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  1. This dismissive attitude (of the posters not you) is why those who might now be attracted to Virgin have never wanted to cruise before, with people who think they sit higher than all others that don´t conform to their view. That they think that everyone of a certain age / lifestyle buys into the goop rubbish shows they know nothing of anyone outside their own circle. I´m mid to now later 30s (oh no) and this is right up my street to try a cruise for the first time. I am new on this website but the amount of people bashing Virgin is weird. No one is forcing them to sail
  2. This is a cool video i found on insta of a quicklapse tour of some public areas. The best video i have found so far to give a general feel and layout.
  3. I don´t want to sound overly rude as I´m new here. In fact Virgin will be my first ever cruise later this year. However, it does seem because you couldn´t get your own way you have thrown your toys out the pram. We all get upset over small things and later regret it but to now say overpriced, overhyped etc etc because something didn´t go your way is a bit much. If they had changed the name and you had your own way you wouldn´t have thought those things? That seems to be the sticking point which has changed your view, seems a little unreasonable. This style
  4. I´m new to cruising, never been on a cruise before but Virgin caught my interest. I have been waiting to see the real spaces which have been coming out on insta from the Dover event. It looks amazing. I´m so looking forward to my voyage after seeing some of these images, the spaces and especially the dining I am seeing are really impressive.
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