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  1. On Edge now only 900 ship seems empty! We love it.
  2. We are on Edge today only 900 or so. Ship feels empty, getting on was a breeze (Retreat). So far so good.
  3. We love Blu. For us the service was fantastic and the food was better than Main dining.
  4. Well according to people on board now, many now are not dressing up.
  5. Thanks that certainly helps us decide what to take. We drive also, however the lighter the suitcases the better!
  6. I ordered tests Friday got them today. The expiration date is passed however on the box it says "This products shelf life has been extended" On the Royal Caribbean website it says the tests are good until end of the year
  7. Even though Celebrity is owned by Royal all things are not done the same. So I always wonder!!
  8. Well we got our online tests today.....yahoo. Does anyone know what time they (Emed) open for testing? We are EST, I think they are in Cali. ??? We were thinking of doing the online tests early, if all goes ok then we will cancel the CVS tests.
  9. Does anyone know how early (EST) you can do the online testing?
  10. Did they use it for a Celebrity Cruise?
  11. Yes RCCL does have it on their website that's it accepted, however Celebrity website doesn't.
  12. Thanks, I called and they sent it FEDX and I will have it tomorrow.....!
  13. Yes it's useless. It's way too vague.
  14. I called and talked to the pharmacist because someone in CC said it wasn't. So I read the info from Celebrity to my pharmacist and he said no it wouldn't be.
  15. No the CVS Rapid is a PCR not a antigen. No Rapid Antigen are available here near us at all.
  16. I am going crazy here trying to get a Covid Test for our saturday cruise. I spoke to Walgreen's near me they say if I take the Antigent test on Friday I may not have my results until sometime saturday so that doesn't work. We sail saturday. No other tests are available at Walgreen's near me that Celebrity will approve of. I asked him about the Walgreens Rapid Test ID NOW and he said no it doesn't jibe with what Celebrity says they want. So on to CVS, same thing the CVS PCR/NAAT test takes 1-3 days. So that does not work. SO my question is will Celebrity take the results from the CVS Rapid-result Test PCR? That is what I now have scheduled for Thursday. I also ordered the test from the company Celebrity suggested and I am waiting to see when they ship. Ordered last friday, no shipping email yet from them.
  17. I am also. Our Walgreen's only has the Rapid Diagnostic Test ID Now or the Diagnostic PCR Lab test. (see photo) Does Celebrity except the Rapid Diagnostic Test ID NOW test? I have seen conflicting info.
  18. We are waiting to hear also as we have a November cruise.
  19. This is what the email said from Celebrity • Vaccinated guests 12 and older: will be required to present a negative Antigen or PCR test conducted within two days of boarding the ship.
  20. Yes the only one we could sign up for was the PCR.
  21. We board the 16th. We ordered the test online and have a CVS appointment. Hoping between the 2 we will have the results to show. I believe you just need to show the negative results via email or text from wherever you have test done. Having to do this is a pain in the...however it certainly makes us feel better about cruising.
  22. So what is the earliest we can arrive to check in? We have a suite on Edge.
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