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  1. Since your parents are older and experienced cruisers, I'd recommend Holland America. HAL is known for impressing older, experienced cruisers. One of the best benefits I can think of is that HAL offers hot food in-cabin, and in the past I've been able to order from the evening dining room menu to be delivered to my cabin without cost except for tip. And I could order hot breakfast for room service without charge. That can be a nice perk for experienced Carnival cruisers who've never had that option. HAL's atmosphere is more subdued and they tend to attract a different clientele that older
  2. I applaud the changes and hope Carnival Corporation will continue to seek out ways to be more environmentally friendly. I also hope this is the beginning of a Carnival Corporation culture change that emphasizes environmental practice proactivity vs. being reactive to financial penalties for environmental violations. The very fact the penalties occurred is an indication Carnival Corporation suffers from an unhealthy "Tone at the Top" when it comes to company culture toward environmental stewardship. That is a leadership failure first and foremost that should not occur when you consider how m
  3. Yes, I know there is a "single smoking thread;" however, I find conflicting information, so I would like to ask for up-to-date information please for those able to contribute only current information. Please--I'm only inquiring about the status of smoking in HAL's casinos. Thank you. The smoking thread references HAL FAQs which states, "Onboard Zuiderdam, Oosterdam, Westerdam, Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam the casinos are non-smoking." In HAL's current "Know Before You Go" document, it states, "Designated areas for active slot players in Casinos. Oosterdam, Eurodam and
  4. Carnival's "Choose Fun" Air Ship just flew over my house. What a surprise! I live in Middle Tennessee. Has anyone else seen this blimp as it makes it's way around the country on it's advertising campaign? It was pretty loud--loud enough that it made me get up to look out the window to see what it was. I'm accustomed to hearing air traffic because I live near a small airport, so normally I don't even pay attention. I didn't have my phone with me at the time to get a photo.
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