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  1. Where did you see add ons are being refunded? And does that include shore excursions? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Really? There are multiple threads on here of people currently on NCL ships who are reporting that multiple things are closed. Not what I would consider "perfectly fine".
  3. Exactly. If we're at the point where they are trying to keep people isolated from each other, it's time to start cancelling the cruises.
  4. Just because you don't use them doesn't mean they aren't important to other people 🤷‍♂️ My kids are most looking forward to those things, so for us, yes, it's a deal breaker if those things are closed.
  5. I would assume if THEY cancel we get a cash refund. At least I would hope.
  6. The military portion of a quarantine would be my biggest concern. No doubt the US govt will expect those in quarantine to pay for it. But the question is...how much? That unknown cost is enough to make me want to not take the risk.
  7. I hope NCL follows suit. I just want my $$ back at this point.
  8. If that's the case it will be the final straw in cancelling our cruise. If we end up skipping ports due to closures and my kids can't even use the sports facilities, they will go crazy. They might as well start cancelling cruises if they can't keep the ships running as usual.
  9. They closed the sports courts?!? That would be a dealbreaker for my kids. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Sorry if this is a dumb question. How do they determine what tender # you get?
  11. Exactly. The media for some reason has decided to make cruises a scapegoat in this. Pretty unfair if you ask me.
  12. Why is today the last day to cancel add ons? I should be able to call anytime before sailing to cancel add ons as those are always refundable. Then I could call the next day (or whenever) to cancel the cruise and get FCC...? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Carnival announced a new cancellation policy this morning. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-changes-cancellation-policy-offers-on-board-credit/?fbclid=IwAR367unZ5fbJsWxNchGMOcEA7-RecNSSs7F9hF5a_FwUoqAPkRKYyVVD_Yw
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