2/28/2021 Pics of Cococay excursions taken today 2/19/2020.
  7. Oh thats good news! Thank you! Love your review btw! You put a lot of time,effort, and thought into it. Very helpful and appreciated!
  8. Question about this drink for clarification, are you saying this drink is only available for cabanna rentals?
  9. We will be sailing aboard Harmony Feb2021. We have 3 stops, Coco Cay, St Kits, and St. Thomas. We already have Coco Cay planned, however I am wanting advice on people who have chosen to bipass RC booked excursions in favor for on shore companies. Im all about helping the little guy/small local businesses and its my understanding these islands' main source of income is tourism so most places will be more than accomodating. Interested in exploring the rainforest in St. Kitts, even willing to go out on our own to do this without a travel guide if possible (following designated paths of course)
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