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  1. I just sailed on the Nieuw Amsterdam from Seattle to Alaska on September 25, 2021, without a passport, since my passport renewal was still taking place (so efficient - with expedited service they "only" took about 16 weeks). Here is what I took with me: 1. Birth certificate 2. Copy of marriage license 3. Old passport showing my "married" name 4. Global entry card 5. Valid drivers license from Delaware Everyone from the janitor on up the food chain pawed through and examined various items in my collection. No one could agree on which items were critical - some thought that the Global Entry card trumped all. Some studiously examined my ancient birth certificate, while scribbling down information. Others just thumbed through the pile of documentation, but did not appear to know what to do with me. Eventually I was cleared to board the ship, after about 40 minutes of being passed from person to person.
  2. I used the Navigator app at NY Pizza several times on the September 25, 2021 sailing of the Nieuw Amsterdam. Generally it worked well, allowing me to place my order, monitor its progress, and show up at the appropriate time to retrieve my pizza. I did not order from Dive In, so I cannot report how it functioned there. I also used the app to check on restaurant menus, "chat" with other passengers, request that the locked safe in my cabin be opened, and to read newspapers/magazines. In advance of the cruise I used the app to upload my photo, access my boarding pass, and store my shore excursion tickets. Certainly it is possible to cruise without the use of the Navigator app, but since it provides so many useful services and costs nothing other than some user time to get familiar with its functions, why would you want to?
  3. Yes, you can also use it for specialty dining.
  4. Yes, the key element in that description is the telehealth component. They are using that as a proxy for "medically supervised."
  5. All this means is that you cannot use the at home COVID tests. The ones performed at CVS and Walgreens are fine.
  6. In the past I traveled multiple times with my elderly parents, both of whom used wheelchairs for embarkation (along with walkers and canes for on-ship use). Most of the time I was able to request that the porters take us to the Lido Marketplace instead of the cabin so we could get lunch, and then we made our way to the cabin later to unpack, etc.
  7. In my area (suburban Philadelphia) passport renewals are now taking about 12 weeks for expedited service with express mail service added, and regular service is now being quoted at about 18 weeks. For anyone who plans to travel during the remainder of 2021 or early 2022, who needs to renew their passport, I would strongly urge you to get the necessary forms submitted. Many of the "normal" short turnaround passport renewal options are either unavailable or very limited, making them useless.
  8. Iceland now has nine confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 260 Icelanders in quarantine in their homes, so I would not be quite so delighted to go there.
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