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  1. So if you canceled now it would just be a FCC. If they cancel, would be $/refund back and taxes refunded also? thanks! Trying to figure out what to do as well🙁
  2. If ship if docking out of an area that has banned gatherings such as large groups, wouldn’t the cruise line have to cancel? I.e. California and NYC.
  3. If you canceled, why would you still have access to bid? Also when is the cruise for? We may cancel also. Are you getting $ back or FCC? Thanks!
  4. Perhaps trying to pocket more $ before canceling.... and with loss of profits and now with all the future FCC trips; who’s to say a cruise company won’t file bankruptcy before the FCC’s kick in. It would be their cheapest option. The FCC’s credits will be useless. No care for customers.
  5. Lol! Still tough with all the uncertainty going on. But lower bids could win. Chance to take giving them more $ and not knowing if the cruise will really happen, ports open, peace of mind “on” the ship lol... etc.
  6. Looks like the virus is getting worse, before better. Not sure when the safe zone will be. June may be world peak and who would want to go on cruise then. Plus with all these FCC passengers and such a loss of profit; prices will skyrocket.. and who’s to say the cruise companies won’t bankrupt before the FCC’s kick in. It would be their cheapest option. The credits will be useless.
  7. Would be encore. Looking over pictures now. Does not all Haven have balcony’s? Also some with balcony’s look small/obstructed ones. Thanks so much!
  8. True. It is a 3 bedroom. Do you know of a good bid to move up to the Haven from balcony mini suite?
  9. Is $1800 bid per person? Also is the 2 bedroom mini suit part of the haven? Thanks so much!
  10. Just received an email. Saying this option is beginning March 10, 2020. Happy they made this happen!
  11. Congrats on your upgrade! $500 to $2000 that’s high!!! Wonder what most end up paying to win bid. Didn’t realize they go up that high!
  12. June bids were offered already? Which June date are you sailing on? We’re end of June and haven’t seen anything yet re bids. Thanks!
  13. Royal Caribbean posted on Instagram ~
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