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  1. We got our umteeth block 3 weeks ago onboard HM. The stratos and free cruise certificate are still missing though. Any idea how long that takes?
  2. I calculate with the above information slightly differently: based on US customers with excessive tipping as posted above: basic salary 2200 plus 4 suites x average of 600 tipping, times 4 weeks, makes it to 11800$ per month. This is insane for a genie who comes from a country where a university professor has not even half the income.
  3. I guess a genie receives the same basic salary like a guest service employee or a concierge? How many suites does a genie typically look after? Anybody knows?
  4. Disagree - it all depends on who is Hotel Director. Ship size does not matter. There are cheap HD's and those who walk the extra mile to guarantee a memorable event. To be more precise - HD's who rotate around their senior management year end bonus and are scrooge enough to follow the attitude " life would be much easier without passengers" and the really great HD's who throw all possible catering into the manege.
  5. b2b friends on Harmony were tested positive and yesterday had to be quarantined in BCN. Don't know anything of the other guests/crew who were in contact with them
  6. Yesterday b2b friends were taken to quarantine hotel in BCN after onboard testing - covid positive
  7. Just departed the Harmony last Sunday- all C&A amenities were delivered to the cabin before we occupied our suite
  8. But you need to be aware to meet Pinnacles and D+at the event- which you hate so much
  9. Currently on HM. The protocol for Covid is convincing here onboard and it works. Spanish and Italian guests a bit too relaxed w/r to social distancing and mask wearing. But generally its working. Currently sailing at 10% capacity but they may do so up to 30% according to Spanish rules for HM. So we booked another 2 weeks at next cruise office for October at insane low prices- balcony 558€pp/pweek, Civitaveccia departure. Crew is extreme friendly ; this ship is well run
  10. Yesterday and the day before, nobody showed up for HH in the suite lounge (except us). Empty, echo, helloooo. The 13 Pins onboard had been an enrichment for servers and atmosphere but of course they were denied access and had to go to their Pin lounge (which btw was empty as well). It is so ridiculous to temporarily ban the Pins from using the suite lounge. Setting up the useless Pin lounge required resources (2 servers, on guest service officer) that are totally unnecessary. But than on the other hand I do not have the eternal wisdom of a Miami landbased RCI planner who does not allow the hotel directors to deviate on their own....
  11. Better bring your own water onboard. The 0.33L can onboard costs 2$something plus gratuity surcharge plus Spanish VAT= 3$ something
  12. Now we understand all the fuzz. Italy is the first country that decided to follow the EU protocol to restrict US citizen entering Italy. It is due September 1st, today. The restrictions say that all US must have a current PCR or antigen test. On the Schengenvisa website more details.
  13. The chief responded he only drinks bottled water. 😝
  14. Currently in a OS on Harmony- it is no fun sitting in the lounge with only 2 or 3 peacock suite guests who tell how much and what they can afford. We are truly missing the Pinnacles here. Yes there are Pinnacles from a certain island nation who usually rearrange large seating areas and get loud after more alcohol consumption, but in general the Pinnacles we meet are down to earth people who are an enrichment in the suite lounge. The silence of the deserted lounge and deserted CK is depressing. The servers and waiters are looking for customers but there is only the occasional 3 generation Spanish family, camping in one suite visiting the lounge....
  15. I only know, no musicals this week. I doubt they are coming back before TA
  16. We are currently in La Spezia, it is a total mess . All tours are waiting because the Italian mafia officials changed their minds. Last week bubble tours here without any problems, today the Mafia required all tours to be antigen tested before leaving the ship. Not Royals fault, but typical Italian self-importance.
  17. Kbonner who never drinks Spanish tap water * And who never runs for tap water in the morning to fill the coffee machine. * HM loaded Spanish drinking water from the pier water outlet before using the onboard water processing later in the cruise
  18. Because I have witnessed the "dress" part in the last 3 days on HM's suite lounge. Terrible when most guests wear proper casual during lounge hours 5-8pm and some parvenus come and sit in bath- and sports dress, flip-flops and tank shirts. The tipping part is confirmed by 3 servers/waiters in the suite lounge. That's why they said they miss the Pinnacles. Don't blame me I am only the messenger and confirming trippintex' posting
  19. Yes only at 10% capacity. Also a Brit-free ship due to Italy constraints. When you board the HM this should be history and you must be aware of beginning chair hogging and chair hoarding in the lounge 😧
  20. The above posted welcome letter says: "· Your suite is supplied with luxurious bath amenities, a Lavazza espresso coffee machine......" Remember bottled/canned waters are not free anymore. To fill your coffee machine you need to purchase water.......crazy world
  21. Yes well,......we are in an OS here and actually do not use it much as we do so many other things here. Its a huge palace and we mainly use the bedroom only...... Subjective- I would eat each meal in CK and skip the dinner package if you opt for the OS. Use the money for one of the expensive Italian tours offered by RCI. End of subjective answer 🚢
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