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  1. It is hard to figure out what is going on with refunds. I filed online but someone said call, so I did and received the refund back to my CC in 13 days 126 days is just not acceptable I sure hope you resolve the issue
  2. All I did was check my CC online. The only thing I got from Carnival was the cancellation notice right after I spoke to the Carnival rep
  3. I guess we were darn lucky, getting a refund 13 days after cancellation by Carnival. Apparently the rep I spoke to had a lot to do with it as we chatted for quite a bit and he told me he was processing it manually and it would be within two weeks and it was. I can certainly see why so many are frustrated with the process. I only can wish you all well and you come out fine
  4. Our refund just went to our statement as a credit.
  5. Maybe try calling or email acces@carnival.com Four months is just not right
  6. Could not believe it. Our first cruise cancelled , rebooked, that got cancelled, so we gave up. I did the online refund request but then after reading a post on CC I decided to call. I got the same person that rebooked the second cruise, who was extra nice. Full refund showed up in 13 total days. Apparently it does pay to call.
  7. Same with us Enough is enough
  8. We have just given up for now even giving up the $325 OBC which would have paid for our drinks. As long as the CDC is running the show it's hard to say what will happen. If I would have rebooked it would have been May 21 so must be thinking like you
  9. The number that works quickly for me is 800-438-6744 and when prompted enter ex 70025 and when the recording says new booking select that
  10. As far as our situation, I did the online cancellation and got an email response but decided to call anyway and the very nice agent told me it had not been cancelled yet as the online method is very slow. So he went in an manually processed the cancellation and said it should take about two weeks. He could not have done a better job and all the figures were verified as well, so at least I feel better about this part of it. Could not believe I was connected in two minutes.
  11. I did mine on line and shortly thereafter received an email saying Thank for you making your online selection. This email acknowledgment confirms that your request has been submitted. By using this automated process, you are helping us efficiently process the many cancellations resulting from our recent announcement. We appreciate your patience as we continue our temporary work from home status related to office closures in South Florida. We are committed to processing all requests as quickly as possible, and look forward to seeing you on board again in the near future. Please stay safe and healthy.
  12. I just went with a refund. This crud has gotten old. They will probably fold
  13. I was about to go nuts trying to find it but is an attachment to my cabin confirmation email from Carnival.
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