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  1. I see that Norwegian Cruise Lines is offering a Covid test (I assume for a fee) prior to boarding in Seattle. This would seem to be a good opportunity for Celebrity to follow suit. It would relieve guests of the uncertainty of being able to obtain tests or test results prior to sailing.
  2. Curious as to how long it took to get a refund after paying full fare and cruise was cancelled. We have been waiting about a month now.
  3. Never Carnival, for the reasons stated above. We usually sail with Celebrity, only one bad cruise (Norovirus, we were unaffected but the cruise devolved into chaos).. Willing to try Oceania. Loved a cruise on Viking Ocean and would certainly consider them again. Booked next February on Princess. First time on that line. Hope they are up to the Celebrity standard.
  4. We're booked on a cruise to Bermuda, via Newport, RI, the end of June on the Summit. Reading about Celebrity's start-up in June and no mention of Port Liberty sailings, or Bermuda, I am concerned that our cruise, along with the others to Bermuda may be cancelled. Anyone have insight as to what may be happening?
  5. Contacted Celebrity customer service to cancel our Caribbean cruise scheduled for mid-March 2021. We are seniors and I was concerned about sailing that soon into the new year. The process was very easy. The rep. quickly cancelled both the cruise and the Celebrity air. Promised a refund back to my credit card within 30 days. Thank you Celebrity. We will book a Celebrity cruise again once the pandemic is behind us.
  6. Every time I check the Celebrity website this sailing has disappeared.
  7. We are booked on the Summit, sailing from San Juan on March 20, 2021. Notice the sailing has disappeared from the Celebrity website. I guess that means it is completely sold out? Any other explanations possible?
  8. First cruise was on the Carla Costa (operated by the Costa family back then). Old ship (I think it was built in the 50's), primitive by today's standards but reasonably well maintained. The dining room was staffed by experienced Italian waiters, all of whom had a great sense of humor. That was back in the late 70's.
  9. We booked early for a cruise out of San Juan, end of March, 2021. The cruise is now sold out but the fares went up by about 20% after we booked. I suspect that cruising will be much more expensive over the next 18 months to 2 years.
  10. We visited Israel on a Med. cruise (two days in Haifa) and were so impressed with our time there that we booked an 11 day trip the following year. Wonderful experience, one of the best vacations we ever enjoyed. So much history, so many ruins - ancient Israeli, Roman, Crusader and Ottoman. Beautiful religious sites, the Dead Sea, etc. Surprisingly, the cuisine was quite good, sort of a mix between Middle Eastern and European. A special treat was the Israeli wines. On top of all that the people, Jewish, Christian and Muslim were delightful. I am ready to go back - as if we can go anywhere right now.
  11. We are booked on a 7 day out of San Juan, Aqua Class on Deck 11, in March, 2021. The cost was comparable to 2020 and does include the drink package so no complaints,
  12. We are booked on the Konigsdam at the end of September, out of Vancouver. They haven't cancelled yet but I suspect they will. We will just wait it out at this point. Hopefully, they will give us credit with the same deal (OBC) for a future cruise.
  13. Some folks obviously didn't read the post. From the timeline described it is obvious that the bugs were in the stateroom. Hope HAL does a deep clean of the ship.
  14. My beautiful blonde and I were on the Infinity earlier this month. Sitting in the Sky Observation Lounge during the Elite cocktail time.the recorded music played a song and she asked "that sounds familiar." Without even thinking i replied "that's the Glenn Miller Orchestra playing Perfidia." At that moment I knew I was really old. I guess that's why we now seem to prefer cruises to other vacation
  15. Concerning cabins 9040 and 9042, the window washing equipment is just below and between the two and although unsightly, not a problem with the view from the balcony. As I mentioned previously, the cabins on deck 9 are below the pool area and can be somewhat noisy, especially in the early morning when they move furniture and deliver towels. It was not too bad and didn't interfere with our sleep. I'm an early riser and my spouse slept through the occasional rumble from above.
  16. Yes - but you may have to ask your cabin attendant to bring it to you. Sometimes they leave it in the 'fridge.
  17. Actually, we went through an immigration check in Key West. It was required of all guests whether they went ashore or not. Customs checks are no longer done unless you have something to declare.
  18. We were in cabin 9040, below the pool deck. Heard some occasional noise from above but not too bad. We went to Blu between 6 and 6:30PM. Never had a problem getting a table. We were delighted to meet our favorite waiter from several previous cruises, Yaser, in the Tuscan Grill. We first met him in 2001 on the Mercury. Aside from the entertainment we had no issues with the cruise.
  19. For a five-day cruise the amounts you gave were appropriate. I sure many of your fellow guests gave nothing. For these folks who work so hard providing something extra is always appreciated.
  20. We're just back from a five day Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Infinity, stopping at Cozumel and Key West. This is the shortest cruise we have ever taken but the deal, in Aqua Class, and including a drink package and gratuities was too good to pass up. The good - the staff was wonderful, the dining experience in Blu, as usual, was terrific. Tasty food, wonderful servers and no rushing. Ricardo, the Sommelier was always there with wine for us with a smile and a happy demeanor. Obviously he enjoys his job. Daniel, the host, knew our name from day one and always greeted us with a big smile. He should audition for the entertainment team. His rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" was among the best I have ever heard. Coming from the mouth of a host on a cruise ship. The not so good - the ship is obviously tired. We were on the Infinity nearly 20 years ago and much of the ship seemed the same now as then. Our cabin showed its age, with worn furniture and some rusting in the bathroom. The ILounge was a disaster. The computers kept crashing (older Apples) and on the final day we could not print our boarding passes due to problems with the system. The entertainment, including the musical groups were not up to the usual Celebrity quality. We did enjoy the trip and, for the price, it was quite a bargain.
  21. We did the Baltic with Celebrity a few years ago. Chose a private tour with Alla Tours rather than the Celebrity bus tours offered. The best decision we made on that cruise. Our guide was knowledgeable, delightful, and showed us things we never would have seen on a ship's tour. We took a subway ride, had lunch at a typical neighborhood restaurant, and saw much of the pre-revolution architecture. We were at Catherine's Palace on the second day when the weather turned bad. She decided we should leave ahead of the crowds and return to the city and visit the Battleship Aurora, a museum of the revolutionary period. As it turned out, the bus tours were delayed for several hours and the ship was delayed in sailing. The guests from the ship on the Celebrity tours told us they sat on the buses for hours in a massive traffic jam.
  22. We were on the Xpedition several years ago. One of the best trips of our lives. Sadly, a passenger passed away on our cruise and with so few on board we all felt the loss of a compatriot. Nevertheless, the ship, the crew, the captain, the scenery, the uniqueness of the the flora and fauna were well worth the expense. I hope Celebrity can resolve this issue so that Xpedition can continue to sail the Galapagos.
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