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  1. Is the Unlimited Dining Plan the same price for every 7 night cruise and if yes, what is the price per person?
  2. Sorry for starting another thread. I didn't know about the one in your link. Thanks!
  3. I'm definitely interested in reading the notes of this meeting on Saturday.
  4. Sorry that this virus is causing so much stress to a lot of people.
  5. Who's headed down to the Eastern Caribbean with me? Woooo hooooo . This is my first cruise so apologies for making a separate thread for this. It's been a little doomy and gloomy (understandably so for those that are sailing soon) so I thought it would be nice to have a more upbeat thread. Half of my co-workers think I'm completely out of my mind to go on a cruise. I assured them that I'm only partially out of my mind 🙂 I'm pumped. Have my Set Sail Passes all ready to go for my wife and sons, however, I don't think we'll zip through the line because my youngest
  6. Sad to see all of the freaking out going on about this. Especially because no one will be talking about this in 6 months. *because we'll all be dead from it I kid, I kid.
  7. Dumb question (going on my first RC cruise in a few days). Is Playmakers included in the cost or is it specialty dining? Thanks! My kids love wings
  8. I'm sailing out of Miami in 4 days on Symphony. I'm looking forward to a week of not watching the news and all of their non stop panic programming.
  9. I stopped watching the news and I encouraged family to do the same
  10. My only current concern is not the virus itself, it's the FULL PANIC surrounding the virus. I'm sailing this Saturday out of Miami on Symphony. Is it safe to assume that the only scenarios where RC gives a full refund for a cruise is when they themselves cancel a cruise?
  11. I just got this email too because I'm sailing this Saturday. In my opinion, this means all of Italy.
  12. It's slightly annoying that newer ships like Symphony don't have this capability yet. It's going to cost me another $200 so I can keep in touch with my children instead of using the free messaging on the app.
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