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  1. As steamboat-Carmen already mentioned: LTA does not cover my needs when "Reisewarnung" was announced for the specific country. They say " vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Gerne bestätige ich den Versicherungsschutz im Falle einer unerwarteten Covid-19-Erkrankung wie folgt: Auslandsreise-Krankenversicherung: Corona-Viruserkrankung ist versichert, wenn Sie am Urlaubsort erkranken und medizinische Hilfe benötigen, besteht Versicherungsschutz. Die Voraussetzung ist, dass vor der Einreise keine Reisewarnung für das Reisegebiet vorlag. Es besteht Versicherungsschutz auch be
  2. We did not receive any invitation at low 4-digit C&A points I guess they don't like Alabama
  3. For Harmony's TA the vaccination for European citizen and UK is irrelevant. The point is that we are not allowed to enter the USA unless we have a 14 day mandatory quarantine. Leaving last port Malaga we have only 11 days "quarantine". I wish we had a tougher administration in EU and UK to reciprocally apply the same US entry rules for US citizen entering Europe. Boris and Ursula sux
  4. Because Canada is weak. As weak as my country Germany- We authorize all US tourists entering Europe and reciprocally we are not allowed to enter the USA. So our transatlantic cruise from Barcelone to Cap Caneveral is off limits for Europeans.
  5. I am with LTA, you should know, its one of the largest here. I have a written response from them that Covid is not insured in case you enter a high risk country "If you fall ill at your vacation destination and require medical assistance, insurance cover is provided if there was no travel warning for the travel area prior to entry."
  6. We supposed to be on the 29th Aug cruise. My country has just rated Spain now to " High Risk Country" from previously rating "Risk Country". That means that my travel insurance does not cover anything corona-related when we travel nevertheless. Royal`s answer on my TA's query simply was referring to the CWC option. I wish they would offer L&S , but they don't...... No whatsoever other contact or information from RCI (oh, no, correction - the last and only message was to pay the final......)
  7. Why stopping in France, when you fly directly to/from BCN?
  8. You forgot socialism. If the discussion adds "diversity", "gendering" and "BLM", we would be encompassing all "real" problems in the PC domain and the US tipping world....😇 (I forgot manmade climate change of course)
  9. Re: Harmony TA: I just counted the days after last European port Malaga and arrival in Orlando. There are 11 days after Malaga -so currently no European guest may enter the USA as they mandate a 14 day quarantine or equivalent lay-over (i.e. Mexico etc). So our TA and b2b Carib with Harmony are right now a definite no-go and a case for CWC. Am I correct that Europeans may sail Harmony's TA only when RCI skips Malaga?
  10. Carmen, aka steamboats, aka fneumeier - please don't try to weasel out of this. You claimed in your exchange with Jimbo that an L&S is possible with the Harmony. Jimbo has corrected that mistake. You are spreading false news. Neither for US nor for Europeans there is the possibility of a L&S w/r to Harmony. It is not an option! Accept that finally and try not to distract again and again with obscure contradictory L&S statements. Amen
  11. Do not mislead with mentioning of L&S. L&S for the Harmony cruises ex BCN are NOT possible to include for Europeans booked under EU protection laws.
  12. France and Germany have/will declare Cyprus now as being in the highest risk classification, equivalent to RED in the Uk. In case the UK follows - thats it for returning guests from Cyprus and Jewel
  13. France now declared Spain as high risk country and advises its citizen not to travel to Spain. Germany will follow soon. Spanish tourist minister downplays the risk
  14. Delta variant on a steep rise in Cyprus. First EU countries deliberate the classification for Cyprus as "high risk incidence country" with subsequent rules for re-entries back home
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